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Jan and ted 8

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JAN AND TED 8Wow! That has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen!? Mike exclaimed. ?I almost came without even touching it!? Jan looked at his firm hard on and laughed. ?I can see that! So, you enjoyed it, did you, watching me acting like a total slut?? she asked. ?Enjoyed it?? he replied. It was amazing!?Jan had made a very impatient Mike wait until they'd showered and were in bed, before she gave him her phone to download the video she'd taken, so that they could watch it on the TV screen in bed. As they watched it, for Jan it was like seeing another woman. How could she behave like that? ?Oh, my God, I can't believe that's me! Mike, I was so shocked by my behaviour that I just left him like that! I got dressed in a flash, said ?I'll ring you Wednesday.? and left!? I couldn't believe it! The language!? Jan said.?He loved it! Blimey, any bloke would...on the bed, with his niece stark naked, teasing him about licking, and sucking...and fucking! And I loved watching it! Now, get on top of me and slide this in...I'll show you a fucking!? She climbed on top of him and guided his rock hard cock into her. ? Did I go too far?? she asked. ?Oh, you can go as far as you like, love. It's entirely up to you!? he panted, as he began thrusting into her.Before her next visit to Ted, Jan gave some thought to what Mike had said....that she could go as far as she liked, the choice was entirely hers. She knew that in some way, it was to compensate for the long hours he worked as DC, and that he was often overtired, so their sex life sometimes suffered. But also that he found the situation very erotic. What a strange, bizarre yet thrilling situation. So whatever she decided was going to excite Mike as well as Ted and herself, of course! She thought of her friends, and her colleagues at the school where she worked as secretary, and the seemingly ordinary lives they led...what they would think if they only knew! She tried to tell herself she didn't care how kinky or bizarre things seemed or could become...the three of them were adults and if it suited them what was happening, so what the hell! Mike had passed on his old tower computer to Ted last year, and had showed him how to use it it, and set him up on the internet, so, knowing what a randy old sod her uncle was, he was more than likely watching porn and picking up ideas, so he probably not as old worldy and sexually ignorant as he may have been. She'd have to quiz him about that! She had liked blindfolding Ted and acting sluttish, and she recalled one of her earliest fantasies when she was a girl was of being secretly watched while she masturbated. Sometimes she would d**** a scarf or something over her face and imagine that someone (usually an older man....who? Her schoolteacher, her Dad...Uncle Ted?) was peeking through the slightly open bedroom door, watching her. It never failed to excite her and bring her to a quick and powerful orgasm. It gave her an idea. She started looking for the sleep mask she had bought for long flights.Ted was in the garden when she arrived there on Saturday. He had a trowel in his hand and was chatting to his neighbours, who were both tidying up their garden. Ted introduced her to them and they chatted for a while, before Jan suggested that she go in and make some tea. Ted followed shortly after. ?They're nice, aren't they? she said. ?Yes, very friendly.? Ted answered. ?Yes, and having had a closer look at Jenny, I think I can see why you've been fantasising about her.? she taunted. ?Pretty face and nice big boobies!? ?No, I haven't!? he protested. ?Don't lie to me, Uncle Ted...I know you too well.? she replied, sternly, to put him in his place. She took hold of his arm.?Come here.? she ordered, and led him to the window. They stood just to the side, looking through the lace curtain. Jenny was pruning some roses, her plump backside in view. ?Are you seriously trying to tell me that you haven't dreamed about ..? she grabbed his hand and placed it on her left breast and squeezed it, so that his hand squeezed the breast....?doing this to her? Or this?? She pulled his hand down and pushed it up her skirt. He gasped. ?Yes, I'm wearing stockings. I thought you might like a treat. I bet Jenny does, sometimes, don't you think? ?Go on, pretend it's her!? she said. A few seconds of rubbing her on top of her knickers, then his fingers slipped inside and began stroking her shaven, puffy slit. Jan was incredibly aroused by her sluttish behaviour, and pushed his hand through the material of her skirt to