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An effective sample

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An effective sampleRichard was used to the two ladies at the health store asking him to try stuff. Ever since he had ordered a few unusual things that then turned out to be huge sellers, the women very much appreciated his input. And he liked the free samples. Win-win!The two women who owned the store were Susanne, a cute and attractive yet average blond in her mid-forties, and Anna, a to Richard less attractive brunett of the same age and general build. He supposed her slightly upturned nose was the thing that turned him off. But he had always assumed they were both married, and they were older than him, so it wasn?t anything he did anything about but some casual flirting.As he came in the store, he could see Susanne and Anna looking at one another with barely hidden smiles.?Hey Rick! What can we do for you today???Just some vitamin D today. Just ran out.??Sure, no problem.?As he paid for them, they were both looking at him, nearly giggling like little girls.?We have a few new samples we wondered if you would like to try?? Susanne said trying to sound casual.?Sure,? Rick replied. ?What are they??And this time the women did giggle.?Sorry?,? Anna said. ?It?s just? We didn?t know if we dared ask you. It?s a kind of Spanish Fly.?Rick raised his eyebrows.?An aphrodisiac,? Susanne explained. ?One of the most powerful it?s said.?Rick smiled wryly.?And you think I need it??The women looked taken aback. Clearly they had not considered that respons.?No, of course not??Rick just laughed.?Don?t worry! I?m k**ding.?They smiled too.?I?m sorry, I?d love to help. Believe me! But I am, and have been for a little to long now, single. So unless you are suggesting we try it together, it?s no real use. I?m plenty sexually frustrated without help, thank you.?Both women went quiet and serious. Looking at each other, there seemed to be a conversation happening between the two.?Look,? Rick said slightly ill at ease. ?It was just a bad joke.?The women were whispering together, before looking around the shop. No one was in, and it was a rainy Wednesday afternoon out.?Come with me,? Susanne said.rick followed her in to the back of the store. She turned around to face him, obviously nervous and trembling slightly.?Look, we?ve gotten these pills and they are supposed to work great. But we have to test them. Anna?s husband can?t because of a heart condition, and I?ve been divorced for nearly a year now. So basically, I?m repeating the question. Would you try these??Se held out her hand, and in it were two small pills shaped like penises.?I mean, I can quite understand if you don?t want to have sex with someone as old as me, but??Her statement hung between them as a middle aged aged woman's plea for being desired. Rick looked up at her blue eyes worriedly meeting his gaze. Keeping eye contact, he reached for the pills, put them in is mouth, and swallowed.Susanne seemed to find a renewed sense of self and came in close to Rick. Se put a hand behind his head, and he let her pull him to her lips. She pressed her breasts in to his chest, and already he could feel a stirring in his groin. Her tongue felt so good in his mouth. He was unsure if his quick reactions were due to a dry-spell the size of the Sahara, or if it was the pills. She started to undo the buttons of Ricks shirt, as she pushed him down on a chair. She could clearly see the outline of his cock in his jeans. She got his shirt off him, and she started unbuttoning her own. As he started helping her, she again felt a little self-conscious knowing this thirty-five-year-old was soon going to see her ten years older breasts. Rick though nearly tore the lacy bra off her.He hesitated for a second before touching them.?Gorgeous?? was all he said before he started sucking on her hard nipples.To Rick her boobs looked great. Sure, there was some sag, but he hadn?t seen any in so long and they really were both symmetrical and larger than he would have guessed. He was enjoying them thoroughly as Susanne pushed him back.?Rick! Rick!?Rick was starting to feel a little foggy, and horny as hell.?Rick,? she looked him in his eyes. ? I promise I want this just as much, but can you tell me how you feel. Are they working, or is it like you usually feel???I don?t know exactly. But this isn?t how I normally feel. I feel alost shaky, as if I don?t fuck someone right now I?ll explode. And it?s getting really uncomfortable in my pants!?Susanne undid his jeans and pulled them off him. Her eyes almost bulged at what she saw.?Is it always that big?? she asked almost in awe.Rick looked down and gasped. ?Much as I?d like to say yes, no. It doesn?t look to be all that much longer, but it is almost twice as thick! And my testicles feels like they?re bubbling.?Susanne bent over and started gently sucking and cupping. She only just got her mouth over the head.?I need more, and now,? Rick moaned.Quickly she stood up, and pulled off her Levis. Rick noted that her ass looked really nice. To his surprise, he saw that she shaved her cunt too. Seeing that rick noticed, she said:?My daughter though it would be a good idea. Feel sexier. I feet bare at first, but now I love it.Seeing an older woman with a bald cunt almost made Rick start to rut in his chair. Stepping close she asked:?How do you want m??That?s all she had time for before Rick grabbed her hips, and