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Cindi returns birthday surprise

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Cindi returns birthday surpriseJsut a recap.Cindi is my wife and she is as frisky as me. We keep our kinky stuff for when we leave town to avoid any controvery. Cindi is 23, 5'6", 110 lbs, smallish titties that are firm and a tiny muscular butt. Long blond hair. I'm 6'3", dark hair, trimmed, not shaven, defiend muslces.For her birthday, I surprised Cindi on an island off Spain. I hire two young guys to suck and fuck her while she was blind folded. I watched and directed. Cindi vowed to return the favorAs my birthday grew cl;oser I bacam a little depressed. Cindi hadn't booked any trips and I worried she had forgotten. Finally the big day arrived and she assured me I would love the evening. I hurried home and she told me to dress for dinner at a fancy dinner(Not quite the same) I thoght to myselfWe had a great dinner; Cindi wore a dress that almost revealed everyting and it was obvious she didn't wear panties or a braWe drove home after the sun had set"After you park" wait a few minutes and then to the bedroom" Dindi directed me. "Leave the room lights off"I did as she told me and slowly headed to our room"Leave the door open and undress" Cindi directed from off in teh distanceI dropped everyting and stood naked"Get hard" she directedI didn't need much but I stroked myself. The room was completely dark"On to the bed" she barkedAS I crawled on to the bed I noticed at least two bodies. Multiple hands groped me. ONe played with my shaft and another rand across my bals. Someone ;pueed my to their face and began kissing me as I felt a pair of lips on my dick. I was rock hard right nowI reached down and played with some incredible big tits. Cindi has smallish firm tits, these were globes. I ran my hand over them and tried not to dome, no success. I pumped for several seconds into someones mouth as they sucked. Another hand ran across my cheeksI was guided to the shower and multiple hands scrubbed me. I was hard again\I was led back to the bed and guided to the kitty of some firm body. I gave her the best lick job I could. I nibbled on her outer lips, her inner lips, her clit.I blew on her. I sucked her clidt and she came. She rolled off and I licked anotherShe rolled of and I was allowed to move up and enter a moist tight kitty. One of the best. I tried to s;low stroke her but the thought of multipole strangers in bed with me as I fucked a cutie was too muchAfter I csame it was back to the shower and more pussy licking. This time I got sucked as I licked. I think I licked three more pussies until I was hard again and allowed to fuck anotehr pussyBak to the shower and more pussy lickingWhen I got hard I was sucked and allowed ot fuck againBack to the shower. I thought to myself, I can't do much moreAs I licked some pussy my shaft was stroked and lickedI was re-positioned and I coculd tell someone wanted it form behind. WOW, not nly from behind, but in her butt!!!I eased in a little and paused, a little more. I reached under and played with her titsI eased all of my member in and I was still growing. I began stroking. I have never fuckeda hole so tight. In a few minutes I was quick stroking andI explided in her butt. It still still tight around myshaft and I had ot wait until I was soft to pull outBack to the shower. This time no suck job. I could her everyone getting dressedThen the lights came on. What a total curpriseIStanding in front of me were all of Cindi's hot friends and one of her co-workers, all smiling"Happy Birthday Derek" they all shouted and tehn they left"WOW" I exclaimed"What di you think? Cindi inquired"Are you okay with me and your friends?" I asked"I set it up" Cindi replied. Besides, It didn't look like you were complaining""No, definitely not""Besides, Cindi replied, you don't know who did what""You're right" I wonderd to myself who I fucked, espqecialy in teh ass. And who sucked meCindi must have known what I was thinking"You'll never kow Derek"
09-11-2021, at 10:46 AM

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