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Test Run

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Test RunI had waited feverishly for this moment. Months of preparation had gone into this one instant where I would be asking one of my best friends out. I knew I wasn't her type - and usually I wouldn't have tried anything since the gap between "The Mountain shrunk down to 5'8 with half his muscle mass turned to fat" (me) and her type (basically Zayn) was too big.On the other hand, she laughed at my jokes, we had a lot in common, and we had many friends we hung out with together. Which is more than I could ever say about any other girl. Sure, they all laughed at my jokes, but then we either had nothing in common, or completely different groups of friends. And by the time I was desperate enough to disregard that last part (that desperation you feel as a 24 year old virgin), they were all gone.So, off I went to try a Hail Mary. With whom, you may ask; let's call her Melanie. A beautiful young woman, barely 19 years old. Her shapely, yet lithe form was a recent development, but one I eagerly embraced - or was trying to. With Indonesian parentage, she was maybe half an inch shorter than me with her high heels on, and her amber/golden hair was long enough to reach her nipples.We were out at a restaurant with such a group of mutual friends where I had positioned myself (with the help of some of those friends) to sit across from her at the table. We were quite a bit into the evening when the conversation had been slowly flowing in small individual groups when I casually let slip that I might be interested in her as more than a friend. She wasn't repulsed by the idea, to my surprise, and I didn't get a "I only like you as a friend", either. In fact, upon further probing, she admitted to having been thinking about how to breach the subject herself."If that's what you're looking for, we can cut the evening short and put our heads together on how to proceed with our feelings," I said with a smirk and far more confidence than I felt.She dabbed her lips with a napkin, but I could see her grin behind it. When she lowered the napkin, her features were once again schooled. "I think that's a wonderful idea, Phil."We excused ourselves to the barely hidden smirks of our friends, and I drove her to her apartment, which she shared with her adoptive family. "Come on up, then." she said, casually leaning against the door, waiting to be buzzed in.I had literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. With eager steps, I followed her up. The surprise was perfect when we entered the apartment and they all sat there, fully nude: Adoptive dad and mom, and the other adoptee, a young man her age, casually lounged in the living room, staring at me with expectant smiles."Now, don't fret, Phil," her voice whispered into my ear which sent shivers of pleasure down my spine, "all my potential boyfriends have had to go through this."I slowly turned to face her. "I thought you were a virgin as well," I said with a raised eyebrow."I never said that," she laughed. "The people in this room are the only ones who have been allowed to touch me so far. I have high hopes you'll join them soon."I was too baffled to react other than nodding dumbly. "This has to be a dream," I thought to myself. "This can't be real."The other woman in the room, Stef, wasn't even in her forties yet, and was like a slightly chubbier (in all the right places) version of Melanie, but with pitch black hair. She was the one to shake me from my stupor as she sauntered up to me and started removing my clothing. "I don't think you'll be needing those anytime soon," she said with a smirk.When she knelt down to pull down my pants, little Phil sprung to attention immediately and almost hit her in the face on its way up, much to my embarrassment and to the amusement of everyone else in the room. "Nice dick," Stef's husband Dave said and raised his hand. I obliged and high-fived him over the slurping sound of his wife taking my length in her mouth. I may be a bit on the husky side, but a nine inch dick is a nine inch dick."Don't think of it as a test... think of it as a test run. We want to make sure Melanie doesn't suffer the same fate Stef did and marry a limp-dicked joke of a man," he added. It seemed to be an inside joke between the two of them, as she just laughed around my dick. Curiously enough, the vibrations of her laugh made me almost cum right then and there...TBC
09-11-2021, at 10:47 AM

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