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JudithJudithWe had been friends for over twelve years and her husband had passed five years ago leaving her alone at the age of sixty five. Judith lived a few streets over from me and she worked part time at a woman's health spa and was still in pretty good shape. Her hair was silver and wore it short. Her body was toned and her breast small a B cup at least and her hips and legs were toned as far as I could tell from seeing her in knee length skirts over the years. Myself I am forty seven and still have a little extra around the middle being six foot tall and I weigh in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. My brown hair I wear cut short and parted on my right side and a brown mustache. I dress in jeans and boots with a button down western shirt when going out and in the summer time it is shorts and t-shirt with sandals.We had been talking and since it was summer and she had not found anyone to care for her lawn I told her I would come over on the weekend and mow her yard and clean the pool afterwards. Judith smiled when I said I would do it and she did not have to bother with payment as long as I could use her pool when I was done to cool off. We did not talk until Saturday morning when I showed up and unloaded my equipment and in three hours had her lawn looking like a team of professionals had done it. I was hot and thirsty and Judith brought me a tall glass if sweet tea with a slice of lemon. Next was the pool and it just needed skimming and the filter baskets cleaned and I was done with that in a short time. I pulled off my shirt and as I did she came out with a book to read and sunglasses. I did not think anything of it as we had been friends so long. Judith pulled off her robe and was wearing a one piece swimsuit cut high on the sides and low down the front and when she turned to set her stuff down I saw it was a thong type bottom and I did not see any sign of a tan line anywhere on her where the suit moved as she stood up. I pulled everything out of my pockets before I was going to dive in the pool like my wallet, keys and change and was about to jump in when she stopped me.?Take off your shorts and go ahead and swim in your underwear as they will take too long to dry out before going home and wet clothing just feels bad as you wait for it to dry out We are both adults and no one will say anything unless you tell them. Besides I like your body as it has been a while since I have seen one like yours.?, she said as if it was nothing. ?Judith I am not wearing anything under my shorts and it may not be wise as I don't want to offend you with my nudity.?, I told her as I walked over to the table next to her. ?Do you think I am a prude? I swim naked all the time and I am wearing a swimsuit because you are here. If you were not here I would be sunning my naked body and enjoying the cool water as it slid over my skin. Now go ahead and undress?' she said as she stood up and pulled the straps off her shoulders. Judith simply stripped out of her suit and sat back down on the lounge chair and she was right about never wearing her suit as her body was the same shade of tan all over. Her breast hung a little, but still her nipples were firm looking. Judith's pubic hair was trimmed very short and was the same shade of silver as her hair on her head. She put on her glasses and picked up her romance novel and started reading as I stood there.I shrugged my shoulders and pulled off my shorts and as I turned to walk away I saw her looking over the top of her book at me. I ignored her as I dove into the warm water and it flowed past my body. The feeling of swimming nude was new as never had done it before and it felt wonderful. The water flowing over my groin as it is normally covered made me hard from the stimulation. I knew when I got out of the water Judith would see me hard and I was not sure if that was what I wanted to happen yet. I pulled myself up the ladder and got out and sure enough my cock was hard and Judith saw it, but nothing was mentioned. ?Well thanks for the use of the pool, but I need to get home and do my own lawn. I will stop by next weekend and do yours again?, I said as I pulled my shorts on and dressed. Judith sat up and ran her finger between her labia and licked them clean before standing up and putting her arms around my neck. ?Too bad you have to leave as I was going to join you in the water, but maybe it is best we do this another day when you have more time.?, she said before kissing me. I was thinking about staying, but my phone rang and I needed to get home. All afternoon I thought of her while mowing my yard and that night after my shower I walked out into the living room where my wife was watching television . I was still wearing my towel and it was obvious of my arousal and she ignored me as the norm. My sexual frustration had been building for over two years as she was sleeping in the middle bedroom and leaving me in the Master due to the way she put it. ?You wake up too early and I do not want to disturb you by coming to bed late and waking you up.? Hell I would love for her to wake me up, but I did not push it as everything else in our relationship worked well. I worked the rest of the week and Judith called my wife and asked her if I could come over and clean the garage on the weekend and mow the yard again and I would be tied up for most of the afternoon if it would be ok with her. My wife agreed as Judith told her she would pay me fifty dollars for the afternoon. I knew she may have other ideas and when I arrived Judith did need the garage cleaned, but the yard was perfect. It had been cut that morning from the looks of it so it would not take me as long as I knew she had other plans for us after the garage was cleaned. I pulled everything out and swept and then scrubbed the floor with a powerful grease remover and I was all hot so I stripped off my shirt and Judith gave me some iced tea and I rinsed the floor with a hose and used a squeegee to remove all the water off the floor. Placing pallets on the floor and then stacking the remaining items on them did not take long and the garages was done in over an hour. I pulled Judith to me and she put her hand on my chest and leaned in and kissed my neck before turning me around and taking me inside and out the back door to the pool. She undid my shorts and they dropped at my feet leaving me naked as she pulled off her top and peeled out of her shorts and dove into the water with me following her. