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Tales of a Hustler---Snips n Tails n Puppy Dog Tai

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Tales of a Hustler---Snips n Tails n Puppy Dog TaiTales of a Hustler----Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog TailsIt was a typical Saturday morning at the crib. Well, mostly typical. Most of the bois were up, and apparently hungry?Tommy was manning the kitchen, it was like Steak n Eggs in there.?What's all this shit, Taz?? It was Tommy that posed the question. ?Everybody gather round---it's Christmas? Tommy pipes back with ?What, Christmas in July?? I grin real big, and reply with ?Why not---who's gonna stop us?? Lots of cheers, and kewls, and fuck ya's call out, and the bois all gather in the center of the room. ?OK, so everybody gets a box, and they got ur names on them?.Most of them, probably been years since they had any kind of Christmas, and a few possibly never. Hunter was the first to cry out ?Oh fuck yo, are you k**ding me ?? Kyle was next ?Flyers ! Dude are you for-ever serious ?? The twins smiling at each other, excited, just look at me and say ?you got us friggin P.F. Flyers?? Tommy is sitting on the floor, on his butt, and just puts his hand to his forehead, shaking it back and forth. Kyle just says ?I never had any yo's---it IS Christmas?. As the bois frantically open the next of their gifts, Cody is the first ?oh my fuck, oh my fuck, dawg---this can't be real? The others hurry to finish opening their own box, and it oddly gets a little quite. It was Kyle that spoke up next, ?Matt, is this a gold chain??, holding it up in the air, completely stunned. ?Yup? I fire back, ?real 24K gold---cause you bois are the best, and you deserve the best? Cole was next, softly continuing with ?it's like a bity gold rope, yo? Cole continues with ?Jeez dude, you gone totally nuts?. Just sitting there looking at their new 'stuff', I think it was mission accomplished. Cody pipes up first with ?so dawg, we all gotta give up some ass now?? There was a moment of silence, the finally they all started laughing.Kyle continues with ?but serious dude, this is some top notch stuff here?I mean, what gives?? I settle down the the floor, mostly in the middle of all the bois, and continue with, ?it really is just cause I love you guys. I know some of you don't got no dads, and a few no family at all. I just wanted everyone to feel not only that you belong, but your loved also. And besides---I got a thousand dollars bonus off the last film. Hunter spoke next with ?That was really kewl to include me dude, since I only been here a few days.? I just look at him and say, ?right place at the right time dawg?So Cole pipes up with ?So hey dawgs, lets grab our skateboards, and get into our new kicks, and go terrorize the neighborhood ?! They all look at me, and I nod approval?like they really had to ask my permission. About an hour later the phone rings?it's Jerry down at the grill telling me a bunch of punks are in his place wrecking havoc. I just laugh and tell him to put them to work. He comes back at me with ?ya, there's a couple of them I'd like to put to work, right on the head of my dick? I just chuckle and tell him to go for it. The bois all file back in about 6:00. You could set your clock by them---it's dinner time. I asked who wanted to go camping. They all fired with with 'oh fuck ya' and 'hell ya' etc. Three of the bois actually said they had never been camping. I just hung my head, and weep, lol. I told them I had already spoke to Jerry, and we could borrow his Toyota pick-up that lived most of it's life behind the grill in the alley. It would haul two, plus all the gear for the camp site. The rest of us could ride in the jeep.We arrive at the lake, and went to a pretty hidden site on the far site. It was down a bit from the trail, so you could barely see it. We all jumped out, and I ordered the tents up first thing, as it would be getting dark in about an hour. The frenzy begin with everyone un-packing shit, and then mostly trying to figure out how to set up tents. I pretty much had to play boy scout, and help them all out. Once I saw they were getting it, I said I had to run back to town for 'supplies'. They all kinda grinned, Im sure hoping that meant what they hoped it meant, lol.I return to the lake about an hour later, with food stuff, two coolers of beer, and a large bag of dope. They had a fire going already?which surprised me. Mostly they were just sitting around, with the twins right next to each other. It had been almost a year now since their glorious tied win from the golden gloves, but you would think it was only