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Dirty Laundry ? Part 4

Post #1

Dirty Laundry ? Part 4This is my original work; originally published on another site. Enjoy! *hugs*Stacey_tvDirty Laundry Part 4Steffie drew more looks than she was used to when she walked into theLaundromat. But then again, she'd never really visited the Laundromatas Steffie before tonight.She had deliberated long and hard about what to wear tonight. She hadfinally decided to go with a sleeveless crepe coatdress. It was mauve(almost the same color of the panties she'd worn that first fatefulnight!) with a v-neck and tank straps. Princess seams helped shape thebutton front. As she swished into the Laundromat the back vent teasedonlookers with a peek at her stocking-covered inner thigh. Underneathit all was the lingerie Ty had hidden in her basket last week. Matchingpink pumps with 4-inch heels completed the outfit.Though she was more self-conscious because of the looks she wasdrawing, she felt more at ease as she filled her usual washer with herlingerie. Emboldened by her new-found freedom, she even fussed a bitmore with it than Peter would have. After all, she thought, she lookedlike a girl who should have plenty of sexy things to wash.Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she found her seat, careful notto give the gawkers much to gawk at. She quickly rummaged through theneat stack of magazines until she found what she was looking for.On the cover of the magazine a sissy in black lingerie was kneeling infront of three studs. She was wearing an over-stuffed bra, a waistcincher, garter belt with stockings, high heels, and a platinum blondpageboy wig. The three naked studs were all grinning and stroking theirhard cocks. Her upturned face was very pretty--an excellent makeup job--except for two things.One, her badly smeared lipstick made it evident her mouth had recentlybeen well-used; and two, the rest of her face was covered with globsand strings of thick white cum. Some of the cum had dripped off herchin and fallen on her bra, some had landed in her hair, and a fair bitof it was in her open mouth. "Cum Covered Sissies" was emblazoned indripping white letters near the top.Steffie felt her clittie twitch inside her "borrowed" panties.She slipped the magazine into a more respected periodical before shestarted casually flipping through it. As she suspected, her eyes weremet with page upon page of sissies sucking and fucking cock until theirfaces and asses were absolutely covered in cum.One sissy in particular caught her eye. She was the only one in thebook who had been fucked on her back like a girl instead of doggy-style. In fact, she was sucking one cock while another man was on topof her. When they came, they both shot their creamy loads all over herclittie. The set finished with her jerking herself off and adding hercum to theirs, messily mixing the loads together with fingers that shelicked clean.Steffie suppressed a sudden urge to rush to the bathroom for relief.She was definitely hot and horny now! She finished the magazine andlooked around, trying to appear nonchalant. She was more than ready forher laundry to finish so she could get into the bathroom. Shortly aftershe began a second look through the magazine her washer finallystopped. Steffie stood up, mindful of more stares as she emptied herwasher into the little wheeled cart.She could feel her semi-hard clittie tucked between her ass cheeksoozing pre-cum, adding her own sticky fluid to the lube she had alreadyprepared herself with. She had taken Ty's warning last week seriouslyand didn't want any delay in the night's coming pleasures.As she wheeled her cart to the dryers, Ty walked over toward her. Herface lit slightly as he approached, but he brushed past her wordlessly.Her eyes followed him as he went to the women's restroom door, hangingan "Out of Order" sign upon it. Well, Steffie thought, at least I knowtonight's venue hasn't changed.She loaded her dryer, dropped some quarters, and started it spinning.She sat down with the magazine and began perusing it once more. Shesquirmed in her seat from time to time, rubbing her clittie in theprocess and keeping it in a constant state of semi-hardness. She wasgoing to be SO ready for a good fucking tonight!Another set of pictures captured Steffie's attention as she made herway through the magazine a second time. In this set the sissy was beingfilled with cock in both ends--a large black man buried his huge dickballs-deep in her pale white ass while a white guy stretched her mouthwith his thick tool. She was bent over the end of a couch as anothersissy stood close enough to have her cock stroked as well.The black man came deep in her ass, and Steffie could tell from thelook on her face that she felt every inch of it deep inside her. Hepulled his dripping cock out of her gaping ass and it was replaced bythe guy from her mouth. The white guy dropped his load inside her too.Steffie wondered why this set was in a magazine titled "Cum CoveredSissies," and why she hadn't noticed it the first time. She turned thepage.While the white guy pulled his cock from her ass, the second sissy laiddown on the couch. An inset close-up shot showed just how wide-open thewell-fucked sissy's ass was. Steffie could clearly see inside where hotcum had pooled. Then she was straddling the face