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brother and Friend Offer Comfort

Post #1

brother and Friend Offer ComfortI was looking forward to the weekend. It had been a hard week at school. Finals week was hard enough, but in the middle of the week I caught my boyfriend Roy making out with another girl. I decided to meet him after one of his finals and as I headed to the building I saw him pressed up against some chick. I was angry, very angry. I walked up behind him, "Having fun?" He spun so fast he knocked the chick to the ground. "Michelle," he said. "What are you doing here?""Well," I replied. "I was coming to surprise you, but I guess you surprised me. Asshole." I turned and walked away. "Wait, Michelle," he yelled as I walked away. As I left I heard the girl yelling at him, "You fucking asshole. You have a girlfriend?" I didn't turn around. I just kept walking. I was mad, I was hurt, and I was crying. It was time to leave school and head home. I couldn't wait. I had two more finals and then I was done. My boyfriend called like 20 times the next day, ex, boyfriend. He tried to catch up with me. Once walking through campus he grabbed my arm. I pulled away and told him next time he touched me I'd call the cops. The calls stopped after that. I struggled through my last two finals trying to focus on that and not Roy. I'd finally finished and was on my way home for the summer. I knew mom and dad were gone for two weeks. They had planned a vacation. Initially I was going to visit with Roy and his family and then head home but now that that was out but they'd still had plans. My brother Barry was going to be home. His college break started a week before. At 19 he was a year older than me. He was a great guy and a great brother. I was kind of glad he'd be there. He'd be sympathetic about Roy. The drive home was four hours. Not bad but still boring. It gave me time to think about Roy and me. I met Roy my first week at school. He was handsome and confident. Within a month we were dating. By six weeks I was no longer a virgin. He could be a bit arrogant. Thinking more about it, I realized there were times he was missing when he shouldn't have been. Could he have been seeing someone else then? Then there was the self doubt. Was she prettier than me? I knew I was cute. Everyone said so. At 5'2", 130lbs, I wasn't a skinny minnie, but I looked nice in jeans. With my brown hair in a pixie cut people would say I looked like some kind of fairy. I spent the drive home between seething mad and crying. When I got home my brother's car was in the driveway and there was another car in front of the house. I wasn't in the mood to face anyone. I knew my eyes were red from crying. I snuffled up and tried to compose myself, then I went in. The first thing I saw was my brother. He and a friend were playing a video game. He paused it and jumped up. "Hey s*s, I was wondering what time you'd get home."He saw the bag I was carrying. He took it from me, put it on the floor and gave me a big hug. It felt good to be wrapped in the arms of someone who I knew loved me. I just leaned against him. "Is there more stuff in the car?" he asked.I nodded. "Cool, let me help," he said. As he headed out the door, his friend Jim stood up and said, "I'll help too." I'd always liked Jim. He was Barry's best friend. In reality I liked all my brothers friends. Barry was a great guy and hung around with nice people. The two of them helped me bring all my stuff in. It wasn't till we were done that Barry noticed my face. "Have you been crying?" he asked with concern in his voice. Jim looked on with the same look of concern. "I'm sorry," I said. Does it show? "What happened?" Barry asked. "It's stupid," I replied. "If it made you cry, it's not stupid," he answered.I took a deep breath. "I saw Roy kissing another girl," I said, and then burst into tears again. Barry had never met Roy. He scooped me in his arms and hugged me. "I'm sorry s*s," he said. "What an ass." I leaned my head against his chest and cried. As I did he stroked my hair and told me the guy was crazy and that he didn't deserve me. I was comforted by his strong arms. Barry was 6' about 180. He hit the gym 2-3 times a week. He wasn't crazy but he had strong arms and a muscled chest. I felt protected. Jim, for his part, also tried to comfort me with words. "Geese, what a jerk. He has the perfect girl and he wants someone else? What kind of moron is he? It's like having the Mona Lisa and trading it in for dogs playing poker." That made me laugh. I