encourage him to masturbate her, moving it up and down forcefully. She then reached for his fly and unzipped it and fumbled inside, dragging his underpants aside to grasp his stiffening cock.. She wanked it until it was fully erect, then pulled it out. ?I bet you do this while you watch her, don't you?? she said huskily, wanking him faster as his fingers rubbed her clitoris, now well lubricated by her juices. They wanked each other in silence, watching the woman in the garden, who was totally oblivious to what was happening a few yards away from her, then Ted said slyly ?I saw the way that Norman looked at you when you walked into the house. I bet he'd love to be in my place right now!? ?Yes, I noticed the way he was having sly looks at my body.? Jan said. She pulled his hand away. He looked at her. ?Lie down on the floor.? she said. He did as she asked, and she stood astride his head, giving him the marvellous view of stockings, suspenders and knickers. ?There you are, a dirty old man's dream.? His hard cock was still sticking out of his trousers. ?Go on, then, wank while you enjoy the view!? she said. ?I hope you've bought me some new knickers, have you? These seem to be getting a bit damp...just how you like them, eh?? she teased. ?Yes, they're on the table.? he said. ?Good. I'll need dry ones to go home in!? she said. She watched him wank for a while, then said?I want your tongue, get on your knees.? With an effort, Ted got up off the floor and knelt before her. Jan lifted her skirt. ?Take them off.? she demanded. He obliged, dragging her knickers down to her ankles in one quick movement, and holding them while she stepped out of them.He pushed his face in between her legs and began passionately kissing, licking and sucking her shaven cunt. She looked out of the lace curtained window at his neighbour, as he began plunging his tongue deep inside her, using it like a soft, fleshy penis. It soon had the desired effect...she grasped his head with both hands and clasped it tightly to her sex, fucking his face with pelvic thrusts, which became more urgent with each thrust of his tongue. In a sexual frenzy, she forced her uncle to bring her to an orgasm so intense that it buckled her knees and made her whimper through tightly clenched teeth. The sweet spasms gradually subsided, and she let go of his head. He clung on to her, and she felt him gently kissing her thighs. She suddenly had a rather deliciously kinky mental image of him doing the same thing to Jenny, his neighbour, while she sat on the settee, drinking tea and watching them. Eventually, they broke apart and she went up to the loo while he made some tea. Normal relations were resumed as they sat drinking tea and chatting about the week past, and what they had been up to. How strange, she thought, that they could so easily and comfortably slip back into their normal uncle/niece role! It was good that they could. Her knickers were still lying on the floor by the window where he had dragged them off, and yet they were sat chatting as if nothing had happened. Half an hour or so later, the conversation had dried up, and Jan said ?I've had an idea. C'mon upstairs with me.? he followed her, and when they were in his bedroom she asked for a dressing gown cord or something similar. He got the cord, and she placed a chair at the end of the bed and told him to undress and sit on it. Once naked and seated, she tied his hands behind the chair, then took out the sleep mask from her handbag. She got on the bed and put it on. He sat there, bemused but expectant. She pulled up her skirt and opened her legs and began to stroke herself. She made little circular motions on her clitoris, alternating this with sliding two fingers inside her wet slit. Occasionally, she spanked her fanny with quick, powerful slaps. After a few minutes of this, she realized that it wasn't as she'd expected. She wasn't really becoming very aroused. She couldn't say why, but the fantasy of being watched while masturbating, which had always fascinated her, and would, as a 13 year old, be guaranteed to bring her to orgasm quickly, was somehow lacking in reality.She stopped, and removed the mask, and went and placed it on Ted. He was now tied and blindfolded...and she found this stimulating. She looked at his erect cock and had an idea. She also suddenly remembered about videoing for Mike. This would be so perfect for him. She got her iphone from her bag and set it videoing and leaned it against a book on the chest of drawers, then returned to Ted. She stood behind the chair and reached round and took both of his nipples between her thumb and fingers, and squeezed until he