of the second sissy,who began to eat her ass. As her ass was sucked out, she sucked theother sissy's cock.As the other sissy came, she sprayed her load all over the firstsissy's face. As she stood up, Steffie could clearly see the secondsissy's face. It was all smeared with the combined loads of the twostuds she had cleaned from the other's ass. The set finished with eachsissy cleaning one of the dirty cocks with their mouth.Steffie stared in rapt attention. What a nasty set of pictures! Then,she wondered, if the pictures were so nasty, why was her stiff clittiefighting to be freed from her panties?She was startled from her reverie by the sound of the dryer's buzzer.She could feel her face flush as she emptied the dryer and she knew itwasn't because of the heat from the dryer! Her clittie slowly softenedas she sorted and folded her lingerie. She glanced around as she didso, and noticed that there were still a few patrons in the Laundromat--all of them men.Most of them seemed to be doing nothing more than eyeing her. Sheslowed her sorting and folding activity. She wondered what she would doif they were still there, ogling her, by the time she finished.Ty, it seemed, was having similar thoughts. He began sweeping upalready clean floors, mostly pushing his broom around between thehangers-on and Steffie, making them move seats while he swept underthem, etc. Finally, they got his not-so-subtle message, collected theirthings and left.Steffie breathed a mental sigh of relief. She was looking forward(perhaps a little too much?) to tonight; she needed to feel a real cockin her mouth and up her ass again. Cock, she decided, was moreaddictive than cigarettes.She finished placing the neat piles of lingerie into her basket,slipping the magazine in somewhere near the bottom. Her clittie wasabsolutely dripping at the thought of getting into that bathroom for athorough fucking.She walked as calmly as she could to the men's room, the door'sfamiliar squeaking sound greeting her as she pushed it open and steppedinside. She had very little to do to get ready for Ty tonight. Hercoat-dress buttoned all the way down the front.Steffie fumbled with the buttons, her hands shaking slightly. Sheslipped the dress off her shoulders, folding it neatly and placing itover the pipes running to the toilet. She checked her makeup and hairin the mirror, and then stepped back to appraise her reflection.She was wearing nothing now but the lingerie Ty had left for her. Thepink satin and spandex slip had seamed cups with a black bow nestledbetween them. The straps were made of the same narrow pink and blackorganza ruffle that trimmed the tops of the bra cups. The hem wastrimmed with more of the narrow ruffle, but also a wider pink ruffle aswell. Another pair of black bows marked where the garters attached tothe bottom of the slip.The thong panties matched the slip, their waistband and trim made ofthe same pink and black narrow ruffle. Two more black bows marked thetop corners of the front panty panel. A pair of black seamed stockingsmet her pink patent leather pumps.She took a deep, cleansing breath and knelt on the floor next to thesink facing the door. Barely a half-dozen heartbeats went by before thedoor creaked open, admitting Ty. He must be a horny boy tonight,Steffie thought.Wordlessly he stood before her and, as expected, she crawled on herknees to him, reached up and lowered his shorts and underwear in onefluid motion. His now-familiar cock bobbed invitingly in her face. Sheinhaled deeply, an electric charge coursing through her as his manlyscent assaulted her senses. He was already hard and dripping pre-cum.She opened her mouth to suck his cock inside, but he stopped her cold.Instead he cupped her chin in one hand, lifting as he said, "Stand upand turn around."Steffie did as she was told, assuming the same position she had when hefucked her last week--bent over at the waist with her forearms restingon the sides of the sink and her feet a comfortable distance apart.She felt his hands hungrily caressing her backside and she pushed backagainst him, reveling in the feeling. She could feel her clittiestirring once more at the thought of what she knew was coming. Hishands moved to her hips and she felt him step closer, his protrudingcock poking between her ass-cheeks.His hands traveled from her hips up her satin-covered torso, cuppingher breasts before making their way back down. Steffie mewled hercontentment, but then started as his right hand reached around her hipand moved between her legs. He had never expressed any interest in what was between her legs before! She wriggled slightly, widening her stanceto give him better access while driving his stiff cock further betweenher cheeks.As his fingers brushed her satin-covered clittie Steffie let out aninvoluntary moan. "You like that, Steffie?" Ty asked. "Does it feelgood when I rub your clittie?" He rubbed it a little."Ooooooh, yeah," Steffie purred. "But it doesn't feel nearly as good asyour cock does when it's balls-deep in my sissy ass." He rubbed hercrotch some more."Well, let's scratch that itch for you then," he said. She felt hishands on her ass once more just before she felt her thong tugged to oneside. Only this time he pulled her thong down and to the side untilhe'd freed her cock and balls too. Steffie felt the rush of cool air inher most