snuffled a bit more and said I was going upstairs to clean up and change. Barry kissed the top of my head and said, "Ok, we'll be here." He walked me to the stairs. "Jim was going to spend the weekend, but if you'd rather he didn't we'd understand," he said quietly. That was sweet, but I liked Jim. Jim and Barry had been friends forever and he was like another brother to me. Once, I was on a date and the guy was pushing too hard. I called Barry to come get me but Barry was too far away. Instead, Jim showed up in minutes. When I was younger Jim would help me with my homework. He was a great guy. Besides, I really didn't want to be alone so having company would be nice. I told my brother it was fine and headed up the stairs. As I headed up the stairs Barry asked if I'd eaten. I told him I hadn't. "Would you like anything?" he asked. "Ice cream," I quipped, followed by "Whatever is ok with me." I continued upstairs. I got to my room and sat on my bed. I wasn't really sad about losing Roy, I was more mad at myself for being fooled. I also again started worrying about if I was pretty. I started to cry again. I started to undress. I pulled my top off and then my jeans. I stood in front of the mirror. I wasn't a skinny flat bellied, rib cage showing, girl. I was a 34c and size 5. I had curves, but i still doubted myself, I knew plenty of size 0s and 2s. I resolved to lose weight and run more than my current 2-3 times a week. I pulled off my bra and panties and now, mad at my body, climbed in the shower. After my shower I pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a long loose tank top. I didn't bother with underwear. I finally headed downstairs. When I got there the boys were in the kitchen sitting at the table. They had chocolate ice cream, pizza, and diet soda. All my resolve from 10 minutes ago flew out the window. I kissed Barry on the head and said thank you."Hey," said Jim. I laughed and walked over to him and kissed him on the head. "Better," I laughed. "Well of course," he said. "A kiss from a pretty girl makes everything better." That deserved another kiss. I placed one on his head and sat down to eat. I took a slice of pizza. The great thing about Barry and Jim is there was no forced conversation. Everything flowed smoothly. We talked about Roy, about school, about my summer plans. The guys made me the center of attention and soon I'd forgotten all my troubles and was just happy to be home. After we ate the guys cleaned up and asked me if I wanted to watch tv with them. I didn't want to interrupt their video game and told them so. "We were almost done anyway," Jim said."Just cause I was kicking your ass," quipped Barry. "Well, we'll never know now," laughed Jim. We sat on the couch with me between them and snuggled into Barry. We picked a movie and settled in. Barry put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt safe and loved. We watched the movie. After the movie I was exhausted and decided to head to bed. I thanked the guys for being so sweet and told them I'd see them in the morning. They both responded with how nice it was to see me and that they were sorry I was going through what I was and said if I needed them to wake them.I thanked them and headed to bed. I stripped off my yoga pants and climbed into bed. After 2 semesters of school there's always something comforting about being in your own bed. I thought a bit more about Roy. This time I was more angry than sad. As I started drifting off, my mind shifted to the pleasant thought of being cuddled and comforted in my brother's strong arms. I fell asleep. I woke up about 2am and decided to go to the kitchen for some water. I headed down the stairs to the kitchen and got a glass out of the upper cabinet. I'm 5'2" so I had to stretch to reach them. I started pouring myself some water when I heard Jim."Everything OK?" he asked. He startled me and I gave a small yelp. I'd forgotten he'd be sleeping on the couch. