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Stalked, Cornered, Fucked

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Stalked, Cornered, FuckedIf I told you how old I was the first time I was penetrated by a man, they wouldn't let this story through. Um, let's say this happened just shy of my 114th birthday, okay?I had noticed a man, a much older man, showing up along my path as I walked home from school. This continued for a few weeks before he made any moves.He was tall and blonde, a little disheveled, but kind of cute, with big blue eyes and big, coarsened hands. The kind of man you could tell had actually worked in his life, unlike the pampered Jewish guys at my school, who would cry like babies if they got a splinter in their finger. You know the type.About a month after I'd first noticed him watching me, he got aggressive. I hadn't seen him on my walk home that particular day, but, just as I turned the corner unto my street, he came out of the shadows and grabbed me! Wrapping his left hand around my head, he forced his mouth onto mine, jabbing his tongue deep, to the very entrance of my throat, while his right hand violently thrust up between my legs, his middle and index fingers penetrating my cunt. I whimpered in pain as my cherry was busted, and I could feel the blood of my violation running down my thighs.I screamed and managed to pull away, making a dash for home. After what seemed to be an eternity of struggling, I got the key to work. I went in, closed and locked the door, and collapsed in the foyer, sobbing uncontrollably. I felt so disrespected. And I felt intense lust. His v******e had seriously turned me on, and I was wondering if a nice Jewish girl should masturbate in order to release the incredible tension in my cunt.Then I heard a key turn, unlocking the door. Looking up, I saw that my stalker had entered the house! Before I could even ask, he explained, "I'm a locksmith, you fucking little tease."I gazed up at him, trembling at what was coming next.
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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