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Suzy's Story - Part 4

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Suzy's Story - Part 4(See parts 1 to 3 first!)Over the next few days my imagination ran riot. I found myself thinking about what the various men had said about what turned them on, and discussions about their relationships with their wives and their general lack of a fulfilling sex-life. The more I thought about it the more I could see the situation from their point of view and the more I relished my role in making it a life-changing experience for them all ? and for me. I played with the stories that John and Harold had told me; about their favourite parts of the sessions, and determined a pattern for the next few weeks. I reckoned that I could do two ?solo? stints each week, where I would concentrate on mutually stimulating and satisfying one guy at a time, while the others watched. I fantasised about what I would do with each of them and laid my plans.When the day came, I waited until all the guys had arrived and outlined my suggestion. John and Harold were understandably enthusiastic, but the others were pretty happy too; essentially they got the chance to take a couple of porno movies or sets of still for their own use, and with no holds (or holes) barred access to the action, and as close-up as they liked. And they knew that in the next couple of weeks they?d get a starring role too!So first up was John. He played the role of a photographer (easy!) whose model begins as a prim and proper young lady (I had some old fashioned secretarial style specs and a long traditional tweed skirt and flat shoes on, with my hair in a bun all ready) and, lets say, she gets carried away! Not a difficult scenario for us to act out.John directs me in a number of proper poses, very demure and innocent, but then he pretends to make me a drink and drop some liquid into it while I?m not looking. Then I lose my inhibitions. I begin to let John touch me and arrange me in poses of his choice. Gradually he explores riskier and riskier poses for me, as if he?s not sure that the d**g is having an effect. First he gets me to undo buttons on my blouse; then I undo it and show I?m wearing a silk slip underneath. I tantalise my breasts with my hands and push them together while John gets up close and focuses his camera down my cleavage. I raise my skirt so he can see my stocking tops and my seams, then I let him lay on his back and step over him for a series of upshots. Eventually I take off the skirt and stand there in my slip, then I let the straps fall from my shoulders and my bra is on view. John grabs my breasts and fondles them greedily, rubbing his lips over my C-cups. My nipples respond and I feel electric shocks in my pussy. I fold down the fronts of my bra and expose my breasts for him. He begins to lick each nipple in turn, photographs forgotten now, as he slides his hand down over the slip and rubs my pubic area. I respond by laying back on the bed and lifting up my legs so the slip slides back and exposes my legs up to my panties. These are full-cut shiny white nylon and as I place my feet on the foot of the bed and open my knees, my panty gusset is presented to John just as I know he loves it. I can tell he?s in heaven at this moment and he gets down and kneels with his face inches from my crotch. I expect him to begin to rub me with his fingers but instead he begins to press his face against my gusset and rub and massage his cheeks, his nose, his chin and his forehead against my increasingly wet pussy covering. I feel myself begin to juice up and realise how I am getting a kick out of this too. John proceeds to lick my gusset and then finally gets his hands in on the action and runs one under the front of my panties over my pubic hair, then down, slowly down until he is gently touching my clitoris. Still he licks my panty crotch and the inside of my thighs. We are dimly aware of the other men around us, and I am gushing pussy-juice into my knickers. Then John brings my legs together and begins to pull my panties off. They are slightly stuck to my pussy at the gusset and there are good shots of John pulling them away from my pussy-lips. Then the panties are off and my vagina is fully displayed. I put my feet down again, legs far apart, and John sinks his face onto my pussy. He runs his lips up and down my slit and commences special licking attention on my dripping clit. This takes me to my peak, I have been thinking of this for a week, and I begin breathing heavily as the first twinges of orgasm start in my womb. John is obviously aware of what he?s done and in a jiffy he unzips his fly, gets out his cock, slips on a condom and plunges it up me. I buck with orgasm as he ravishes me, pumping away; he grasps my feet and pulls them upwards as he seems to be trying to get