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Craıgslıst stroke buddy

Post #1

CRAIGSLIST STROKE BUDDYI frequently went through craigslists back then. Just curious to see what was out there. Looking for anything and that turned me on. I went and found a post from a guy that involved going over and watching porn together and then jerking off. That's it. I thought about it and it excited me. I was gay or anything, but I had always thought about masturbating with another guy. I initially decided not to reply. But I found myself thinking about it all day and figured why not? I went ahead and messaged him giving him my information. Waiting anxiously, I tried to go on with my day but got a reply almost instantly. He asked me if I was available and I told him I was. He replied asking me when i'd want to meet up. I was so horny thinking about it at this point I told him the sooner the better. After some more minutes of waiting he replied saying okay as he sent me his address telling me to go and meet him out back and that he'd be ready for me. I grabbed my things and went to meet him at the given address. He lived across town and although it really wasn't that far, it seemed to take forever. I was too horny.... too anxious. Finally I had arrived after about 20 minutes of driving. I did as he said, pulling behind the house and parking my car. I texted him and soon saw him come out from through the back door of the house. We greeted eachother as he smiled. We tried to make small talk but we both knew why were there and so we proceeded. "Are you ready?" he asked as I said yeah. He went ahead and led me to a shed that was a few feet from the house. We went in and it looked like it was another room, probably his. Small but comfy, full with a table, his bed a computer and some other things. I went ahead and sat on the couch waiting as he started to get the computer running. "Any preferences? Anything you like?" he asked. "No, anything is fine." I said already feeling my cock getting aroused. He pulled up a site and soon had a clip going. Hot blonde with big tits sucking a nice big cock. "Are you going to cum with your clothes on?" he said jokingly as he started to take off his clothes. I felt stupid as I got up and we both stripped till we were completely naked. Both of us looking at eachothers bodies, exchanging glimpses of our cocks. We then sat back down next to eachother as we started stroking our selves, slowly. He spat on his hands and started to stroke, I did the same thing as he looked at me. "I've ever done this before." I said looking at his cock. He smiles as he assures me I'm going to have a good time. "I do it all the time.. I love jerking off with guys... does it feel good?" he asked. I nodded as I tried to keep with his strokes. We focused on the screen as we watched the blond now getting fucked, her moans running through out the room. "Oh fuck.." I let out. Watching as she was now getting pounded, both of us stroking simultaneously watch that big cock slide in and out of her pussy. "Yeah.. fuck that pussy.." he said. It felt amazing as I closed my eyes. It was only for a second but then I felt his hand reach over and grabbed onto my hand. I opened my eyes instantly and looked over as I sort of jumped. "Come on... let me stroke your cock... " I looked at him right in the eyes as I slowly let go of my grip and I let him take over. There we sat with him stroking both our cocks, "It's so fucking hard.... you like me stroking your cock?" he asked. I moaned yes. Stroking me nice and slow, all the way from the top of my cock and down to my balls, he gave me a good squeeze as I tried not to squirm. "You want to feel my cock too? Bet you've never done that huh? come on, grab it..." he said. I slowly leaned into him as our arms crossed and I grasped onto his hard pulsating cock. It felt amazing holding it. He gave me a smile as he felt me grabbing onto him. "Stroke it... come on... stroke my cock while I stroke yours." he said. I did as he asked and we started stroking eachother, as if in competition as our breathing increased. "Oh fuck... yes that feels so good... stroke my cock..." he said not looking away at me for a second. I felt myself so close to coming. This was so surreal. It felt so good I had to fight it the best I could. Just then he stopped as he leaned into me, his head went down to my crotch and I thought , Fuck, he's going to suck my cock.... but then I felt him spit on the head of my cock before lifting his head back up and continuing to stroke me. I'm not going to lie, a part of me really did want him to suck my cock. It didn't matter though as I was as hard as ever. He then went ahead and spat on his own cock with me still stroking him and we started to get really loud from there. Both of us moaning together now. "Fuck... I think I'm going to cum... stroke me faster... faster..." he said. His hands working my cock so fast now as I did the same back. "Fuck!!!!" I let out as cum started shooting from the tip of my cock. His hand stopped as he held onto me tightly, his hand not letting go of my cock, watching me explode as long white strings of cum covered his hand. At the same time, his cock throbbed and I felt a hot thick load cover my fingers. His moans as he looked at me. "Fuck yes...." he said as I continued to stroke him off. We finished as we sat there, slowly stroking eachother and then letting go as he got up to turn the screen off. We got dressed and just like that we were done just as quickly as we began. Probably no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. I went ahead and left and he told me I was more than welcomed to comeback. I thought about it for a while and eventually did text him back but by then he ended up changing his number, I assume and so the number I had was no longer in service. What a experience.
09-11-2021, at 10:45 AM

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