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just needed a drink," I responded. I could now see his face. He was smiling at me. All of a sudden I realized that his head was low to the ground, I'd stretched to reach the glasses, and I wasn't wearing underwear. I started to blush. I turned my head, looked at the cabinet, the. Looked back at him. I realized he must have seen my entire ass as I reached for a glass. "Oh my god," I said, tugging down on the hem of my tank top. "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize you were there."Why are you sorry? It didn't bother me. Of course at first I thought I was having an amazing dream. Then, when I realized I was awake, well, it was even more amazing." He laughed. "Pig," I said jokingly. "Why didn't you warn me?" "By the time I realized what was happening it was already over. So I thought why embarrass you," he replied. Well, that made sense. I relaxed. We chatted a bit while I drank my water. "Well, back to bed," I said."Goodnight," he replied. Then he added, "By the way, you've got a great ass." I blushed again and said, "Pig," but I wasn't mad. Actually there was a part of me that liked the compliment and felt a little naughty that he'd seen my ass. I walked up the stairs wondering if, from his position, he could see up my tank top. I woke up in the morning, threw on some shorts, and headed downstairs for something to eat. The boys were awake and making pancakes. Barry knew I loved pancakes. I sat down to eat. Barry, being a big brother, decided to tease me. "Hmmm, s*s, I heard you put on a little show last night." I blushed. "Shut up," I said. "It was an accident and I don't want to talk about it." "Me either," said Barry, "but him," he indicated Jim. "He couldn't shut up about it. He says my baby sister isn't a baby anymore." "Well, you tell your friend," who was sitting right there, "that gentlemen don't tell," I said laughingly.We all laughed and changed the subject. They asked what I was doing for the day. I hadn't really thought about it. I thought maybe a run and then hit the pool. They thought that sounded great and said that if I wanted company, they'd go with me. I agreed. We cleaned up breakfast and got ready for our run. It was a gorgeous day and the run helped clear my head. I appreciated the guys going with me and also how nice they were being. They were making me feel better, about Roy and about myself. My mind went to flashing my ass at Jim. I smiled a naughty smile. It felt a little naughty that he'd seen my ass. I don't go around showing it to everyone. In fact, Roy was the only guy who'd ever really seen it. I could feel a bit of warmth between my legs as I wondered how Jim felt about seeing my ass. We returned home and headed upstairs to get our bathing suits on. As with any girl with a pool in her yard, I had several bathing suits. I grabbed my one piece and looked at it. At the top of my drawer was a tiny string bikini. It was my 'going to the beach where there'll be other girls' suit. It covered what needed to be covered and not much else. I'd been to the beach with both the guys. I decided to wear that one. The guys were already in the pool. Jim whistled when he saw me. "Damn, she has grown up," he said. "Shut up," said Barry with a laugh in his voice. Then to me he said, "Looking good s*s."I thanked them. Then I picked up a ball, bounced it off of Jim's head and said, "Except for you pig." He laughed, jumped out of the pool, and came after me. I shrieked and dived in the pool with him right behind me. He grabbed me, picked me up and threw me. I landed near Barry and splashed into the water. Barry picked me up and threw me back. I was surprised at how effortlessly they launched me in the air. Their hands and arms felt so strong on my body. As we roughhoused in the water I kept grabbing at my bikini trying to make sure it wouldn't fall off. I kept it on, but often exposed the crack of my ass or the underside of my boobs. I didn't dwell on it. I was having fun. Plus I figured I was giving Jim a bit of a thrill. The thought made me tingle. After a while we got out of the pool. I went upstairs and pulled on a sundress and some panties. When I was done the boys were downstairs playing a video game. I grabbed my iPad and headed down. They were on the couch, I curled up in the chair by the tv and started reading. Every once I awhile I'd shift positions in the chair. I'm not sure when, but at some point I noticed Jim watching me when I shifted positions. I realized I was wearing a pretty short dress and was probably giving a little show each time I moved. The thought kind of pleased me. From then on, every time I moved, I snuck a glance at Jim to see if he was looking. He was. I was enjoying being able to distract him. I started rearranging myself a bit more but as I did I would rarely rearrange my dress. I knew I was showing a lot of leg and probably flashing my panties. I also saw that Jim started doing worse on the video game. That made me smirk. I pretended it was something I read. Showing off was making me feel warm and tingly. Then, while rearranging myself once