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The Ex colleague 3

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The Ex colleague 3As the drink flowed the idea of the threesome became hotter and hotter. I had no idea what Gerri would think but surely this was an opportunity not to be missed.i found Mark, gave him the most seductive glance, rubbed my hand on his cock and whispered in his ear, if Gerri is game, so am I, before sloping back to the dance floor. His face lit up and although you couldn?t see it, inside he was fist pumping. I imagine his cock was hard as nails. I hadnt seen Gerri but I wanted to catch her gaze, just to see her reaction. I guessed Mark must have told her. I couldn?t wait to get this bedroom party started and the wedding party was just beginning to wind down. I found Gerri near the bar and went to the far side, leaned down and caught her eye. She looked at me for a second and I could just tell what she was thinking, we winked at each other and I knew it was on. Gerri had the biggest room with the biggest bed (the cow had been upgraded at check-in, presumably the guy at reception fancied her). She grabbed my hand and we headed back there, Mark chasing after us having raided the bar for champagne. We charged through the door and instantly Gerri and I began kissing. It felt weird, kissing a long term friend that I?d never had any attraction to. id never really be attracted to women before. Sure I appreciate beauty, sure I occasionally fantasised about it, most women do, but never thought about what it would be like.Kissing Gerri was like nothing I?d experienced before - so soft and sensual, I immediately thought ?wow I bet she gives great oral?. It was a shame in a way that we were having a threesome as I would have been in ecstasy just with her, but little did I know the treat we were in for. By this point mark has been stripping off and was naked and to full attention. Gerri and I both dropped to our knees to worship his cock, which seemed bigger then before and was rock hard. He couldn?t believe his luck and in all honesty he was punching well above his weight. Under normal circumstances at home he would have been very lucky to sleep with one of us, let alone both of us and then again, but at the same time!! I guess it was a combination of the holiday vibe, the booze and hey, everyone loves getting fucked at a wedding, right?We made our way to the bed and as Gerri continued on his cock, I offered Mark my breasts which he gladly latched onto, sucking and caressing as he slid his hand round between my legs and began to finger me. I moaned in agreement before sitting up and sitting on his face.Gerri and I swapped over until I couldn?t take it anymore and mounted his cock. Gerri turned round aonwe we?re facing each other and we begain kissing. I was riding Mark?s cock and she was riding his tongue. Hands were going everywhere, boobs were being fondled in all directions, it?s was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.Mark came deep inside me and as he recovered Gerri rolled on top of me so we could 69. This was her first go at licking me and boy did she not disappoint, I came very quickly, as did she and we all fell onto the bed in each other?s arms to recover. But there was no chance the night was over just yet...
09-11-2021, at 10:48 AM

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