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Sex With Your English Teacher

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Sex With Your English TeacherPicture this: A young, sexy Englishteacher named Syd. She has short brunette hair, medium-size breasts, and a slim physique, the latter of which is put on display in her usual outfit: A tightshirt, short skirt, striped panties,and boots with 2-inch heels.She's teaching a class about thepower of words. It's the lastperiod of the day. As you finish?writing down notes? in yournotebook (which is actually filled withdrawings of her naked), shedismisses the class and you lingerback a bit. You then use your newlyacquired knowledge of the powerof words to seduce her. She'sreluctant at first, but gives inwhen she hears how well you werelistening during class.Under her desk.You're kissing; breathingheavily in anticipation of what'sto come. She takes off her shirtand unhooks her bra to revealtwo perfectly round 32B breasts,and two heavily aroused, petitenipples with them. She cups themwith her hands while you reach into herher skirt. She moans as you pulldown her panties and rub herclitoris with your index and middlefingers in clockwise motion.?I want you to fuck me. Now,? shewhispers with that sultry voice ofhers. As you stop rubbing her nowsoaking wet clitoris, she pullsdown your pants and underwearand throws them off to the side,whispering, ?I don't think we'll beneeding these anymore.? Your cockis throbbing immensely hard atthis point and you thrust yourselfinside her.?AHH!? she squeals as you tearthrough her hymen. She's avirgin, of course. ?It's so big!? Youcontinue thrusting in, out, in, andout again. you feel her shaking withsheer pleasure as she exclaims,?Ohh, fuck! I'm gonna cum!?'You then feel the semen rushing tothe head of your thrusting,throbbing cock, and echo herwords:?I'm gonna cum too!??Fuck! Cum inside my pussy!?You blast your warm, creamy cuminside her throbbing pussy and hear hermoan as you feel her trembling inuncontrollable pleasure.?Fuck! That felt so good!? Sheslurs after cumming.?I didn't know you were a virgin,? youadmit.?Well, actually I'm not. I?ve hadsex with another woman before,but never with another guy.You're the first. I'm bi."?You're pretty good for a firsttimer,? you say, complimenting her.?Your cock is getting hard again,?she points out. ?Let's dosomething about that.?She stands up, showing off herperfectly round ass and thickpussy lips. Walking over to anearby cabinet, she reaches tothe top, retrieving a bottle oflotion. After strutting over to themiddle of the classroom wearingnothing but her skirt and boots,she beckons you over and gets on herknees. You walk over to her wearingjust your socks and tennis shoes.As you stand over her with your rock-hard, 8-inch cock in her face, she squirtssome lotion from the bottle ontoher hands and then massages it onto yourcock. She begins stroking it with her soft hands and whispers,?Relax. I'll take it from here.?Obliging her, you tilt your head back, close your eyes,and feel her hands moving upand down your cock, steadilymoving faster and faster. Shefeels that you?re struggling to notburst onto her and snaps you outof your trance by pausing andasking,?Are you going to cum on me orwhat?? you jerk yourself off in front ofher makeup-covered face and end upcumming again. As you're coveringher in your cum, she says,?Ohh, yeah baby. That's it.Shower you with your cum.?Grunting and moaning, you finishyourself off and she yells,?Holy shit! It's everywhere!?You look down to see your cum in herhair, on her face, on her tits, andon her skirt.She takes off her cum-soakedskirt and throws it on the floor,which is also soaking wet with yourcum.?Well, you guess it's more work forthe custodians,? she says,looking into your eyes. Sydthen takes your cock, sucks theremaining cum off of it, andwhispers in your ear,?That was everything you thought itwould be.?She then takes your hand, runs itfrom her right breast to herclitoris and, massaging her pearlwith your middle finger, shemoans,?Now it?s your turn, baby. Show me what those fingers can do. Make me cum.?Massaging her clit once again, you make it your sole goal to make Syd cum from her sopping wet vagina. You turn your hand so that your thumb is hovering over her clitoris, and press down on it.?FUCK! YES! YES!?Syd grabs the deskbelow her with both of her handsand a river of cum rushes out ofher vagina like Niagara Falls. It starts to splash on the carpet beneath herand, thinking quickly, you get on your knees and open your mouth wide, catching thelast bit of her cum in your mouth.It tastes heavenly.She walks to the door wearingnothing but her boots, turns toyou, and says,?Let's make this a daily thing. Beback here at the same timetomorrow. I need more of yourcock.?She struts out the door, leavingyou behind, standing on thesoaking wet carpet, thinking to yourself,?I did it. I finally fucked my teacher.?
09-11-2021, at 10:49 AM

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