more I realized that Barry was also looking. For a moment I was embarrassed. Then I realized I enjoyed it. I rearranged myself a few more times and sure enough, they were both checking me out. I thought about how naughty I was being but I didn't want to stop. In fact I got bolder. I let my dress slide up almost to my lap. I curled up in the chair showing leg almost to my panties. As I caught them looking I started getting even more bold. I pulled my knees up to my chest letting my dress fall up into my lap. I was showing my entire legs and I knew they could see my panties between my legs. I was wondering if they could tell I was getting wet. All of a sudden Jim said, "I'm going to hit the pool again." He headed upstairs to change into a suit. Barry said, "I'll go with you," and also headed up the stairs. I decided to go too and went upstairs. As I walked to my room I passed Barry's room. "Dammit b*o, you're sister is killing me.""Don't I know it," said Barry. "She's killing me and I'm her brother." I headed into my room quickly before they caught me listening. I admit, that brought a smile to my face. I was enjoying being bad. I'd always been the good little girl, and the attention was stroking my beat up ego. I was having fun. I was also getting a little horny. I decided to join them swimming. Well, at least sit in the back yard while they swam. I pulled on my bikini bottoms. The top was still wet and cold so instead I just pulled on a t shirt. It was red and came down to my naval. It wasn't super tight. Just a t shirt. I went out and sat by the side of the pool. The guys were in the water. I sat dangling my feet and chatting. I noticed how handsome my brother was. He'd had a girlfriend before the school year, but they broke up shortly after he went to school. Jim was a bit of a ladies man. He dated a lot. I actually knew some girls he'd dated. No one ever complained about him. They all told me he was a nice guy. As we chatted Jim kept getting closer and closer. All of a sudden he grabbed my legs and pulled me into the pool. I shrieked as I went under. The water wasn't deep. Sputtering I got my footing and stood up. Both boys just stopped moving and stared at me. I looked down. My top was stuck to me like a second skin. My breasts were perfectly outlined and my nipples stood out. I should have been embarrassed. I wasn't, I was excited. "Dammit," I said. "Look what you did." Yeah, I made them look at me. "I'm practically naked." I didn't make any effort to cover up. Instead, I jumped on Jim's head and dunked him. The wrestling started again. I was loving it. This time when the guys grabbed at me I squirmed. I didn't worry about my suit or top. More than once they ended up with a handful of breast or my ass. Every time they did they would not know what to do and pull away. That gave me an advantage that I used to get back at them and dunk them. I was laughing and loving it. We played until I was exhausted. Panting, I finally said that I gave up, and climbed out of the pool. The guys made pouty noises, but were laughing at me. As I headed through the door I impulsively pulled my top off over my head and threw it at them. They couldn't see anything, I was behind the door, but they hooted after me anyway. Laughing I went upstairs to change. They didn't realize it but I could hear them through the window. "Wow," said Jim. "When did your little sister get so hot?""I don't know," Barry responded. "But she's still my sister." "Too bad for you," laughed Jim. "If she were my sister, I'm not sure I'd care." "Don't I know it," Barry said. Don't I know it? What did that mean? That certainly wasn't the response I expected to hear. All this teasing and playing was doing my ego good. It was nice to have two handsome men fawning over me. Barry knocked on my door. "Hey s*s, how'd you like two hansome guys to take you to dinner?" he asked."I'd love it," I answered. "Know any?" He laughed. "No, but you can come out with us instead.""Cool, I'd like that," I said. I headed to my room to get dressed. I found a cute shirt dress that buttoned all the way down the front. It came to mid thigh. I put on a lacy pink thong and bra set. I buttoned the dress so the top showed a bit of what I had for cleavage and the bottom button was about 2" below my pussy. