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Transition Machine

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Transition MachineDaniel awoke in total confusion, he couldn?t remember falling asleep or where he was or what he was doing before he woke up. His eyes were heavy and he felt so weak that he could barely even lift his eyelids, he couldn?t lift or move anything actually. He felt the cool air around him, he was obviously in an air conditioned room. For a second Daniel thought that he had been in an accident and that he was waking up in a hospital but then he smelled something. The perfume scent that had just made its way into his nose was the most seductive scent he?d ever smelled, and he remembered smelling the same perfume before. Daniel was coming out of his dazed confusion and began to remember? He was at a club, it was dark, he had met the most beautiful girl and was talking to her. He remembered that he had a few too many drinks and was being kind of an asshole. He remembered that he had attempted to grope her ass while they danced. He remembered that she turned around immediately, grabbed his head, and kissed him?. And then he woke up here, in this air-conditioned room. Daniel began to sense that something was wrong?.?Wh.. Where am I?? he tried to say. The words came out with almost no audible sound. He knew someone heard him though, the scent got stronger.?You?re awake, so glad you could join us Daniel. I was beginning to think we were going to have to start the process while you slept. I thought I may have used too much sleep serum.? The voice was familiar, it was the same girl Daniel had met at the club. ?You?ll be glad to know that your little antics last night were just what we needed to justify selecting you for transition.?Daniel was finally able to open his eyes and take in the room around him. What he saw terrified him. It looked like a high tech dungeon. The floor and walls were painted white, there was no decoration and the lights were extra bright. Across from him he saw two chairs that seemed to be built into enormous machines bulging from the walls. The chairs were slightly angled towards the ceiling, giving whoever dared to sit in them a laid back position. The chair machines had metal and seat belt restraints all over them. Wrists, forearms, upper arms, chest, stomach, waist, thighs, calves, ankles, and even the neck and head. At the head, there was two metal cylinders protruding outward in a U shape, it looked like they were adjustable. Between the legs, there was some sort of device that Daniel couldn?t quite make out. Daniel thought, ?If someone were to sit and be strapped in by all of those restraints, there?s no possible way they could get out. Why would a chair need to secure someone so thoroughly? What kind of machine is that? Where the HELL am I?!?Daniel locked eyes with the girl from the club, who was no longer dressed in her tight black dress but instead was wearing a lab coat that dropped just below the knee; He tried to muster the strength to get up and find a way out of the mysterious white room but failed. Daniel realized he didn?t fail because his body was too weak, but because he was strapped down, with both the metal and seat belt restraints, in a chair machine on this side of the room. He looked down and saw all of the restraints locked in on him, the steel was cold on his naked body. Daniel knew that there was no possible way of getting out of this contraption, yet he still jerked and struggled with all his strength.?Settle down Daniel you?re not getting out of there,? The lady from the club said. Daniel jerked and struggled a few more times then stopped, exhausted and hopeless. The lady was shorter than he remembered, probably about 5 feet tall. She was tan and blonde and had bluish green eyes. Her wavy blond hair went down almost to her ass. Her body wasn?t just slim, it was fit. She obviously lifted weights in the gym regularly and had a lot more muscle than most women. Despite all of her muscle, she still looked feminine and had a big firm ass. Her ass was complemented buy her breasts, which weren?t quite proportionate to her ass, but still at least a c-cup which for her size was plenty big enough. Her face was gorgeous, the most beautiful woman Daniel had ever seen. The lady from the club continued once Daniel stopped struggling. ?My name is Emily, I?ve been keeping track of you for some time now, and until last night I was unsure of whether you were a good candidate for transition. I work for a secret organization of very wealthy executives who have? unique sexual tastes.? Daniels eyes widened, he began to curse and yell at Emily. The yelling didn?t last long as Emily made a motion with her hand to two other ladies in the room that Daniel hadn?t even noticed were there. The ladies fitted Daniel with a gag that not only went into his mouth, but covered his mouth and chin completely. Emily smiled and bit her lip. She enjoyed seeing her captives struggle and put up a fight. Nonetheless, she continued. ?I haven?t even gotten to the good part yet