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Using a library computer

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Using a library computerOur local library is a 1930s three storey building with solid book shelving. In places along the walls are decorative panels of tiles and mirrors which were fashionable when the place was built. As new technology arrived the computers were placed in odd locations among the book shelves. For a few months I had been researching local history in the reference section on the top floor and nearly always sat at the same reading desk. Very few people seem to use the reference books and sometimes I have never seen anybody on the floor while I was there. If I saw anybody at all it would usually be girls using one of the computers.The reading desk is next to a wall decoration and looking in the mirrors I can see one of the computers located in a corner. One day when working my way through a reference book I could see the back of a girl seated at the computer reflected in the mirrors, she was communicating with somebody who I could see on the screen. As I couldn?t hear anything from her direction other than typing I presumed they were typing messages to each other. Every so often she would look around behind her and then open her coat. Initially I thought she was getting hot and then I realised she was baring her tits and the person at the other end would see them on the web cam.On previous visits I had never paid any attention to the users of the computers and I wondered if this was a one-off or a regular occurrence. Over several weeks I saw other girls using the same computer and they all opened their tops to show their tits on the web cam. This computer is behind rows of book shelves and cannot be viewed from anywhere on the floor other than my vantage point. Being tucked away in a corner the user could not be surprised by anybody and they would hear if anybody was in that section of the library. I always had the back view of the girls and I would move nearer to the stairs to see what they looked like when they were leaving. What surprised me was that there were girls of all shapes and sizes using the computer. On two occasions I saw the girls take the camera off the monitor to point it under their dress, presumably to show their knickers or possibly their cunt.For a normal man this activity would probably have resulted in a stiff cock and a visit to the toilets for a wank. My heart condition and its medication have caused an inability to get an erection and my main pleasure is voyeurism. I like to watch couples fucking or enjoying mutual masturbation, my wife Jean prefers to calls it making love. The sight of girls showing their tits sounds interesting but being in my 60s the thought of women in their 40s or 50s with bare tits is much more attractive. I told Jean what I saw at the library and sometimes when I returned home she would joke about me being a voyeur.On one of my visits I was watching a girl who appeared to pull her bra up to show her tits and then remove her bra. When she got up to leave I saw her drop something. I waited 10 minutes or so to see if she would return but she didn?t so I went over to the computer. I found she had dropped her 34A bra. Here was a dilemma, do I leave it for the girl to find if she came back or possibly library staff find it and guess what was happening or do I pocket it and the girl lose a bra. I stuffed it in my pocket and went to the reading desk to collect my things.When I got home I told Jean I had brought her a present and explained how I had found the bra. She laughed and said I knew full well she was never a 34A, and listed some of the places where I had groped and sucked her tits when she was 17. She evidently had a much better memory than me as I couldn?t remember any of the locations; I wish she would share some of her memories more often.I told her the main thing I remember of that time was the months I tried to get my hands in her knickers and she always pushed me away. One day I met her from school and as her parents were at work we went to her room and lay on her single bed. After kissing for a while I put my hand up her short skirt and found I was at the gusset of her knickers. Rubbing the gusset I found it getting wet and so I moved on up to the elastic at the top. Hooking my fingers over the waist band I proceeded to pull her green school knickers down to her hair, she lifted her bottom off the bed and I pushed the knickers down to her knees. I started to rub her cunt which got wetter and found I couldn?t open her legs enough so I reached down and hooked the knickers over her ankles. Returning to stroking her cunt I was able to push her legs apart and then slid a finger inside and found she was soaking wet. My cock was soon rock hard and I took of my trousers and was looking forward to my first fuck when both of us would lose our virginity. Jean insisted that I mustn?t fuck her and so I moved down to between her legs and started to lick her cunt running my tongue around the inside. She must have really been wanting to fuck as it was only a short while later she had her first orgasm ever. Jean then wrapped her knickers around my cock for a wank and shortly after a jet of sperm shot though the air. It was the start of my fetish where she had to wrap her knickers around my cock when giving me a wank. We had only just got our clothes back on and tidied the room when Jean?s mum came home early from work. We both turned brilliant red from embarrassment and the thought of what could have happened if she had come home earlier. Jean said that on the way home from school that day she decided she did not want to lose me to another girl and the only way to do that was to let me go a bit further and she decided she would let me finger her and lick her cunt. She liked me playing with her tits and licking them and when I did she kept getting an exciting feeling. In the health class at her all girls school she had been told that girls do not masturbate and she had not explored stroking her cunt and wanted me to do it. That was fifty years ago and I asked Jean if she wanted me to lick her cunt on the anniversary to which she replied no, she would rather have a cup of tea and I had to agree, licking could wait until another dayA few days later I was typing the article I had written about local history when Jean put her head round the door to tell me she was going into town shopping and asked if there was anything I wanted. My stock answer to this question is ?Yes, to suck your tits? and her usual response was to laugh and say ?No chance.? About two hours later Jean contacted me on the computer and when the connection was made I saw that she was sitting at the computer in the library. I could see her face and top and some of the shelves behind. ?I thought I would show you what I had bought? she typed and proceeded to unbutton her blouse and open it to reveal a new black bra. ?What do you think, these are your proper 36DD not a 34A?? she typed. Our conversation was evidently going to be by keyboard and I replied ?I want to see the real things not the support act? She refused and the conversation then continued with me trying to get her to take the bra off and her refusing and then her asking what could I give her if she did. I offered to buy her various chocolates and she finally agreed. She got up to look around to see if anybody was nearby and then took off the blouse and bra and put the blouse back on. I now had a good view of her tits and she then asked what would I like to do. I replied that I want to suck her tits and hold them. Her reply then threw me ?You dirty old voyeurs are always trying to get me to get my tits out, my mum said I shouldn?t let anyone touch my tits or my knickers?, Jean had turned the conversation into a game. I then typed a request for her to take her knickers off and as before she refused and I had to offer to buy her more chocolates. I didn?t know if she was wearing jeans or a skirt but eventually I discovered she was in a skirt as she pulled it up to remove her knickers. I thought I would go a bit further and asked if she would move the camera so that it was under the hem of her skirt so I could see her hairy bits. As before she refused and typed ?I don?t have any hairy bits?. She continued to deny she had any hair ?down there? and eventually after promising more goodies Jean put the camera under her skirt. To my astonishment Jean had a bare cunt, she had shaved all the hair off. Many times over the years I had asked Jean to shave and she always refused, this was a first. She then opened and closed her legs so that I could see her lips. These conversations I found exciting and Jean ended it when she typed that she had to go. Before she closed the connection I asked the question ?What?s your name? to which she replied Marion. In our conversation Jean had pretended to be another person and I wondered if she would be herself when she got home or Marion. I quickly rushed round to the local shops to get the chocolates I had promised and left them in the kitchen. About half hour later Jean got home and proceeded to put away her shopping, made a cup of tea and enquired how my writing was going.That evening in bed I put my hand between Jean?s legs and found soft lips and no hair. I told her I loved her and how much I appreciated her shaving all the hair off. Over the next few days nothing was said about our typed conversation and the character Marion. It was about a month later when I was working on another article that Jean picked up the laptop and went out saying she would see me later. After a couple of hours I got a call on the computer from Jean and when connected I could see she was outside the coffee shop in the local park and she typed ?It?s Marion here, I thought you wanted to see me?
09-11-2021, at 10:48 AM

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