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked good. As I came downstairs the guys were waiting for me. "Wow, you look great," said Jim. I looked at Barry."Were lucky guys," he said to Jim. Then to me he laughed, "If you weren't my sister." I kissed them both on the cheek and we headed out. We went to a local shop/hang out area for dinner. We spent some time walking up and down the walkways looking at menus and deciding what we wanted. I'd pretty much forgotten about Roy. As we walked I noticed guys checking me out. I felt pretty and being with two handsome men I felt like people were a bit envious of me. I felt good. We had a great dinner, fun, laughter, food, and a few drinks. We were not drunk. We headed home around 9:00 pm. When we got home the guys said they were going to change and play some video games. I wanted to make a cup of tea and read. As I drank my tea the boys came downstairs in sweats and T shirts. They sat on the couch, grabbed their controllers and got engrossed in their game. I finished my tea and grabbed my book. "Hey, make room for me," I pouted. The guys each moved making room for me in the middle. I sat down and started reading. Eventually I got uncomfortable and leaned up against Jim. My feet towards Barry. With my knees bent and resting the book on my knees I continued to read. I then noticed that Barry kept stealing glances in my direction. I realized how I was sitting he could see right up my dress. The thought gave me goosebumps. I set my book down and with a "Do you mind," to Jim, laid my head in his lap. I put my feet on Barry's lap with my knees still slightly bent. When I laid down my dress slid up a bit more I noticed my panties were showing. I pretended not to notice."Let's watch tv," Barry suggested. The guys put down their game and turned on the tv. Barry started absent mindedly rubbing my feet. I let out a soft moan as it felt good. As he maneuvered my feet, my dress slid up a bit more. I realized my entire thong was showing. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Anytime I opened my eyes I could catch Jim or Barry staring at my panties. I couldn't believe how naughty I was being. This was totally out of character for me, I didn't realize how much I loved the attention. I'd been dating Roy for seven months and really hadn't paid attention to any other guys. I could feel a growing warmth between my legs. I moved my head a bit, all of a sudden I was aware of something hard under my head. It took me a second to realize it was Jim's cock. I was really only familiar with Roy's cock and feeling this new one I almost felt a sense of wonderment. Without thinking I turned on my side facing the tv. I could see the bulge of his cock right in front of my face. As I turned I move my legs. My dress sort of fell away and I realized a great deal of my ass was exposed. As I moved my feet rearranged themselves in Barry's lap. I became aware that his cock was hard too. I wondered what their cocks looked like. After all, I'd only really seen Roy's. I'd seen pictures of cocks. I knew they were all different. I giggled inwardly at these thoughts. Eventually it was time to go to bed. I got up and smoothed my dress. I kissed each of the boys on the cheek and headed to my room. I stood in my room thinking about the day. I unbuttoned my dress. As I did I thought about showing off. The guys had seen my panties and pretty much seen my boobs. The feeling made me wet. I took of off my bra and panties and climbed into bed.I thought about my red shirt sticking to my skin. As I did my hand lightly caressed my breast. I felt my nipple harden under my touch. I sighed quietly and played with my nipple. I thought about showing off my panties. My other hand slid down to my pussy. As I touched my clit I recalled how their hard cocks felt against my head and feet. I again wondered what they looked like. I played with my pussy until I came. I giggled a bit. I couldn't remember the last time I masturbated. I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling great. I looked at the clock. I'd slept till10 and I smelled coffee downstairs. I realized I was naked and had to put something on. I remembered I owned a cute pink sleep set. It was a pink ribbed tank that stopped about 2 inches above my navel and a pair of wide legged short shorts with lace trim around the legs. I put it on. I hadn't worn it for a year and it was a bit tight, but I looked good so I headed downstairs. Both guys were there in sweats and t shirts. Neither had shaved yet. Coffee was on and Jim was making breakfast. I walked in the kitchen and Jim put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. "Hey there sleepy. Want some eggs?" he asked. Pulled into his side he felt warm and I liked his arm strong around my