Daniel,? she laughed and tilted her head down to look at Daniel?s naked body. ?My company specializes in turning unruly womanizers like yourself into compliant, obedient, sissy sluts. We call the process, transition. And you are about to go through transition Daniel. Once we power up and turn on the machine you?re sitting in, your brain will begin to change your body. We don?t have the technology to turn someone into the opposite sex, but we *can* program their brain to grow breasts, release more feminine hormones, and even change the bone and muscle structure so that you have a petite feminine figure.?Daniel started to struggle again, but Emily ignored him. ?The transition doesn?t stop there though, we also reprogram your mind to become passive, submissive, obedient, and addicted to cock and cum. We reprogram your taste buds so that cum is that most delicious thing you?ve ever tasted. We reprogram all of your pleasure receptors so that being fucked anally feels better than a blowjob. Your throat will be reprogrammed to never have a gag reflex. Serving men sexually and in general will become your one and only desire, the mere sight of a cock will put you into a trance? it sounds great right? Having no other worries or cares in the world except to please men sexually, wanting nothing more than to suck cocks and be fucked by them, I?m almost jealous of you.? Daniel started trying to speak through his gag. Emily, intrigued and surprised that he was simply trying to talk instead of yell, decided she wanted to hear what he had to say before she moved on to explaining how the machine works. As she took the gag off, Daniel spit on Emily?s face and started cursing at her. Emily immediately forced the gag back into his mouth and wiped off the spit with her lab coat.?That? Was a mistake Daniel. In fact, normally I don?t stay and watch the transition but now I?m going to stay to make sure my eyes are the last thing you see before you lose your mind to the machine. I?m going to program you a little differently though, I?m going to make you a prisoner in your own mind. You?ll still be submissive and obedient, but inside your head you will still be you Daniel. You?ll get to witness and feel all of the humiliating things that your new sissy self is going to do, and you wont be able to do a damn thing to stop it. You?ll feel and witness yourself do things that you would have NEVER done willingly before I selected you. And lastly, I don?t take too kindly to being spit on, especially in the face. So because of that, I?m not going to reprogram your pleasure receptors in your ass. That?s right, when you get fucked you?re going to feel everything. I?ve seen these executives cocks, believe me? They?re big and they are going to hurt.? ?Now? we still got some time so let me explain how this machine works, you just sit there and listen okay?? Emily laughed knowing that Daniel didn?t have a choice. ?Before we begin.. Oh, let me finish getting you prepared.?Emily fastened the U shaped cylinders tightly to the sides of Daniel?s head and locked them in place, Daniel couldn?t even turn his head now. She then pressed a button on the side of the machine, Daniel heard and felt the metal components around him as they began to move. He then felt a warm gooey substance being sprayed directly onto his asshole, followed by pressure that he?d never felt before and never wanted to feel before. The pressure on his asshole grew more and more until his hole gave in and opened, letting in whatever it was that was trying to get in. The pain was unbearable, he struggled and screamed into his gag. ?This is what it feels like to get fucked?? he thought ?This is absolutely terrible!!??Stop crying Daniel that?s our smallest one and its only about an inch inside you. Once we begin the transition, it will widen a little bit and then lock itself in about 8 inches up your ass, that?s when you can cry.?Emily flicked another switch and waited about a minute. The anal rod was squirting a very small amount of fluid filled with chemicals into Daniel?s ass. The chemicals caused Daniel?s cock to come to a full erection. Emily positioned the device in between Daniel?s legs so that the opening was just above his cock. Daniel looked down and saw the opening had two holes, the bottom was larger than the top. Emily then fed Daniel?s cock into the top hole, which sucked his cock in all the way to the base. She then flicked another switch on the devices and Daniel felt his balls get sucked into the other hole, both holes were airtight, Daniel was now completely locked into the machine and ready for transition. ?There we go Daniel, now you?re all set. Once I start the transition process the machine will do the rest. You can try to resist, but in the end you will fail, everyone fails. No matter how good your stamina is, all men eventually orgasm, and that?s what will ultimately begin your irreversible transition into a sissy slut. Bittersweet isn?t it? The machine needs your orgasm and your cum in order to begin changing your body and mind. So you get one last amazing orgasm before you