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My ex wıfe

Post #1

MY EX WIFEHere's a little about my ex wife. I always thought she was a prude when we were married, and she loved to be in control of things. After years of little or no sex and other things, I left. Been gone over three years now. Then just recently I received a letter from someone that knows her. A black man. In it he told me how she had been set up and now loved black cock. Here's part of that letter. And no, I don't have pics, but he told me enough about her that I believe it. She has a mark or two on her that he identified.He told me this. Said that he ran into her at a college football game and for a few weeks kept talking and sitting with her. Then after one game gave her his business card and told her to call him if she ever needed any work. Which she did call him. He had her to attend a "Business" meeting where a couple of other guys were. They talked for a while and all of them flirted with her, she does like attention. They were in a hotel room that has a small conference area included in the bedroom, perfect set up. Well one guy had to excuse himself, then when he re-entered the room, he was totally naked with his 10 inch cock hanging down. Her eyes opened real wide and she got up. As she did the other two guys grabbed her and began to kiss her and take her clothes off. She did fight some but was no match for them. Soon she was naked and forced to her knees with that big cock in front of her. He jerked her head back and slid his cock in her mouth. The other guys helped hold her and force her mouth open wider. She was still fighting but no use.Then they pushed her on the bed and the other two guys took their clothes off. Three black men, one white woman. Her legs were held up and the guy with 10" roughly shoved his cock in her. Said all at once!!! She gasped and wiggled but he kept pumping in and out. Just as he shot her full of cum he pulled out and another guy rammed in her. 11 inches of black cock now in her. Said she had already orgasmed a couple of times. Now she seemed to be co-operating more. This guy shot her full and the last one slid in place, as they changed, they high fived each other. Well after this, they made her turn over, one guy said this ass looks good to me, she said no but they laughed and said yes!!! Two pulled her ass apart as another lubed her and went to work. She had her head stuffed in the pillows by one to keep her moans lower. The guys all had a turn with her like this. Well that evening they used her every way possible, ending with all her holes being filled. They told her that she was now for their use. And she said yes, please!!Well I have wondered how she is able to not work but still have money. Now I know. After a while she suggested that they let her travel around and charge other guys to use her. That's what they do. One guy goes with her and she is a slut at parties with black men. Part of what she makes she gets to keep. Its amazing that a nice, white prude lady can turn out like this. I have no way to contact these guys, but the letter said I would be updated from time to time.
09-11-2021, at 10:47 AM

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