shoulder. Plus, he smelled good. I thanked him and went to sit down. As I turned he gave me a light swat on the butt. "Cute butt," he said. "Ow," I said and rubbed my butt. It didn't hurt, but he startled me. "Hey, that's my sister," Barry said in mock anger."I know," said Jim. "But you have to admit she has a cute butt.""Yeah, she does," admitted Barry. "Hey," I joked swatting at Barry. "I'm still in the room." "Makes the room a better place," said Jim. "Especially with that cute butt."I laughed, wiggled my ass, and sat down at the table. We had a nice breakfast, laughing and talking. The guys asked me what I was doing. I told them I had made plans with a friend for the day. After breakfast I helped clean up. Barry put an arm around my shoulder. "I'm glad you're home," he said."Me too," I replied. "You guys have been great. I have barely thought about stupid Roy." "The hell with Roy," said Jim. "He didn't realize what he had. Besides, you have two guys who love you right here." That made me start to cry."I'm sorry," said Jim. "I didn't mean to make you cry." I put my arms around his waist and kissed his chin. "It's ok, you guys have just been so sweet to me. You make me very happy." I headed to my room to change. As I headed downstairs again I heard the boys in Barry's room. "Slapping my sister's ass?" I heard Barry ask, not in a bad way. "I couldn't help it. Did you see that ass?" Jim replied. "Admit it, you wanted to slap it too." "Yeah, I admit it's a hot ass," Barry admitted."Damn I wanted to just drag those bottoms off her and bite it," Jim responded. Barry laughed, "I know what you mean. I can't blame you." I smiled to myself as I headed out the door. My friend and I spent the day at her house, we hung out sunning in the back yard, and then went out to grab dinner. We talked as girls do. I bitched about Roy. She told me about her current BF. It was pretty much a normal girl day. At dinner we flirted with the cute waiter and laughed until about 8:00. At 8:00 I received a text from Roy. I'm really sorry. I was a jerk. Can I come see you. Roy lived two hours away. I was doing so well this weekend. I hadn't cried in two days. I didn't respond to the text, but I started crying. My friend was extremely sympathetic and encouraged me to ignore the text. I did. I'd had enough for the night. I headed home. When I got there the guys were out. I was disappointed they weren't there, I needed some love and encouragement. I went upstairs to change. I was wearing a dress and little boy short panties. I left the panties on and pulled on an oversized shirt. I grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer, sat on the couch, turned on the tv, and stuffed my face as I cried. The guys arrived about 30 minutes later."What's wrong," asked Jim. I told him about the text. I started blubbering about how stupid I felt and how mad I was. The guys sat on either side of me, put their arms around me and comforted me. It felt so good to be in their strong arms. I'd had so much support from, and fun with, the guys this weekend, I was just overwhelmed. As I sat on the couch between them, their arms around me, I was just overwhelmed with gratitude. I twisted, set my hand on my brother's leg, and kissed him on the cheek. Then I turned, placed my other hand on Jim's leg, and kissed Jim on the cheek. I kissed him again on the cheek, then I kissed his lips. A slow tender exploratory kiss. He kissed back. All of a sudden I knew what I wanted. "Ummm... " said my brother as he started to get up. "Sit down," I told him. He sat back down. With my hand still on my brother's leg I turned my head back to Jim. He leaned into me and kissed me. I dropped my hand to his lap. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans. I then turned my head back to my brother. He had a dazed look on his face. I told him that I loved him, and kissed his cheek. I told him he was the best brother in the world, and kissed him softly on his lips. Then I kissed him again, then again. He started to kiss back. I heard Jim say, "you are so beautiful." I turned my head back to kiss Jim as I did I dropped my hand into Barry's lap. I could feel his cock getting hard underneath my hand. My other hand was still on Jim's cock. Barry again started to say something. I turned back to him and said, "Shut up," and kissed him again. He kissed back. I could feel his cock getting harder under my fingers. "Hold on," I said. I stood up in front of them. "I'm not really good at this but...," I slid my hands to my waist under my shirt. