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The Best Friend

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The Best FriendMy husband David is restoring an old car in the garage with the assistance of his mates. First they stripped the car down to the frame and chassis labelling the bits and putting them in boxes. I come home about 9pm from work and find them having a beer in the garage still covered in grease and oil as tonight they removed the drive shaft, transmission, and engine. My husband is standing on the opposite side of the car from me.I join his sleazy Maori mate Steve, a mechanic, with a huge bulge in his pants, on the other side his hand under my short dress gropes my ass as David sculls his big can of beer then goes to get another out of the fridge. It's empty!"Lets go inside and get another beer" he says "Are you hungry Steve"Steve nods as my hand slides along the growing bulge in his jeans. I turn around walking toward the backdoor of the house. "Make us some toasties, Love" Steve asks as he grabs the block of cheese. The guys sit at the kitchen table as I get the toasties under way. I pour myself a glass of chardonnay. Thanks for asking Steve. I sit next to Steve the hem of my dress above my hips. His fingers on my inside thigh move towards my horny cunt.Steve is none the wiser as he drones on about getting the chassis and frame painted in the next week. I feel a finger rubbing my clit. The finger enters my moist pussy for lubrication then back to my clit. Steve is leaning on the table towards David as they plan when they will get the car back from the painters. Two fingers now rub my clit and probe my wet pussy. My stiff nipples now press against the heavy fabric of the dress.David looking out the window sees the lights are still on in the garage about 100 metres from the house. He curses and heads out the back door. Muttering to himself. The sleazy mate with his fingers fucking my dripping cunt orders me to get on my knees as he stands and watches my husbands progress. I unzip his jeans and take his big thick fuck stick in hand. My cherry red lips open and engulf half of his long shaft. Steve moans in pleasure. He grabs a handful of my jet black hair and moves my head forward to take more of his cock. Looking down he sees a tall skinny Thai chick with enhanced boobs on her knees fingering her cunt as her head bobs up and down on his big brown cock. After a few licks of the circumcised head and my tongue swirling around the shaft as I deep throat his big brown cock. His smelly sweaty big hairy balls slap against my chin. My red painted finger nails tease his balls. I feel him tense up I swiftly push two fingers in his asshole wanting him to shoot his seed down my throat. He doesn't like that. He slaps my face and I fall to the floor. My little man, my husband enters the kitchen sees me lying on the floor dress around my waist, knickers around my knees. "What the fuck is going on?" David asks"What does it look like Dave. Your mail order bride was giving me a blowjob. Like she does every night you walk down to turn the lights off" states Steve aggressively as he moves over me flips me over spanks my chubby ass."Assume the position Slut. Your husband is gonna watch!" He grabs my arm and pulls me up. I stand and bend over the breakfast bar facing my stunned little Pakeha husband as I feel Steve's horse cock enter my dripping wet cunt. He rams his thick cock in to my pussy hard and fast. We watch my husband react. His little penis is hard. Steve tells him to get between my legs and lick my clit. He is slow to obey."Get down between your Slutty wife's legs Dave" Steve has taken control, my cuckold husband is on his knees between my legs."Watch my big brown cock slide in and out of that pussy. She is my bitch now. " he pulls his cock out."Open your mouth Cuck!" He orders firmly.SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.SLAP. The front and back of Steve's giant hands smack David around. He opens his mouth."Taste your wife pussy on my cock cuck?" He asks as David has his mouth invaded with cockSteve puts his throbbing cock back in cunt. Ramming it in deep and hard shoots his first load deep in my cunt.He pulls out still hard and slides his shaft up and down between my chubby ass cheeks. The uncircumcised head nudges my anus. Steve grabs the spray can of Canola oil and sprays all over my butt and his cock. His big brown prick slides easily in to my well lubricated asshole. His balls slapping against my pussy lips, David's mouth sucks my clit. Tongue flicks increase my arousal. My asshole is stretched by the girth of his shaft my feet spread further apart. The shoulder straps of my dress are pulled down to my elbows. I can't move my arms. My un naturally large breasts are exposed Steve roughly gropes and mauls them as he continues his assault on my asshole. Steve pulls out and shoots his load over my cuck husbands face covering his eyes nose and mouth. "Open cuck"Steve pushes the shit covered bareback cock in cucks mouth."Clean my cock cuck" David does it protesting loudly as my shit is in his mouth.Steve puts his cock back in his jeans and walks out the back door""Suck all his cum out of my pussy Dave" as I hold his head tight against my cum flooded pussy."
09-11-2021, at 10:46 AM

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