gasped. She then concentrated on his cock, cupping his heavy balls with one hand while wanking him with the other. His breathing told her that he was loving it. While she wanked, she looked at the video and ran her tongue along her lips, to tease Mike. Then she untied Ted, and led him to the bed, pushing him down on to his back. ?I want to tie you to the bed. I need more cord or something.? she said. ?You can use some of my ties, they're in the wardrobe.? Ted whispered,and she heard the excited catch in his voice.Once he was tied hands and feet to the bed, she went to the bathroom, and found his shaving gear. She went back in, and, grinning, stood in front of the video, to show Mike the razor and can of shaving foam in her hands. She got on the bed and squirted the foam around Ted's cock and balls. He jumped, and she said, ?Yes, your going hairless, like me!? and proceeded to carefully shave all his hairs off. When she had finished, she went back into the bathroom for a towel, and found some lotion as well. She wiped him dry, then poured lotion onto her hand, and rubbed it into his smooth shaven balls, and up the shaft of his cock. She loved the sight of his shaven cock, and It felt so sexy. Ted moaned, and she asked him if he liked it. ?Oooh, yes, it's lovely!? he replied. She climbed off the bed, and, looking at the camera, she stripped naked. She picked up her phone and climbed back on the bed. She took close up video of her handiwork, for Mike's benefit, then, holding the camera in her right hand to get good video, she began to tease Ted, kneeling astride him and brushing her nipples along his cock and his chest. Once again, she took hold of his shaven cock and gently squeezed his balls. His vocal responses told her he was really turned on. Just what she wanted on the video! She laid beside him , and, still caressing his cock, she held the video close to Ted's face, thinking of what she could say that would excite Mike when they watched the video together later that night.?You like this, don't you, Uncle Ted? Being tied up and teased and dominated.? She asked him quietly, close to his ear. ?Yes, I do. I like being your......? ?My what?? she demanded.? Your sex slave.? he quickly responded. ?Mmm, I like the sound of that. Tell me again, tell me what you are.? she demanded. She wanted him to say it for the camera. ?I'm your sex slave, Jan.? he replied, obediently. ?And were you Elizabeth's sex slave, too?? she asked. ?No, but I would have been if she had wanted me to be.? All this recorded on the video! She was delighted. What a fucking she would get when Mike saw this! That gave her an idea to tease Mike even further, and she knelt astride Ted, so that his solid cock was directly below her cunt. She took hold of his erection, and made as if she was lowering herself on to it. Instead of sliding it inside her, she looked at the video and mouthed ?Shall I?? for Mike's benefit. Pointing the video again between her legs, she used Ted's shiny knob end to slide up and down her soaking wet slit, which felt fantastic! She looked again at the video and shook her head, smiling, taunting, then moved up Ted's body, knelt astride his head and lowered her eager cunt on to his mouth! She ground her cunt into his face. ?Lick. Get that tongue working. Make me come!? she ordered. He did. A very short while later, for the second time that afternoon, she had a searing, intense orgasm as she rode his face. When it subsided, she climbed off, and noticed the iphone on the bed, still recording. She'd dropped it without realising it. She looked at her uncle, tied, blindfolded and still with an enormous shaven erection, and took hold of his cock and masturbated him, capturing it all on video, as his sperm erupted and he let out an intense groan. Pointing the camera to his blindfolded face, she asked ?What do you say???Thank you.? he sighed. ?Thank you.??I don't understand why you didn't. ? Mike said. ?What?? she asked. ?You know....slide onto him when you were astride him!? They were laid side by side in bed, getting their breath back after a fantastic sex session, inspired by the video they had watched.?I don't......I just can' just doesn't seem right.? she replied. ?But you did it before.? he pressed. ?Well, that was were there...I'd drunk a lot of brandy...I....??It doesn't matter if I'm there. I've already said that what ever you feel like doing, it's entirely up to you. You don't even have to tell me. As long as it gives you pleasure, it's alright by me.?Jan didn't answer, but lay thinking about Mike's words as he drifted off to sleep.
09-11-2021, at 10:50 AM

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