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and pushed them to the ground. Then I got lost. I wasn't sure what to do next. I'd opened myself up completely, offered everything I had, I was feeling extremely vulnerable. I don't know what I would have done if they rejected me. I figured I'd put it back on them. I looked at them both and said, "Ok guys, I want this, but it's up to you. I don't have a lot of experience and that's as much as I know how to do." Standing there, vulnerable, unsure, and scared had my pussy dripping wet. Jim laughed stood up took me in his arms and said, "You're doing great," then kissed me. He stopped and we both looked at Barry. I wasn't sure what my brother would do. Barry stood up and stepped to me. His hands went to the hem of my shirt. He pulled it up and over my head. I was now naked in front of them. Barry took me in his arms and kissed me. As he kissed me I saw Jim take off his shirt. Then Barry turned me back to Jim as I kissed Jim, Barry started to undress. They kissed me back and forth until we were all naked. I loved feeling their naked bodies against mine. I felt so safe and warm in their arms. As Jim kissed me I felt his hand slide to my breast. He played with my nipple. Barry was behind me. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my ass as he kissed my neck and his hand played with my other breast. I could feel my pussy dripping. I moaned softly as Jim's lips left mine and he started lightly sucking on my breasts. I reached down and took his cock in my hand. The only cock I'd ever touched was Roy's. Jim's was heavier and thicker. I reached back with my other hand to stroke my brother's cock. It was also longer and thicker than Roy's. I wondered how different they would feel inside me. Barry's hand slid down my body and over my stomach. I held my breath in anticipation as it slid lower. I gave a sharp intake of breath as his fingers slid over my clit. He slid past my clit to my dripping pussy and rubbing his fingers against my slit got them wet and lubricated. His wet fingers then circled around my clit and then entered me. I moaned. Jim reached down, put both hands under my ass, and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his hips. He put me down on the couch with my pussy just at the edge of the couch. He kissed me as he did. Slowly he kissed his way down my body, taking his time at my neck, breasts, and belly. Then with my legs on his shoulders his tongue lightly touched my clit. I moaned. After that his talented tongue and lips made me do more than moan. I'd been licked there before. Roy tried, but this was different. I grabbed hold of Jim's hair and pulled his head into my pussy. Within 30 seconds I realized the difference between having your pussy licked and someone who knows what they're doing. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," I moaned. I felt my orgasm building. I'd never cum with someone else before. Only myself. The orgasm washed over my body. It felt amazing. I saw Barry watching. I reached out and started stroking his cock. "Come'ere," I said and pulled him up on the couch and his cock to my mouth. I'd given Roy bjs before. He came in like a minute. I'd make him warn me so he wouldn't cum in my mouth or on me. I'd point his cock back at him and he'd cum on himself. I didn't care where Barry came. I just wanted to be good at it.I was surprised when Barry didn't cum right away, maybe because I was having a hard time concentrating with Jim's tongue in my pussy. I came two more times. Jim again picked me up. This time he put me on my knees facing the couch. My head was in my brother's lap. I again started sucking his cock again.'Geesh s*s," Barry said. "You are so good.""Well, you're only the second person I've done this for, so I wouldn't know," I teased. "Trust me," he said. As I sucked his cock I felt the tip of Jim's cock against the opening of my pussy. I pulled my mouth of Barry's cock. "Do it," I said. Jim didn't have to be asked again. My pussy as so wet his cock slid right in. I grunted as t filled me. "Oh my god, I've never felt so full," I groaned. Jim started pumping his cock in and out of me. "You're little sister has the tightest pussy I ever fucked," said Jim. I started to get the hang of sucking Barry's cock while getting fucked. Not only was I on fire, I was proud of myself. As Jim's cock pumped my pussy I felt my body start to cum again. "Oh my god, I'm cumming," I practically squealed. My orgasm hit and I collapsed with my face in Barry's lap. Jim