yesterday. They still were neck n neck in everything they did.As a couple went for some chips, and a couple for some dogs, mostly they went for the beer. In only moments everybody was chuggin down their first one. I though, I hope I got enough, lol. After settling in, Tommy spoke up first asking ?so dudes, so what do we do now?? Another asked the same ?ya Matt, we never been camping, so what do we do?? I kinda laughed and said ?first you drink, and then you drink some more. After you get a good buzz on, then you smoke, and smoke some more ?. They all grin at each other, and mostly turn up their remaining beer, and go for the next. It was pretty hot out, so a few started to sweat already. After a while all the bois say they were pretty drunk, so they were ready to add the weed, and get really fucked up now. I roll up a joint and start passing it around, while rolling the second one right away. With seven of us, it may not even make it around the circle. It only took about 30 minutes for us all to kill of half a quarter bag, and I decided we were all pretty fucked up. Finally Tommy asks 'what now', and I announce ?now we play 'truth or dare'? A few giggles were heard, and some elbow punchin to the sides, and then a bunch said lets go. I announce that the only rule was that the twins were each a person?if you spin on them you cant dare the both of them together. I had a coke bottle that I brought from the house, since the beer was all in cans. We brushed off an area of ground, making it pretty level for the spinning. We did some 'rock-paper-scissors' for a bit to determine who would spin first. Hunter got first spin. It lands on Tommy. Hunter asks the required 'truth-or-dare' to which Tommy, being kinda shy answers 'truth'. The bois tease him for a minute, then Hunter asks 'have you ever eat pussy' Tommy laughs and replies 'well fuck ya dawg' So now Tommy spins, and the bottle points to Cody. He prompts Cody with 'truth-or-dare', to which Cody also replies truth. Tommy asks had he ever drank his b r o t h e r 's piss, to which he said no, but he would. Everybody laughs .Now it's Cody's spin, and he lands it on me. ?truth-or-dare, dawg? and flashes me a big shit eatin grin. Being the brave one, and ready to step up the game, I respond with 'dare'. The crowd lets out some 'all-rights, and 'ahhh yas' and the like, and Cody goes on with ?I dare you to eat my twins ass for five minutes while we all watch? Cole instantly jumps up and drops his shorts to the ground, then bends over, balancing himself on his b r o t h e r s shoulders before I even answer. Being the brave one, I simply reply ?sure---no problem?I get up and walk over to the twins, where on my knees, spread Cole's cheeks and dive right in his crack, firing my tongue straight into his musky hole. I munch his crack, and at the same time run my tongue in and out of his hole, as he moans and groans, and declares oh my god. I bring in my tongue long enough to rub my nose up and down his crack, smelling the aroma of his young tite butt, and breathing it in deeply. In no time, Cody announces ?ok, that's enough, get off my bro? with a chuckle.My turn to spin now, and I land on Kyle. Kyle takes the dare, and I dare him to suck Hunters toes?both feet, 2 minutes each. Kyle shakes his head back and forth, but reluctantly sits his ass in front of Hunter to service his feet. Hunter just smiles at Kyles work, and simply says ?go for it pig? The bois all laugh, and the game continues. Now with Kyle spinning the bottle, it lands back at Cody again. Cody, a little braver now says he will take the dare. Kyle dares him to lay flat on his back, with his b r o t h er sitting on his face, and while he eats his twins ass, everybody fucks him for two minutes. The twins look at each other and nod their heads in agreement, so Cody stretches out on the bare ground and proceeds to do his duty. As the first bones up, and inserts his dick into Cody's ass, I start rolling up a couple of more joints. Each boi takes their turn on the slick tite hole of Cody, as he tongues his twins musky hole, and presents his own proud boner. As a few start to pant a bit, some of the others started stroking their dicks while waiting their turn on Cody's ass. A lot of swaying to and fro had started, along with some slurred speech, as most were pretty fucked up by now. As the rounds complete the onslaught of Cody's ass, and each still in possession of their nuts, it's now Cody's turn to spin. Cody's spin lands back to Hunter again. Hunter goes for the truth, and Cody asks who fucked harder, him or his twin. Hunter grins and replies ?oh fuck man, don,t make me answer that?. Cody just stares