pulled her down on his lap. The arm-thick cock went straight up her hairless cunt, and Susanne thanked God she was as horny as she was. But it was so big! She nearly felt like she?d done when she was a virgin. Amazed that something that big actually fit. That time had hurt, this time? Well, as he hit her cervix, she felt uncomfortable. But soon, she was enjoying feeling his complete control. Rick grabbed her full ass and drover her body up and down on his cock. She felt tight. Wet. Soft. He felt the heat rise in is loins. Blindly his mouth sucked and bit on her distended nipples before his entire body tensed up. He slammed Susanne down on his cock, and with a roar felt like he emptied cup after cup of seed in to her waiting womb.To Susanne it was a completely new feeling feeling someones seed splash her insides. And just as they did, she also remembered having stopped with her birth control after her husband left? The mix of fear and the forbidden sent her over the edge, and she kissed Rick?s still panting mouth. She had never felt as much a woman before in her life.Both of them shook slightly as they wound down. Kissing, touching. And from behind Susanne came a quick succession of little screams. Looking back, there was Anna, standing leaned against the wall, her hand in her jeans, her other massaging her tit. As she calmed down a little she said:?That was so hot!?Susanne just smiled wickedly at her.?And I didn?t know you shave! Do you like it???Yes! Makes me feel so young when I look in the mirror??Susanne got off of Rick, and his white seed started oozing down her leg.?Jesus, I don?t know if I can walk home tonight.?Looking down at Rick the women saw he was still hard, but more normal sized.?How are you feeling Rick?? Anna asked.Panting slightly, he eventually answered her.?I feel great, but tired. And still, I feel horny still. I think I need more. I can still feel that substance coursing through me.?Anna looked at Susanne.?I am sorry, I can?t take that again tonight. Though if Rick is up for it, I?d love to try it again some other time. You really should give it a go Anna. Marriage vows are for breaking??Anna bit her lip. She smelled her hand. Her chest looked a little flushed under her blouse.?Back in highschool I let a couple of guys fuck my ass so I could save my virginity for when I was good and ready. I actually liked it. But my husband thinks it?s disgusting.??Well there you go,? Susanne said. ?If he lays no claim to it?!?Anna smiled, and took off her clothes. Her bush was somewhat trimmed, but Rick still found it too big. Her tits were about the same size as Susanne?s but since she was a little shorter with wider hips, they looked smaller.?I need some lube,? Anna said.Looking around, Susanne just pushed her hand inside her still very wet pussy, and with a mix of Ricks and her juices she started lubing up her friend.?He came inside you? Didn?t you stop taking the pill???Yes,? Susanne beamed. ?But there was no stopping him. He was like a bull in heat! And it was very hot and naughty at the same time.?The fact that they had never touched each other in a sexual way was never lost, and both women made mental notes of the other. Life in the store might get a lot more fun going forward!?I need you now,? Rick said. He grabbed for Anna. Susanne knew how quickly things went on this stuff, and helped steer the still throbbing cock to the waiting and now creamed up anal of her colleague. Roughly Rick pulled her down on it, and she screamed. Half in pain, half in surprise.?Let me get used??But Rick was already pumping her hard up and down on his chest, feeling her soft swaying tits agains his skin. After a few thrusts, Anna said:?My God I?ve missed this!?Rick roared another deep sound, and Anna felt his hands squeeze her asscheeks harder than anyone had since she was nineteen and making out in Burt Olsens pickup truck. She literally felt his Ricks cock swell up, before gushing like a geyser. She could swear she could feel it.Slowly she stood up. Liberal amounts of white seed was oozing out of her too. The women now saw Rick shrink back to normal.?Woha,? Anna said. ?I think this is a hit!??Yeah, as long as your mind isn?t on a romantic lovemaking evening?? Susanne said with a laugh.Slowly they got cleaned up. Rick felt very, very tired. All three of them were standing out in the shop again, and he kissed Anna on her cheek.?I?d say that will be very popular,? he smiled. ?Sorry for the rough treatment, but I really couldn?t stop my self.??It?s okay,? Anna replied. ?My husband hasn?t treated me like a real woman in years. It was a nice change!?He went over to Susanne. Looking her in the eyes, he bent forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth.?And you,? he continued. ?I want to take you to dinner. Tomorrow, I need some rest.? He smiled.Susanne looked stunned. Sure the sex had been amazing, but that someone ten years her junior would want to taker her out? She looked at Anna who just smiled and nodded.?Okay,? she said.Rick just pulled her close to his body. He felt her breasts being squished between them, and he grabbed her ass one last time before kissing her again.?It?s up to you if you want to bring the pills,? he smiled wryly. ?I?ll call tomorrow.?Rick walked out of the store. Anna and Susanne looked at each other. ?That was some sample,? Anna said before they both burst out laughing.
09-11-2021, at 10:48 AM

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