can never cum from your cock like a man again. Once you orgasm we usually give you a chemical that makes you fall asleep through the transition, but your little spitting stunt has earned you a front row seat to the body and mind changing process. Only one other candidate has been awake for it, and trust me, he didn?t look like he enjoyed it? It actually seemed like it was pretty painful.? Emily grinned as Daniels eyes grew even wider from the comment. Daniel really regretted being so defiant, and he regretted spitting in her face even more. ?Word of advice though Daniel: Try to relax, struggling will only make it hurt worse.? Emily went to the side of the machine and typed in a few more specifications, when she was finished she clicked *ACCEPT AND START TRANSITION*. Then the words TURN KEY TO HORIZONTAL POSITION AND FLIP SWITCH TO ON popped up on the screen. Emily walked to the front of the machine where the key and switch were located and where Daniel could see her. ?Enjoy the ride Daniel?? in an almost robotic motion she turned the key and flipped the switch. The entire chair Daniel was in, along with the device between his legs slid robotically about 3 feet into the machine. Daniel felt the rod is his ass grow wider and begin forcing its way deeper into his anal cavity. The pain made Daniel struggle and squirm but it didn?t stop the rod from locking itself into his ass once it reached 8 inches in. The device between his legs came to life as it began to suck and massage Daniel?s cock and balls. It felt like a blowjob except it was much better than any blowjob Daniel had ever had. The hole his balls were in massaged his testicles with what felt like 3 tongues, it was the most amazing sensation Daniel had ever felt. The device was relentless in trying to bring Daniel to orgasm. Despite how great it felt, he did everything he could to try to resist climaxing. He knew that if he orgasmed he was going to be turned into a sissy slut, and he knew that he would be awake for the entire transition, which he assumed was incredibly painful. A few minutes passed, Emily was getting impatient. Daniel had lasted longer than every other candidate, and the device was already on full blast. She decided to give Daniel some encouragement. Emily rolled 5 foot tall mirror in front of Daniel so that he could see himself, then she took off her lab coat. She was wearing a matching maroon colored bra and thong. Her body look even more tan in the bright white room, and the lighting made her muscle definition even more defined. Emily walked over and sat on Daniel?s immobilized lap. She immediately felt the vibrations from the device relentlessly working on Daniel?s cock and balls, it surprised her and made her feel aroused. She?d never done this to get a candidate to orgasm before so the feeling of being naughty made her even more aroused. Emily began to grind and hump on Daniel?s body, knowing that he could see her in the mirror as well. Daniel felt his arousal rising and closed his eyes, he desperately did not want to climax. Emily, saw him close his eyes and got up then sat back down on him, facing him this time. She grabbed Daniel?s head through the restraints and used her fingers to open his eyes. Daniel immediately looked past her and saw her big firm ass and defined back in the mirror, his arousal rose again and he was near orgasm. Emily put her face less than two inches from his so that he was forced to look her in the eyes.?Look at me Daniel, I want you to cum. Cum for me Daniel, look me in the eyes and cum for me!? she said in her sexiest aroused voice. That was all Daniel needed to push him over the edge. He felt the pressure build in his cock and he couldn?t take it anymore. Daniel orgasmed the most explosive and intense orgasm he had ever felt before. His cock kept squirting over and over into the device. He felt like it would never end because the device kept on sucking and massaging his cock and balls. He stared into Emily?s eyes the entire time as she orgasmed too, tightening her legs and trembling against the vibrating device. After about 30 seconds the device seemed to power down to a much lower level, still sucking and massaging but nowhere near has hard as before.?Mmmm?. That was fun Daniel, hope it was worth it.? Emily gave a devilish grin and winked as the Daniel?s transition began. The anal rod began administering the transition chemicals as well as electric shocks into Daniels rectum. The pain was nothing like Daniel had ever felt, or wanted to feel before. The device between his legs came back to life and sucked and massaged his cock and balls with an even greater intensity than before. It was both painful and pleasurable at this same time. Daniel fought and struggled against his restraints. The U shaped cylinders keeping his head in place began administering the reprogramming codes into Daniel?s brain through his temples, but to Daniel it just felt like painful electric shocks. Daniel kept trying to fight against his restraints but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn?t getting out. After 5 minutes