pulled out of me. I whimpered as he did. "Barry, you gotta try her pussy," he said. Wow, my brother's best friend just fucked me and was telling my brother he should fuck me. My body was on fire. It was so naughty, but, right there, right then, after Jim had fucked me, I would have fucked anyone. I wanted a cock in me. I looked at my brother's face. ""Fuck me," I pleaded. My brother laid down on the floor and pulled me in top of him. He aimed his cock at my dripping wet pussy. I lowered myself onto it, slowly, I wanted to feel every inch. "God yes," I moaned as his cock completely filled me. I started raising and lowering myself on his cock. I thought about the fact that I was fucking my own brother. That thought made me cum with a loud, " Yes." Jim sat on the couch stroking his cock. "Fuck Barry, that's the hottest thing I ever saw.""Oh, you like watching me fuck my brother?" I responded. "Fuck yes," said Jim. "It's so hot and you look amazingly sexy." "You think?" I gave him a shy smile. "Watch this."I was feeling sexy and feeling bold. I sat up straight and I started grinding on my brother's cock. I moved my body like a stripper and brought my hands up to play with my tits and pull on my nipples. I kept eye contact with Jim. "Is this sexy?" I asked in a coquettish voice. "Fuck" he responded and kept stroking his cock. I kept playing with my tits with one hand, and I slid the other down to my clit and started fingering myself. The feeling sent shockwaves through my body. "How about this?" I breathed. "You are so fucking hot," Jim responded. "I'm going to cum," Barry said. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "Cum in me." I whispered. I sat back up and ground myself hard on his cock. I felt his cum spurt inside of me. Even as wet as I was I could feel him fill me up. I threw my head back and came. "Fuck yes, oh my god that feels so good," I said breathily.Then I looked at Jim, "Was that good?" I asked."Fuck yes," he said. He stood up off the couch and started jacking his cock harder. "Are you going to cum for me?" I asked with a shy smile. "I'm going to cum all over you," he replied. As he said it the first rope of cum squirted out and splashed on my chest. It was hot and sticky. I'd always hated it when Roy got cum on me. This time I brought my hands up and rubbed it on my tits as string after string hit my tits and belly. I even rubbed some on my clit. This made me cum again. "That was fucking amazing," Barry said."Oh? So you liked fucking your sister?" I replied laughingly. I could feel his cock start to get hard inside of me again. I wiggled my ass on him. "I guess so," I added. "It's my turn," said Jim. He lightly pushed me off my brother and onto my back on the floor. He knelt between my legs and pushed them so they were straight up in the air. His cock was hard again. He placed it against my pussy and entered me with one thrust. He pushed my legs forward. I had my knees practically to my chest. My pussy was completely stretched around him. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I grunted with every thrust. Barry sat on the couch stroking his cock."That's it Jim, fuck my sister. God Michelle, you look amazing." Then he added. "Hottest girl I ever saw you fuck.""Wait," I said. "You've watched before?" Jim laughed, "We may have shared a girl before but no one as hot as you." That was news, but I didn't care, I just wanted to fuck. Soon Jim's cock brought me to another orgasm. "Oh my god, fuck, I'm going to cum again," I moaned. As I came, I felt Jim tense up. "Yes baby, cum with me." Even with my pussy a mess I could feel him cum in me. I came again. Barry was still stroking his cock. Jim fell back on the floor. "That was amazing," I sighed. "Yeah," said Jim. Then he added, "Michelle, how would you feel about continuing?""If you want to fuck again, we can," I answered. "No," said Jim. "I mean dating, see where it takes us." My mind was kind of a mess. He wanted to date me? After seeing me act like a total slut? After watching me fuck my brother? I didn't really get it. "Dating?" I responded."Yeah," he said. "I've always loved you. I thought like a sister but I realize it's more." "But, what about this?" I said with a bit of fear in my voice."This? Hell your brother's my best friend. You can fuck him anytime you want. In fact, I think he needs help now." He indicated my brother stroking his hard cock on the couch. "Kiss me, then suck him dry," he said.And I did.
09-11-2021, at 10:49 AM

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