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist below her breast and my cock was between the cheeks of her shapely ass. Judith put her head on my shoulder as I held her and sighed it felt good to be held and she was flattered by the attention my erection was giving her ass. I leaned down and kissed her neck as my strong hands moved up to hold her breast with my thumbs caressing her erect nipples as she reached down between our legs and pulled my firm cock between her legs. I held her like this as she floated in my arms and the warmth of the water was cooler than her flesh as it pressed against my torso. I felt the head of my erect cock between her labia and I was so tempted to slip into her, but my phone on the table rang and the ring tone was the one that said it was from home and I hated to break the embrace we shared. I swam to the side and pulled myself out of the water by the third ring before it went to voice mail and answered it. My wife wanted to remind me I needed to get some groceries on the way home and not forget to make sure I did everything Judith needed me to do. I looked over and Judith was running her hands up and down her torso caressing her skin as my cock rose back to attention. I told my wife I loved her just as Judith knelt at my feet and kissed my hard cock before aiming it down her throat. I mean she swallowed me and did not even gag as I have had some women do. Her left hand was wrapped around the base of my cock and her right was busy fingering herself and as I looked down she looked me in the eyes and slid the tip of one of her fingers against my anus making me harder than I had been in a long time. I went to grab hold of her head, but Judith pulled off my cock and stood up and rubbed her knees as the hard cement had hurt them. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the house and into her bedroom. This was the first time I had ever seen it and it was not what I would have suspected from her. I had always thought of a queen sized bed and frilly covers and paintings of flowers and a****ls on the walls, but there was a king sized four poster bed the walls were covered in a padded fabric and there as a nude painting of her when she was much younger. I stood her up on her feet at the foot of the bed and she fell back onto it and slid her slender frame into the middle of the bed with her legs spread wide. I stood transfixed watching her as I stroked myself as she played with herself. Judith was moaning as her fingers found her wet opening and she caressed her clit as her other hand slipped in and out of her vagina. I gazed upon her as she toyed with herself and my erection was throbbing with each and every beat of my heart. The scent of her arousal perfumed the air and driving my a****l urges as she slid her left ring finger into herself up to her wedding ring. Her right hand was massaging her breast and as she slid her finger in and out of herself mer moans of lust filled my ears. I walked around to the right side of the bed and watched her and as I walked her eyes were locked on my pulsing erect cock that bobbed as I walked and my scrotum swung heavy below my cock. As I approached the side of the bed I leaned down and took her right hand and placed it on my cock as her left hand now had two fingers buried in her sexy well trimmed vagina. Judith slowly stroked my cock in rhythm to her fingers slipping in and out of herself. I moved to kneel on the bed and in doing so made it easier for her to stroke me all the while her eyes never left my cock. Judith rolled onto her right side and pulled me towards her face and when I was close enough she opened her mouth and licked the underside of my throbbing cock then sucked my fat bloated balls into her mouth one at a time while swirling her tongue around them as she continued to stroke me. I climbed further onto the bed and swung my left leg over her head as my scrotum was hanging over her face as she stroked me as she continued to finger fuck her wet pussy. Judith was sucking on my full hanging balls as I used my hands now to caress her breast and chest. With each touch of my palms on her nipples she moaned and shoved more of her fingers deeper into herself and pick up speed also. I leaned forward and let my hands work their way down her body till I was touching her where her thighs joined her torso and using feather light caresses teased her as my fingers worked closer to her aromatic center. Judith tilted her head back and took the head of my now dripping cock into her mouth and sucked just the head as I leaned down and kissed her tummy and let my hands spread her thighs wide and caressed the inside of her tender flesh. My breath was on her short trimmed silver pubic hair and her hips were rocking front to back as my hands slid up and down her thighs. I leaned a little more forward and the new position allowed Judith to suck even more of my hard cock into her mouth and she let her fingers to hold my hips so she could control my thrusting. I kissed the top of her pubic hair and let my tongue trace the hood of her clit. She gasped as the tip of my tongue