the stimuli and the shocks became even more painful, Daniel started shaking and trembling. ?You?re about 45 percent through the process Daniel, this is the fun part. Watch yourself in the mirror if you can, once you reach 50 percent your body will start to change and you will begin to feel your mind changing as well? I?m told you start to think about cocks and cum, but you?ll have to let me know when the transition is complete.? Emily said as she gave him another devilish grin. The screen when from 45 to 50 percent about a minute later. Daniel watched in horror as his body started to change. He lost almost all of his muscle in just a few seconds, the resulting change in size triggered the restraints to auto tighten themselves onto Daniels now smaller petite frame. Daniel noticed a strange sensation on his chest despite the painful shocks going through his body, breasts were beginning to form. After a minute or so they stopped growing, Daniel saw them in the mirror, they were the nicest and perkiest breasts he?d ever seen. ?And right about now you?re going to become the sissy slut you were meant to be in both your body, and mind.? Emily said as the screen flashed at 85 percent. Daniel began think about how nice it would be to have a cock in his mouth instead of a gag, and to have a cock in his ass instead of a rod. He tried to fight back the thoughts but they overwhelmed him, he wanted cum, and he didn?t care whose. Images of cocks and balls started flashing in his mind. He began to lose himself in a hypnotized trance of thinking about servicing any man he could find. He wanted to serve and submit to men. The rod in his ass stopped shocking him and began moving in and out. It didn?t feel good because of Emily?s modification to the programming, but he didn?t care, he wanted it to fuck him faster. Daniel felt himself loosing control of his body, he felt himself becoming a prisoner in his head. He knew he didn?t want to feel any of these things, but he did anyway and there was nothing he could do to stop it.His body stopped shaking as the screen flashed from 95 to 100 percent, Daniel was now a sissy slut. The machine stopped and powered off as the chair and device moved forward to its starting position again. All of the metal restraints popped open simultaneously. The seatbelt restraints loosened and then popped off and wound back into the chair, Daniel was no longer strapped in at all. ?Get out of the chair and put this on, then go into that room. Its time for you to meet your new owner, try not to have too much fun you sissy bitch. Oh, and Daniel, if you?re still in there? Enjoy your new life, slut!? Emily held up a black bra, thong, stocking, and garter lingerie set. As sissy Daniel went to grab them, Emily spit in the sissy?s face. Sissy Daniel replied without question, ?Thank you Emily,? as he took the lingerie and put it on, Daniel had no control. In his head he was fighting every movement, but on the outside, he did exactly what he was told. Sissy Daniel turned to walk to the door as he was ordered, as he stepped towards it Emily slapped his now feminine ass as hard as she could. The pain was excruciating and Daniel felt everything, but he replied ?Thank you Emily?, even his voice sounded like a girl. He walked through the door and saw a man in a suit and tie waiting for him. He was very large and muscular.?Wow, you look even better than I imagined. Come here, get in the car, I cant wait to use you when we get home. We are gonna have a great time, and you are gonna love all the cum you get to swallow from me.? The man held open the car door and slapped Daniels tender ass as he got in, the man got in behind him and told the driver to go home. ?I cant wait, give me a blowjob. Its about an hour and a half away so ill be ready to fuck you if you by then if you make me cum right now,? the man said has he pulled down his pants. Daniel couldn?t control himself as he bent over and began to suck the man?s cock and balls. Daniel couldn?t believe he was doing this, and wanted everything in his power to stop, but he continued. When the man finally came, Daniel had no control. He swallowed every last drop and continued to suck until the man told him to stop.?Oh wow my boy? that was great? I cant wait to fuck you, you were worth every penny,? the man smiled and told Daniel to continue nursing his cock and balls. Daniel knew this was just a taste of what was yet to come. Surprisingly, Daniel was both afraid and excited. He didn?t know how many cocks he would suck and get fucked by, but he was kind of aroused by the thought. He felt his tiny sissy cock get hard?About an hour later the car came to a stop, ?We are here boy, I had some friends come over to help break you in. Hope you?re ready for it! Ha ha, you are gonna get so much cum in all your holes tonight.? The man gave Daniel a devilish grin, and Daniel returned the smile?I cant wait Sir,? Daniel said as the man led him to the front door and opened it. There was 12 men inside, all naked. Daniels sissy cock got hard again.
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