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Nov 2016.

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Nov 2016.I wasn't exactly sure what kind of building Ariana was bringing me into. It wasn't dirty or dangerous or anything like that, but it wasn't an apartment building either. It seemed like a collection of business suites. She had asked me to be quiet so I didn't want to ask her until we were behind closed doors. When she lead me into the room, it made more sense. The space was small and softly lit, very warm and cozy, with music playing and a padded table in the middle. Very small. She had clearly prepped it before we arrived - it smelled all incense new-agey. "You're a masseuse?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. Seriously, you can't make this shit up. She rented this space and worked as a licensed massage ther****t. She was a sexy, thin, extremely pretty gurl who had just ended a relationship. What she really wanted this night, I learned (because she pretty much told me) was to deep throat some "alpha male cock." Her words. To me. Check please.So listen, I am not some 6' tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed stud who chicks or transexual hotties fall all over. Wish I was but I am not - call me 5'8" on a good day, a little older, not overly brilliant or pithy or clever. But I am fit as a fiddle, well dressed and professional, nice and respectful. So who the fuck knows, maybe that counts for something? Regardless, there I was in Ariana's massage cubicle sitting on her table. I mentioned she was pretty, but she was also sexy in a goth sort of way with tattoos and a small silver ring through her eyebrow. She wanted to bring me to her space and do some poppers and suck some cock."Do you like to kiss?" I asked. "Maybe not so much," she said. But after I pulled my shirt over my head she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. It was a soft and glancing kiss with no tongue. Not hungry, but gentle and nice and sexy in a cute sort of way. I think she wanted to separate the romantic stuff from the dirty-anonymous-giving-this-guy-a-blowjob stuff. I pulled my shoes off and then my jeans. Ariana pealed off the socks and placed my legs on either side of the table. My boxers were pretty well tented by that point and I happily lifted my butt so she could remove the final layer.She gently handled my cock and placed her lips around the head. I knew she was going for a long suck kind of experience, so I settled in for some serious cock-worship. After properly lubing me up, she popped the head of my dick out of her mouth and fished a small bottle from her purse. She took a long sniff from it and breathed deeply afterward. She held it to me, but I have no experience with amyl nitrate and didn't think it was a good time to start. So I declined and laid back down on my elbows and watched her slide my cock back into her mouth.Ariana was a maestro. She liked sucking cock, and she knew what she was doing. Her fundamental technique was long, slow deep-throats punctuated by tortuous attention with her tongue to the head of my dick. Swirls around it, then nice sucks around the crown. She connected these two practices with sensual bobs up and down, from ball sack to the tip and back and the occasional drag from that small bottle. It was a wonderful blowjob. But I like to push limits and sensed that I could ask for more. So after ten or so minutes of the most delightful head, I asked her if I could fuck her."Would you like me to fuck you?" I pressed. "Fuck your tight hole?" I could tell she wanted it, but hadn't really planned on that possibility. "I didn't really prepare," she said. I told her that I was a big boy and not squeamish and knew what I was getting myself into. Still, she insisted on taking a powder-room break. When she came back, I pulled her close to me and kissed her lightly again. Then we got her undressed.Arianna had a tight little body. Thin and smooth and feminine with a pretty little girl-cock that glistened nicely. Normally, I would have liked to kiss and suck it, but I sensed she was going for the total submissive vibe so instead I laid her back down on the massage table and pushed her legs up towards her shoulders. "Hold yourself like this while I get ready," I told her. Then I retrieved the condom and lube from my bag. I got up and over her, on my knees with the head of my cock laying on her balls. I drizzled some lube on both of our cocks and massaged it around, allowing my shaft to slide against hers. Then I dabbed some below her balls, lubricating her hole and feeling how tight it was. I slid the condom over my penis and asked if she was ready. She nodded slightly, perhaps a little nervous or a little excited or a little ashamed. I'm not sure but my cock was rock solid.I pushed the head in easily and found the right angle. I always go slow because. . .well, you know. But Ariana immediately adjusted so I could press forward. I went all the way, not fast but deep and stayed to the hilt to make sure she relaxed around me. I could tell quickly however, that she wanted me to pump. I put my hands on the back of her thighs, pressing her legs up and apart so I could watch as I went all the way back and all they way in. All the way back and all the way in. What a nice, tight little ass she had and I watched my cock slide in and out of that tight hole for thirty or forty pumps. "I want you on top," I told her. She nodded again and we re-arranged ourselves, with me on my back and her straddling my hips. She pointed my dick at her hole and eased back down, closing her eyes and flinching a bit. "I want you to cum," I told her. "I want you to stroke that clit and cum for me." She wrapped her hands around her small but hard cock and worked it while she rode me. "I don't really cum," she whispered, " not like you." I told her to cum anyway, I would like it. . .I wanted to watch as she rode me. And she was right. She didn't spurt like I do, but a small strand of cum oozed from her the whole while as she rode my cock with faster and faster intensity until finally she shuddered and slowed. "So sexy," I told her.She laid down over and me and recovered for few seconds. "You're not done yet," I told her. She flipped her hair around so I could see her with a questioning look in her eyes. "I want to cum in your mouth," I said. "Will you let me?"She responded by easing my dick out and sliding off the table. As I slid my legs over to sit on the sideways, Ariana got on her knees and waited. I hopped down and removed the condom. I turned so my cock was pointed at her lips and she resumed her wonderful oral technique. By now, I was done fighting the orgasm. . .I just really wanted to explode. It only took a minute or two, and I ejaculated a massive load into her mouth. Holy shit that was satisfying. She sucked until my last spasm subsided and then let the cum dribble out onto a towel next to the table. I was spent.So that was my adventure with Ariana. I hope to see her the next time I am in Chicago, but suspect she will have another boyfriend by that time and it won't happen. But at least I have this sexy memory to read and reflect on. I hope you enjoyed my recount. Cheers.
09-11-2021, at 10:45 AM

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