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Coward Little Housewife ? Part 7 (Fucked By School

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Coward Little Housewife ? Part 7 (Fucked By Schooldeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedread before parts to understand the story....Let me introduce myself. Amu, age 26, fit body, slender legs, especially curved thighs especially thicker than normal. Firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch.Four days after the reception incident, I decided to start dropping and picking Komal from school. I went to drop her on the next day itself. I went to drop her. After dropping her I was about to return back when a male teacher shouted at me to wait. I stopped my Activa and looked at him.He requested me to come inside the school as he wanted to discuss a few things related to Komal. I said fine and went inside with him. We went to the staff room which was empty as the classes had already begun. He asked me for water and I said ok. He filled a glass of water from the dispenser nearby.While passing it to me, the glass slipped from his hand and fell on my clothes. He immediately apologized and showed me the bathroom to fix the mess. I looked at him angrily and moved inside the washroom. I tried to rub the wet fabric with my handkerchief so that it dries up soon.A minute later I heard and knock on the door. I opened the door bolt and peeped outside. The same male teacher was at the door. He pushed the door and got inside. I was shocked by his action. But he came inside, closed the door bolt behind him. I was still in a state of shock.He was looking at me smiling. He said, ?On school function day, I saw you getting fucked. But after you left, I listened to their conversation of the guys fucking you. According to them, anyone can fuck you and you won?t oppose at all. I decided to try my luck.? He stepped forward and grabbed hold of my sari.He pulled the sari. I rolled a few times and the sari was out of my body. He came forward and started to unbutton my blouse, removed them, followed by my bra, petticoat, and underwear. Within two minutes I was all naked. My clothes were hanging on the window hook. He didn?t take a minute to remove his clothes.I was pushed on the wall. He kept his weight on me, kissing me full mouth, holding my boobs in his palms, crushing them hard. He progressed his hand on my hips, squeezed them hard. My bums were treated in the same manner. He kept on performing the same action for a few minutes, before invading my pussy with his dick.As soon as he got inside he started to fuck me slowly. The only difference was the kiss. He didn?t leave my lips and kept on kissing me from the beginning all the time. My lips were continuously in his mouth. I was suffocating but he wasn?t in the mood to leave my lips.He kept on fucking me for 20 minutes before filling my pussy with his fertile sperms. He pulled out his dick and then finally left my lips which were burning by then. As soon as he was done, I heard a knock on the door. I panicked being caught like that with him.But he moved towards the gate and opened it confidently. He was still naked and didn?t bother that. As soon as the door opened, another guy seems to be another male staff entered inside. He looked at me and said, ?She?s nice, will surely enjoy.?He immediately started to get rid of his clothes and within minutes he was all naked. He positioned me back on the wall once again, as the previous guy did. He seemed like a clone of the previous guy. He was playing with my body and kissing me in the same manner.He played with my body for a few minutes and then his dick got inside my pussy. He kept on fucking me identically for 20 minutes and flooded inside my pussy. As he left me the period bell rang. We heard murmuring outside the bathroom. Both of them kept their finger on their lips.They were asking me to keep silent. The murmuring kept on for 5 minutes. They were staring me while I was standing in the corner. Their dick started to resurrect again. My sense told me that I was going to be fucked in my ass too. As expected they asked for cream or oil.But I told them I didn?t have anything like that. So one of them took soap and rubbed it on his dick with water. When foam appeared and it became slippery, he pulled me in between. He pressed my shoulders and bent me down. I had to keep my palms on my knees to adjust to my balance my weight.As soon as I was in position, he spread my ass cheeks and his dick slipped inside my asshole. He started to fuck my asshole with full speed. The other guy washed his dick and came towards my face. He hit his dick two-three times on my lips and finding no way out. I had to gulp it inside.I started to give him a blowjob and my asshole was being fucked from the other end. One the last instance they took 20 minutes each. So I was expecting at least 35 minutes this time. As expected they took around 35-40 minutes for flooding me inside from both ends.Till then already the second period was over and the third period was started. They asked me to get dressed and they?ll escort me outside. I got dressed and we came out of the bathroom. Then we came out of the staff room. But while going out of the room, two guys met on the door.They looked at me from top to bottom but didn?t say anything. In the way, both of them requested to take care of their needs in a few intervals. They were keen to know how well they fucked me. I didn?t reply on any line and just came outside.I started my Activa and rushed home, counting in my mind how many guys have fucked me till date. The story will be continued in the next part after a few days. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
09-11-2021, at 10:48 AM

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