him down, so finally he gives in and answers ?aight yo?ur twin fucks harder? The bois roust Cody and tease him at his twin being awarded the hardest fuck. Cody just blushes, and waves them off, reaching for another beer. With it now being Hunter's spin again, it lands on Kyle, who takes the truth. Hunter looks him right in the eye, in the glistening camp fire, and deeply and slowly asks ?who here, do you have the biggest crush on ?? The excitement of the group settles for a minute, and all eyes are now on Kyle. Most start grinning, anticipating his answer. After a whole minute, Kyle slowly opens his mouth, and lets it out----?Tommy? The bois react with some cheers, and shoulder pushes, and one cried out ?aight? and then finally settle down again. With Kyle now having the spin again, it lands on me. I take the dare, and Kyle, with an evil grin says ?I dare you to suck off everybody's dick head that just fucked Cody? The bois enjoyed agging me on so I accept and begin on Cole first. Taking turns on each dudes head, I suck them squeaky clean, with a few 'tips' of fuck juice from a couple. My spin again, and it lands to Tommy. Tommy looked really hot in the fire light, and it brought out his 8 pac of abs, popping out of his skinny frame. The dude had some long legs?what I called 'porn legs'. I called truth-or-dare on him, and he actually went for the dare. ?Pick any dude here, and let him fuck the shit outta you till you jizz? Now the bois are getting excited. Ohhs and ahhs were softly circling the camp site. Tommy thinks for a minute. Now he knew I had the biggest dick, so that was gonna hurt a bit. He looks over at Hunter, and finally answers--?let new meat fuck my ass---common home-boi? Hunter grins real big, and starts grabbing at his dick. Only the twins had even seen Hunter naked, so nobody knew how big he was. Tommy stands up, and then bends over, grabbing the bumper of the jeep. He just says ?do me dawg?. As Hunter approaches, and pulls his dick from his jeans, now everybody knows. As he strokes up, he grows to a massive 10?, and his head swells up like a dog. The bois start chanting now--?it's gonna hurt, it's gonna hurt? I jump up to the jeep, and fish out a bottle of lube from my backpack. Dripping it from the air, down to Tommy's ass crack, he starts to shiver in the now cooler air that's blowing across the lake. Hunter steps up, and grabs Tommy by the waist, and giving a slow deliberate push, enters Tommy's hole, with a yelp like a puppy. With beer still in hand, he turns it up and swallows down the remaining few ounces. Then again grabbing Tommy by the waist, pulls back, and then slams home to the bottom of Tommy's guts. The rest of the bois start chanting again--'hurt, hurt, hurt' and Hunter begins a a rigged assault on Tommy's ass. Slamming him so hard, you could hear the smack of flesh radiate across the lake. Some of the bois had their own dicks in hand now, slowly stroking them, matching the rhythm of Hunter's rocket.Soon Tommy began to moan, and then to cry out ?ahhh.ahhh.ahhh? Finally with one unbelievable plunge, Hunter bottoms out in Tommy's guts, and with a final cry he jerks up, upright, and begins to blow his junk like a fire hose. Stream after stream flew through the air, with all the bois captivated by his enormous load. No one counted, but he went on with a nut that was more like pissing. As he finished, he grabs his dick in his left hand, and with his right fist, yanks it across it's full length, and slinging the remnants from his cock head, he falls back on the ground at the feet of the twins. No one spoke for several minutes. Hunter had laid an epic fucking on Tommy's ass. Finally Hunter lights up a blunt, and taking a hit from it,then reaches to Tommy to finish it off. Tommy takes the joint, with a slight grin, and then sucks it down to nothing. ?Your turn to spin dawg?, Hunter states in a slow deep voice. Tommy takes the bottle, and gives it a spin. It hits me. ?Truth or dare, leader? ?truth? was my bold reply. ?Who was the first person you did a 3-way with?? I paused for a moment, reflecting the memory. ?My lil bro?Dustin? The bois just got quit, having reverted to regular cigarettes now. No one said anything for several moments, again. I detect that everyone is getting tired now, and just waiting for me to call the night. Finally Hunter speaks up--?Shit man, I aint scared. Tell us all about it dawg? with a shit eatin grin, "every little detail" ?It was the first time I let him come downstairs?to my room. It was just after his 14th birthday. I had a girl over that night---------
09-11-2021, at 10:49 AM

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