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FANTASYWhen younger my sexual desire used to throw up fantasies. My first recurring fantasy even before we married was to share my wife with other men. At first it Didn,t seem to be possible, but in the end it happened and more than once so it proved at Times fantasies can become reality. Another recurring fantasy from back in the late 1980s was my sexy wife as a very dirty stripper drawing the line at not much except at pissing which never turned either of us on. But it never looked like it would happen. With two young c***dren and many bills to pay I worked long hours mostly in Night security and my wife worked as a secretary to help out. What it meant was I rarely saw my family much except on rare days off and even then if I Wasn,t too tired for sex then Sarah would be. It was tiring enough for her just looking after our two k**s and her late parents often stepped in to give us a breather so we could have time off together. I used to back horses and did very well so following a big win had money burning a hole in my pocket as I passed a sex shop in central London so entered with my fantasy in mind. I purchased two pornographic videos, a crotchless fishnet body stocking, red nipple tassels and sequinned gee string for my wife. The items weren,t cheap, but the money I won covered it. I couldn,t wait to show Sarah what I bought, but couldn,t till the following weekend when her parents offerred to babysit for us. Friday night was my final working shift and after six hours sleep I was ready for anything. I waited till we,d eaten our evening meal and watched the Saturday television before getting out my purchases to show my wife. Of course she wanted to know where I got the extra money, but was happy to know my bookmakers had paid for it, ?I,ll just have a quick shower and try these on!? Sarah headed for the stairs so I switched on the video tape to get in the mood for her. The film concerned roman emperor Caligula which amazed me how many well known actors took part in what was an expensive pornographic film which likely got away with it as it depicted what that man actually did and how depraved and crazy he was. As the first scene involved and orgy with two nubile women sucking a cock to climax I was soon as stiff as the cock being gobbled and inevitably I unzipped myself and began to gently massage my own Male meat.?Ahem! I presume you paid for that with bookmaker,s money, too?? Sarah,s voice interrupted my viewing. ?Of Course they did!? I agreed not bothering to hide what I was doing with my erection. WOW! The vision in front of me was stunning! Sarah had put on the body stocking with the nipple tassels swinging from her nipples and the gee string not quite concealing her hairy pubic bush between her crotchless thighs with a pair of high heels and fresh heavy make up to complete the transformation. ?Can I play, too?? She asked as she took my shaft in her hand and began rub gently. ?Do you like Sexy Sarah then?? ?Love her and can,t wait to FUCK her!? I sighed as she planted a wet kiss on my glans as she licked and sucked me before releasing me. ?Let,s have some music for me to strip off by?? So saying she tuned the radio to some pop music then started a raunchy dance caressing, fondling, pulling on her titties teasing to pull the tassels away alternating playing with her gee string. Her tassels came away easily exposing her rock hard nipples she offerred to me to suck on for a while before she squatted before me and removed the tight gee string. Now turned on she took my prick in her mouth to suck before letting me use my talented mouth and tongue on her bare well lubricated pussy till she groaned she was cumming and flooded my mouth with her musky tasting juices which I love. She would have sucked me to completion but I wanted to flood her twat with heavy cock cream and soon did so. We fucked again once we,d recovered and had to put the body stocking in the wash as I ended up covering it in cum. She Didn,t wear the items again for some weeks, but it was a bit of a surprise the next time TBC
04-06-2021, at 07:02 PM

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