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Day 2 at the Smith's Part 2

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Day 2 at the Smith's Part 2As I walked into the bathroom I looked into the mirror it was almost as if I was looking at a stranger. My dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum and I had a bit of Daddy's cum stuck to my chin. I was standing there and I heard Mr. Smith digging around in the closet he then put down a towel "Straddle the towel boy" he ordered I did it right away standing there I realized why he wanted me like this it gave him clear access to my private area. I was looking in the mirror my god I was like his personal slut I was so anxious to serve and please my new Daddy. Then I heard the hum of the trimmers he reached out to push my hard small dick down I let out a soft moan as his hand touched me I was hooping he was going to return the blow job as I had done to him but that was not to be, this was not an equal relationship at all he was the boss my Daddy my Master. I looked down as the trimmer made its first pass over my thick pubic hair watching it fall to the towel. Every once in a while Mr. Smith would blow on my crotch to clear the loose hair I thought I would cum from this but I fought it. Daddy had got as close as he could with the trimmer and ordered me to get on my hands and knees with my ass up I was down in record time he then worked on the hair on my ass. When I heard it click off I started to stand up and was met with a swift and very hard smack on my ass. I looked over my shoulder and asked "What did I do wrong Daddy Sir?" He smacked my ass again "You think you are done boy you are not it is time to shave you down" Staying on my knees I moved myself forward to rest on my elbows "Yes Sir I am sorry Daddy" then I felt him spread the shaving cream all over the crack of my ass. I was so exposed like that when he was done he cleaned my ass off and started to rub my hole I was very nervous. He put some lotion on it and told me how fresh it looks then he started to slip a finger in my ass. This was a first for me but I stayed still for daddy ass up "mmmmm Boy your ass is so tight it is clinching around my finger" Mr. Smith hissed as he leaned to my ear I was loving what was going on. He pulled his finger from my ass and slapped it "Lay on your back slut" he ordered I was disappointed but very obedient and rolled over on my back and spread my legs. "You are so excited aren't you boy?" he said as he lathered my crotch all I could do is nod my head yes as I watched him spread the shaving cream hoping he would stroke or suck me. He made fast work of the little bit of hair that was left from the trimmer. I didn't have a single hair on my body from my chest to my knees I felt so slutty or horny before in my life. "Stand up and let Daddy see you boy" I got to my feet very quickly showing Daddy my shaved dick then without being told to I spun around and bent over "Do you like your boy Daddy?" I asked spreading my checks. He got behind me and pushed me forward very forcefully dropping me to my knees again I didn't struggle I just gave in. He pushed his finger in me again I was much more excepting of it then before. He was working my ass like a pussy and talking to me in a very husky almost urgent voice "Take my finger slut! Your ass is mine now boy this is only the start!!" He was pushing his finger in and out then I felt a second finger I opened up for it then he began a steady rhythm I was moaning it felt so good Daddy moved the towel from under me and picked up the pace with his fingers, it felt AMAZING then all of a sudden my little dick started to twitch and cum was pouring out of me and onto the floor. I came without being touched and I was still so horny. I later found out Daddy milked my prostate. I was like a possessed slut when Daddy pulled his fingers from my ass I bent over and licked up every drop of my cum off the tile floor and then turned my attention to Mr. Smith my god his cock was hard and tasted so good. I was sucking and stroking his cock moaning never taking his cock from my mouth I said "Thank you Daddy" he slapped my face "Don't speak with your mouth full" he laughed. I was in heaven sucking Daddy's cock I felt like this was what I was meant to do he just kept saying good boy as I sucked no made love to his cock with my mouth! Then Daddy grunted and his balls twitched he was filling my mouth my 3rd load of cum from Daddy in 2 days I was almost craving it. It was not as much cum as his first load of the day but still impressive and this time I swallowed every drop!!! Each time his balls twitched and sent a stream of cum into my mouth I gulped it down and every time I swallowed I wanted more!! I sucked until Daddy was soft "That is all boy" he said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. I kissed his feet thanking him for my treat and telling him how much I loved it and wanted more my little dick was rock hard and Daddy saw this. "Boy stand up and stroke your dicklit for me" he said I feel like I jumped to my feet stroking and putting on a show. I was cumming in no time and again dropped to the floor to lick up every drop. Daddy laughed "You sure are daddy's slut aren't you boy" I looked up at him my cum on my lips "Yes Daddy Sir I am your slut and I will do as I am told Daddy" He smiled "Oh my slut boy that makes me so happy but you have no idea what you just got yourself into, Mrs. Smith will be gone all weekend boy I hope you are ready to prove your commitment to me!" "Yes Sir Daddy Sir" is all I said
09-11-2021, at 10:45 AM

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