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The lodger p3

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The lodger p3Jean had passed John in the house earlier and he told her to meet him in his room after her mother went out. This was what she?d been waiting for since the last time she was in his room when she had had finger put inside her for the first time.He also got her to admit to using a hairbrush handle inside herself,which embarrassed her. When ever he saw her now he looked down at her crutch ,seemingly pleased that he could make her feel uncomfortable with just a look and the knowledge he had of her. Since the last time in his room Jean and the promise that he would show her his ?bulge? she had spent much time imagining what it would look like. She had seen one before very briefly when her friends brother had walked past them both on his way to his room and his towel had ?accidentley? slipped to expose his penis. Her friend had told her that he was always doing that and she?d even seen it hard a few times,which according to her changed the look of it dramatically. So although still nervous about the whole situation she was keen to see what his looked like. On entering Johns room she saw that he was sitting on his bed with new magazine next to him,and it was actually in printed in colour,very unusual in those days.John told her to come and stand next to him,when she did he rose off the bed and undid her blouse. Jean froze,still not used to being touched but enjoying it as before. He then walked behind her and undid her bra,reaching around her and cupping her breasts. This felt good and once again her legs felt a little unsteady. John then walked in front of her,leant forward and took a nipple in his mouth,sucking gently and going from one to the other.This felt really good to Jean and she felt herself get wet quicker than ever before .John then sat on the bed in front of her and put his hand up her skirt,pushing her knickers aside slipping a finger inside her. He worked it up and down,not pushing it in very far . He then pulled it out and told her to remove her skirt and knickers ,which she did as well as kicking off her shoes. She now stood in front of him naked and a quick worry flashed through her mind. We?re her breasts big enough ? She?d seen women in swimming changing rooms with massive breasts and wondered if men preferred the big. John stopped her thoughts when he put his hand on her bottom and pulled her nearer to him telling her to open her legs as he reinserted his finger.He noticed how wet she was and decided to finger her more deeply,which he did. She was now really breathless an completely in his power. John then told her to sit on the bed as he stood up. Sitting on the edge of his bed she was fascinated as he undid his fly and exposed his ?bulge?. She could hardly believe how big it was,and couldn?t see how it would fit into a woman . But she also couldn?t take her eyes from it .John held it and rubbed it up and down as she watched the end of it becoming wet. Now he got her to lay back on the bed with her feet on the floor and he knelt between her legs,pushing them apart with his hands, Without hesitation he leant forward an began licking her. He soon found her clitoris and concentrated on that,working it with constant rhythm. Jean was in heaven,how could it feel so good? Finding it harder and harder to breathe she suddenly had spasm run through her whole body ,almost becoming u*********s . Recovering she realised she had grabbed Johns head to pull him harder onto her . She also realised she had had her first orgasm,something she had never achieved before despite trying and hearing the older girl talk about it . John let her recover a bit then told her to sit up .He took her right hand and put it on his erection . This felt strange to her,it was both rock hard and pliable at the same time. Barely able to speak John told her to rub it up and down as he had earlier. John had dreamed of this and couldn?t hold back,after only a few stroke he exploded,pumping come all over his bed and some onto Jeans face. After recovering his breath he asked if she enjoyed it !Jean said she had but had been surprised at the force of his coming . John told her to dress and when she had he once again said if she didn?t want to come back she didn?t have to,but again she said I will stick to the bargain and come back. Okay then John said when we get the chance again come back. After she left his room she noticed her legs were wobbly,but thought if that?s an orgasm I can?t wait for the next one! John was also pleased with himself,his plan was working and he would soon control her completely .
09-11-2021, at 10:45 AM

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