private of places."Tonight I want you to feel my balls slapping against yours. I wantyour sissy balls pressed against mine, feeling every twitch as I fillyour hot ass with my cream." He lined his cock up against her tightbrown pucker and began to push.At first Steffie thought he'd never be able to get his dry cockheadinside of her; but her own pre-cum from earlier, mixed with the lubethat had leaked from her ass, coated him enough to ease his penetrationinto her back passage.She felt the familiar burning sensation as her hole was slowly openedby his insistent push. She felt her ass close slightly as the head ofhis cock made it inside of her, followed by the first few inches of theshaft. Ty pulled back a little, pausing only briefly before sinkingmore of his cock inside her."Oooooh, God," Steffie said, "I've needed this so bad. Your cock feelsso good in my ass!" Ty paused again, pulled back, and then thrust hisentire length into her with one last push."Oooohhh, yeah," Ty said. He started fucking her with slow deliberatehalf-strokes. "I've been looking forward to this all week. I lovefucking your ass.""That's right, baby," Steffie said, "Fuck your sissy in the ass. C'mon.Fuck me! Ride your little sissy bitch." His pace increased slightly.Ty fucked her harder now, his grip on her hips tightening. She couldfeel her own cock and balls swinging back and forth between her legs ashis cock sawed in and out of her. As he grew more intense and histhrusts went deeper, she could actually feel her balls slapping againsthis with each and every jab. Steffie didn't know why, but she found thefeeling terribly erotic."Oh, Ty, that feels so fucking awesome! Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck myass and make my sissy balls dance!" Steffie all but screamed, buckingback against him as best she could.Steffie held onto the sink for dear life as Ty increased the pace yetagain. He was really slamming into her now, driving her forward on eachdownstroke. Steffie glanced up in the mirror and saw Ty's gruntingvisage atop her dreamy-eyed one. The slap of sweaty flesh on fleshechoed faintly in the bathroom as his loins collided time and againwith her ass. Both of their faces were covered in perspiration andSteffie could tell he was nearing orgasm."Oh fuck!" Ty said. "Your ass is so hot, Steffie. I'm gonna blow myload...""Do it, Ty. Dump your load up my ass. Fuck me deep and hard and fill meup." Steffie was meeting his every thrust now and his balls were reallysmacking into hers. "Ram your cock balls deep in my ass and squash yourballs into mine. Let me feel every pulse of your orgasm through myballs all the way to my sissy cock.""Get... ready... Steffie," Ty said, punctuating each word by pullingcompletely out of her ass and ramming his cock all the way back insideof her. "I'm... gonna... fill... your... ass... with... cum!"As he said "cum," Ty came forcefully, shoving Steffie forward andbanging her head into the mirror. His warm seething balls pressed hardagainst hers, and she could feel every spurt all the way from the tipof his dick to the base of her own clittie."Oh, yeah," Steffie said, urging him on. "Bury that bone and empty yourballs into my well-fucked hole. Mmmmmmmmmmmm."Ty held her pinned against the sink, his hands tight on either side ofher waist and his body stiff as he spewed his load deep in her asshole.As he came down from his orgasm he eased his death-grip and resumedfucking her, using ever-shortening half-strokes as his cock softened.Steffie sighed as she felt his cock gently pop from her ass. Gettingfucked tonight had felt so good and she wanted more! Her clittie wasquite hard and... A sharp slap on her ass interrupted her thoughts."Kneel down here and suck my cock," Ty barked at her.Steffie complied without a word, turning around and kneeling down. Hiscock was softer than she had ever seen it and smeared with a gooeycombination of the contents of her ass. As she opened her mouth to takehim in, the pungent mix of lube, cum, and other things assaulted hersenses.Steffie didn't hesitate for an instant, eagerly sucking the cock thathad just been pulled from her ass into her mouth. As she slurped onTy's dirty cock, she could feel her own clittie rising more. She alsofelt the slow ooze of Ty's load leaking from her and tried to squeezeher ass cheeks together to hold it in."That's a good sissy," Ty said, "Suck my filthy dick. Clean all of thatnasty shit and cum from my cock.""Mmmmmmmmmm," Steffie responded, her face moving forward and back, "Ilove sucking your cock, especially after the great fuck you just gaveme. Fuck my mouth now, Ty. Stuff your slimy cock down my throat and gagme with it."Ty was happy to oblige her, though his cock wasn't nearly hard enoughto stuff down her throat, let alone choke her with. He moved his hipsas he pulled on the back of her head and she worked her tongue on theunderside of his cock, applying suction when she could. Steffie"Mmmmmmmmm'd" as he used her mouth and Ty's kept repeating "Oh yeah"and "Suck it" as if it were a litany.About 10 minutes later Steffie finally felt Ty's cock returning tolife. She felt it thickening and becoming firmer a few minutes beforeit hit the back of her throat. As soon as Ty felt the resistance hesimultaneously pulled on her head and pushed forward.Although she was ready for him Steffie still coughed