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Sissy story - How a man can make me do anything

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Sissy story - How a man can make me do anythingSo i wanted to share a recent experience. I wont bore you with the backstory, but after a long time searching for a man that was interested in a meet, i finally ended up finding someone that was interested. He told me that he was experienced in the use of sissy males, and that he knew what he wanted. This was nice to hear as im submissive and i like a man that will take control. We decided on a hotel meet. I arrived early and checked in. I did my makeup, and my nails, got dressed in a tight red dress with black heels and awaited his arrival. It wasnt long before there was a knock at the door and i let him in. We had agreed via email that neither one of us was one for small talk, and he wasted no time. He pulled out a gimp mask from his holdall and put it on me, then reached in once again and pulled out a cock cage. I liked the idea of this as i had never used one before, he put it on me and told me to remove my dress and go and lie on the bed, I was beginning to realise i was in for a fun night. He then told me to put my arms up above my head and keep them there. I did so while he undressed at the end of the bed while i watched. he laid next to me and grabbed my balls and squeezed incredibly hard, i pulled my arms down to grab his hand but he grabbed me by the neck and to me to put them back up or he would squeeze much harder, so i did. He then said, if i move, if i make any noise this would just be the beginning of my punishment. I nodded and he released my balls and began stroking inside my thigh with his right hand and with his left began softly playing with my nipples. This was a HUGE turn on for me. I dont know what it is about them, but any sort of touching and playing with them drives me crazy. I could feel my cock expanding in its cage. And he didnt stop, he would play with my cock in its cage and caress my nipples, i was getting so horny. He was working me up and there was nothing i could do about it without severe repercussions. The longer he did it the hornier i got, until i was literally squirming, at this point i would have done anything to make it stop, seriously, i was worked up so much i needed a release. He could have asked me to rob a bank and i would have . But luckily he didnt. No, the things he made me do were much more depraved than that. My tongue went to places it had never been before, my holes were stretched in such a vigorous fashion i thought i wouldent be able to walk or talk for a week. And if he thought i was loosing motivation, he would hold me down and work me up again in the same way. Drive me in to a horniness induced frenzy until i was completely obedient to his commands. I pushed limits i never thought i would and swallowed bodily fluids i never thought i would. And i was happy to. hell i wanted to. It honestly scared me what i am willing to do when im worked up like that. Soon enough it was over, he brought himself to the edge fucking my ass then get me on my knees and told me to lick his balls while he stroked his cock and blew his load over my face. he sat on the bed and told me he wanted to watch me scoop the cum off my face into my mouth and swallow it. Quite frankly this was one of the tamest requests of the night but one of my favourites. it wasnt long before he was dressed and gone. Without making this post any longer i just want to say i loved every second of that night, and i want it again so much. i want to be turned on until its unbearable and made to do embarrassing and degrading things. Made to fulfill wild and sick sexual fantasies. Im honestly not sure if i have any limits when im in that state .xxxxx
09-11-2021, at 10:46 AM

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