his whole body up my pussy. He is grinding into me and I realise he is having a massive cum. When finally he is drained I look at the condom and realise it seems swollen with spunk. It?s beginning to run out the base. He must have really saved all that up!?Wow Suzy!? said James, ?another great show! A bit stilted at first when you were both trying to act, but that all seemed to go out the window once you got started. Fucking ace! Your pussy close-ups were amazing, there were juices pouring out of you ? are you still really wet?? I gave him a look and a smile and he put a couple of fingers up me to check.?It?s not your week, James? I admonished him with a smile. ?That?ll have to tide you over ?til your turn.? Gareth, Teddy and Michael had seen this little manoeuvre of James, and now they asked for something to tide them over too. I lay back on the bed and let each of them put fingers in my arse or my pussy, or give me a little lick. This almost got me going again, but I managed to resist. ?Let?s have a break now boys, so I can get ready for Harold!?As the boys made coffee or poured out some beers, I got changed in the bathroom. I was really looking forward to giving old Harold a treat! I put on some very special and expensive new panties. These are two-tone silk in red and cream, full-cut with a nice wide and soft gusset, but they have tie-sides. They feel so smooth and soft and they are a turn-on for me just to wear them. I know Harold will love them too. I slide some red silk hold-ups onto my legs and marvel at how sensual these feel as well. Then I strap myself into a red silk quarter-cup bra that leaves my breasts fully exposed. Finally I slip into a rather lovely little short-sleeved dress that opens down the front with a zip. I call out to make sure Harold is ready for me and receive a positive croak in response.?Yes, he?s ready? one of the others says, ?he?s just a bit overcome at the thought he?s going to be centre-stage with you Suzy!?I come out of the bathroom to see Harold standing at the foot of the bed, red-faced and looking very pleased with himself. The others are gathered round and sitting in silence, cameras trained on me as I appear.I instruct Harold to stand still and I gradually undress him. This is NOT what he was expecting. Eventually I have him down to his boxer shorts. My ministrations have resulted in a large erection that his pants can?t disguise. I stand behind him and place a hand on the front of his boxers, holding his manhood. Then I kneel in front of him and undo the zip at the front of my dress, letting it fall completely open. I open his fly and let his penis out then press my breasts around it, cupping them under the bra and ensuring my nipples touch the sides of his dick as I slowly rub them along its length. Harold holds his head back in ecstasy. Then I take his knob into my mouth and let my lips encase his helmet. I hold him there and let my tongue gently do some work on the tip of his cock. His breathing is getting heavier and I can feel him urging his cock into my mouth, but I don?t let him. I just let my lips work on the tip. I lick and caress him with my tongue. Harold is almost on the point of cumming I can tell, so I back off and shrug off the dress. The watching guys shift position and I tell Harold to lie on his back on the bed, his cock sticking up through his underpants. This is a distraction so I remove them, Harold has to raise his bum a little so I can pull them off him. Now Harold is completely naked and at my mercy. I let everyone have a good view of my underwear and then I climb on the bed with my knees each side of Harold?s head, my panty crotch above his face and I face his feet. And his cock! Then I slowly and gently settle down with my gusset on his mouth. Harold?s dick twitches and grows and his hand grabs it. ?Oh no, no no, Harold!? I chide, ?No touching cock please!? And I pull his hand away and guide him to my nipples which he begins massaging gently. I settle even further onto his face and my bum cheeks open out and seem to melt over his cheeks. My whole crotch is now poured over his mouth and nose and I can feel his breath going through the panty material and up my vagina. I slide back and forth rubbing my business end against his face, then get ready for his main treat. I reach down to each side of my panties and slowly undo the tie-sides, letting the back and front of the panties fall away onto Harold?s head. The gusset is still between my pussy and his mouth. I gently pull the front of the panties upwards and they slide out from between us. My vagina lips are now spread, open and dripping onto Harold?s mouth. I feel his tongue go up me and begin licking me out. He is producing vast quantities of saliva and I am gushing juices to meet him. His tongue slides all around my flaps and over my clitoris, his nose slides into