found her still love button and the scent of her arousal filled my nostrils as close as they were to her opening. The scent was of a clean musk and I let my fingers spread her lips apart as I leaned further down and licked her vaginal opening. Her taste was sweet all while smooth and slippery on the tip of my tongue. I moved my hips away from her face and went to kneel between her open legs and lifted her ass with my strong hands. Her labia were swollen from her arousal and her eyes locked on mine as I leaned down and kissed the inside of her right thigh up near her pussy. I felt her hands on the top of my head as she leaned her head back and moaned as I worked my way upwards till I was licking her from her anus to her clitoral hood in long slow licking motions. I would allow my tongue to swirl around inside her in mid lick and then go again. Judith was moaning and her breathing was coming in short fast gasps and when she reached her orgasm she clamped her thighs against my ears and I suckled her clit as if it were a nipple and held her tight. Her hips shook and her lower body became rigid as a board as every muscle in her center clenched and her juiced flooded the lower part of my face and neck. My cock was aching and I leaned up and over her slender body and I doing so brought my face near hers and the head of my cock touched her vagina. Judith opened her eyes slowly and reached down and guided my cock into herself. I pressed further and with each small thrust I was engulfed in her warm slippery sheath and the feeling was incredible. The muscles inside her quivered and the natural lubrication she had made me want to become and a****l, but I held back and leaned down and kissed her. Judith wrapped her strong legs around my ass and her arms around my neck and pulled my face to hers as our mouths opened and our passion was confirmed with our kisses. Both of us were now sweating as our bodies writhed with each others and we made love. I could not believe the pent up passion in the woman as she screamed out my name and her nails dug into the white flesh of my ass. She orgasmed and as she did I could feel my own coming on fast and I started thrusting into her like and a****l. Long hard fast strokes as my balls bounced off her ass and our pubic bones being crushed against each other as I thrust in. I would pull out till only the tip of my cock was in her and shove myself as deep as possible into her tight wet pussy. I groaned I was going to cum as she was making incoherent sounds and with a last plunge into her I exploded deep into her as she exploded one last time with me. The feeling as jet after jet of my orgasm spurted of of my cock and into her made me weak and I collapsed with my weight into her chest as she held me tight in her arms. Both of us started to catch our breath and I stayed hard despite just having a huge mind numbing orgasm and I wrapped her in my arms and we rolled over so she could straddle my hips and be on top. She looked down at me and placed her hands on my chest and rolled her hips in circles as she used my cock as a warm dildo. She leaned back straining my hard cock to point back and I know she was putting pressure on different parts of her vagina and the results were amazing. Judith rocked her hips to and fro and not up and down in a thrusting motion. The way she was sitting back I was totally engulfed in her warm wet sheath and she placed her hands on my thighs so she would not lose her balance as she used my cock to pleasure herself. I reached up with my hands and held her breast and played with the soft skin and with my touch she came again and now was going harder and faster so I took her nipples that were standing out like pencil erasers and gently pinched them as I rolled them between my fingers and this enlisted more moans of lust from her. Judith was not forming words, but sounds from deep in her throat that sounded like ?Fuck me harder?, I grabbed her hips then and started thrusting in and out of her as she continued to ride me. Judith threw her head back and screamed as I fucked her pussy and orgasmed again. The scream that issued from her slender frame was one that shook the walls it seemed and she suddenly went limp . I quickly took her in my arms and pulled her down to my chest as her legs went even with mine and her entire weight was on my hot sweaty body. Her breathing was slowing down and I could feel her heart beating hard and fast in her chest as she lay there. I lifted her chin and tenderly kissed her lips as she opened her eyes and gazed into mine. ?I need to at least take a few laps in the pool before going home.?, I said as I kissed her and Judith rolled her hips and my cock started to harden inside of her again. ?Not just yet lover I have one more round and then you can go home and take care of your own yard work.? Judith whispered in my ear as she kissed it and then sucked the lobe between her lips. I rolled her over and she wrapped her legs around my hips and we made love this time. There was passion and caring and we did not rush. The kissing and her hands touching my body as I stroked in and out of her smooth silky sheath was heavenly and the two of us lasted for quite a long time. We made love till my cell phone rang and I caught my breath some and answered it. It of course was my wife calling asking if I was on the way home soon and to stop and pick up dinner for us. I hung up the phone after agreeing to get some fried chicken and biscuits. I stood up and Judith watched my bobbing cock as I helped her stand up and we walked out to the pool and dove in like k**s playing in the warm water.I gathered my clothing and dressed and I knew in the future I would be helping her with many other chores in the future...The End
09-11-2021, at 10:47 AM

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