wetly, gagging onhis cock. Ty, however, did not stop and relentlessly shoved his cockback into her mouth. "That's right, sissy," Ty said, "swallow my meator choke on it." Steffie gagged several more times until she finallycaught enough breath to get his cock down her throat.Ty held her head firmly in place; his hairy balls nestled against herchin. Steffie looked up at him as he spoke, "You look good like this,Stephanie. You look good with my cock stuffed down your throat."Steffie gurgled a completely unintelligible reply."Oh, that's right," Ty said as if he'd understood her, "You wanted meto fuck your pretty face."Steffie's garbled reply sounded slightly affirmative.Ty didn't answer her noises. Instead he adjusted his grip on the backof her head, pulled his cock back slightly, and then began thrusting inand out of her throat. Steffie made a sound that was something betweena gurgle and a growl with each in-stroke, breathing madly through hernose as best she could.Ty used slow steady strokes at first, and then began longer strokeswhere he pulled almost out of her throat before he plunged back in.Each time he pulled her head toward him as he thrust forward, ramminghis cock into her mouth until his balls collided with her chin.Steffie's open mouth was his new fuck-hole.Soon; altogether too soon, Steffie thought wistfully; Ty beganthrusting faster and faster. She could tell he was nearing his secondorgasm. His balls swung freely now, smacking her chin about every otherstroke as his cock pistoned in and out of her mouth. She tried to urgehim on, but merely succeeded in making her throaty noises louder."Oh shit," Ty said slowing down suddenly, "Fucking your face feels toodamn good, Steffie." He pulled his cock all the way out of her throatand Steffie pulled in a refreshing lungful of air before continuing tosuck on Ty's cock. Her "mmmmmmmmm's" were clearly audible now as herhead continued to bob up and down."I'm going to come soon, Steffie," Ty announced, "And when I do, I'mgoing to spray this load all over your sissy face." He kept a hand onher head, guiding her efforts to suck his pole."Mmmmmmm-hmmmmm," Steffie said."All you need to do is look up, keep your mouth closed, and hold stillwhile I paint your face." He continued sliding his cock between herlips."Mmmmmmm-hmmmmm," Steffie said again. Ty fucked her mouth only a fewmore times before he quickly pulled out, his left hand holding her headfirmly as he began quickly stroking his cock."Here it comes, Steffie," he said. She could hear the urgency in hisvoice. "Get ready now." Steffie stared straight at the head of hiscock, watching his saliva-slick hand sliding up and down his length ashe stroked furiously."Do it, Ty," Steffie said, "Jerk your cock off all over my face. Coveryour sissy with a big load of spunk.""Ahhhhhhhh... ahhhhhh... fuck yeah!" Ty crowed as he started coming.Steffie watched the first glob of cum flying at her, feeling the heatand wetness as it hit her cheek. The second spurt came right for hereyes and she jammed them closed, feeling it hit her forehead just aboveher eye.The rest of the load hit here and there, and then Steffie felt Ty usingthe head of his cock to smear it around on her face. She basked in hersissy-hood, soon feeling the wet smack as he cock-slapped her face. Sheopened her eyes as best she could; and then her mouth, which Typromptly filled with his softening cock."That was really good, Stephanie," Ty said. "You've been a good littlesissy-slut tonight." He pulled his cock from between her lips and shepulled up his shorts and underwear."I loved every butt-fucking, cock-sucking minute of it, Ty," Steffiesaid dreamily, "Every single moment.""Now strip," Ty said."What?" Steffie said, understanding his request, but not comprehending."Strip out of that lingerie. It has to be washed and back to its ownerby tomorrow with the rest of her laundry."Reluctantly, Steffie complied. For some odd reason she felt more thanjust a little self-conscious about stripping in front of the man whohad just taken her mouth and ass. She handed the panties and slip overwordlessly.Ty simply turned away and left her standing there, her limp clittiedripping pre-cum on the floor between her feet. Her stockings, withnothing to hold them up, had bunched below her knees. Her breast formswere still adhered to her chest and her face was still covered in aquickly drying sheen of cum.She had forgotten all about the cum she had tried to save in her ass,and it had long since leaked out and ran down her legs, soaking herstocking-tops. The backs and insides of her thighs were sticky with it.Steffie simply slipped her dress back on and shambled out of therestroom. She collected her things and drove home in silence--a sticky,well-fucked, cum-covered sissy slut... with a wide smile on her face.=====================================Steffie' s throat was sorer than her ass when she got home. She nursed acup of hot tea while she put away her things. As expected, she foundanother set of worn lingerie among her own things. No note wasattached; Steffie assumed it was understood she would be wearing thisfor next week's session.The next morning Steffie relived the night before, only this time shewore the new lingerie. It was a high-quality European import this time--Dolce
09-11-2021, at 10:46 AM

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