my anus, then my vagina. I grind away at his face and he responds by moving his head around to get better access to my private and secret places. Not so secret now though! I push my clit down on his mouth and my anus comes up for air. The guys get photos of my ring-piece as it opens and closes above Harold?s face. I sense we are both getting near climax and I put my head down onto Harold?s lap and take his cock right down my throat. As I do this I can feel him begin to shoot his load into me and I start to orgasm with the twin delights of his penis at the back of my throat and his tongue up my pussy. Harold finally gets his hands free and sticks fingers up my arse and my pussy as I thrust down against him.?I know you?re not finished yet Harold? I say, ?I know there?s another cum in you!? and I get him to sit on the end of the bed while I lie down into his lap and take his wet limp cock into my gob. As I do so I feel his first stirrings. Attaboy! He may be old, but the desire is there and the urge isn?t diminished! I relax on the bed, laying on my front with my head in his chest, luxuriating in my post-orgasm glow, his growing cock in my mouth and I suck it very gently and lovingly. Then Harold slowly and gently begins to fuck my face. I don?t have to move, just lie there with Harold cradling my head and he thrusts slowly and sensually between my lips. This is wonderful and I relax my body further, letting my legs open wider and wider so my pussy and arse-hole are nicely visible to the guys.Harold continues to pleasure my face and I begin to writhe slightly on the bed, my bottom rising a little as I do so, juices sliding out of my pussy and onto the bed cover. My legs open wider. ?Suzy, Its John. Its still my week. Can I help you out?? Comes a voice beside me. I can?t speak, my mouth being full of Harold?s dick, but I nod. I feel John?s hands on my bum cheeks and then sliding over my anus and pussy. He finds my clit and starts a slow fingering. Then he puts most of his hand up my vagina ? for fuck?s sake, it almost sucks him in! Then I am aware of him removing his clothes and getting on the bed behind me, between my open thighs. Seconds later he has put on a condom and his prick is up my pussy. I am being gently spit-roasted by John and Harold. It is fantastic. I don?t know how long this goes on, maybe ten minutes, maybe more. We are in a rhythm and it feels like we can keep it up forever. The other guys change position to get their photos and occasionally have a little feel of the action, maybe touching my mouth where Harold?s dick is shafting me, or slipping a finger in my hole next to John?s penis. Naughty boys!Finally I feel John withdraw and reposition himself at my anus. His bell-end pushes at my small hole and I gladly let him in me. He slides up my rectum in one smooth action and resumes the slow regular invasions. He opens his own legs as far as he can, pushing mine even further apart. Harold slightly quickens his pace on my throat and then I feel him empty his balls into me; I almost choke on the amount of cum he produces and it fills my mouth before I can swallow it all. Some drips out of the corner of my mouth as Harold gasps with release. As Harold takes his cock out of my mouth someone?s fingers go under me and up my pussy, beneath John?s cock which is of course up my bum. Then John starts to cum and he bucks with his orgasm filling up his durex. I can?t cum any more, I?m exhausted and happy. I loved the 15 minutes of double shafting I was getting, and now I feel totally fulfilled. I turn on my back, bend and open my legs and let cum dribble from my anus and my mouth. The guys go wild for pictures and I wet myself a little, peeing on the bed-cover. There is a round of applause as I let more pee out, and Gareth gets in position and fingers my pee-hole, making me piss more ? he catches it in his mouth and swallows. Now that really is a dirty man! I lay back and shut my eyes. I?m fucked!?Well John and Harold, I hope you both enjoyed your special session,? I say as I begin to get up. Then the guys all follow me, as usual, into the bathroom and ?help? me fully undress, shower and get dressed. They took it in turns to soap me and finger me as they did so, towel me dry and pull on my panties and help me get my boobs comfortable in my bra. It was like being royalty! Maybe not exactly!Anyway, I told them that it would be James and Michael?s turns next week. As I left James came over for a quiet word and told me he had something in mind, would I mind if he brought an outfit for me to wear. I was happy to do so and wondered what he had in mind. All he would say was that it was a fantasy of his that he wanted to experience. I was quite excited!(Part 5 to follow - if I get enough views and comments please)
09-11-2021, at 10:48 AM

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