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Im what they call a Hotwife My sexual escapades fu

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Im what they call a Hotwife My sexual escapades fuSo me my husband use to drink a lot and play cards with his brother. Sometimes when he was at work we'd sext or play or add fantasies to the mix. sometimes I'd cuckold him or send him pictures of me being a good naughty Hotwife. So we was drinking the one night and I was flirting hard core with his brother well my husband decided to go around the corner to pee and the go out the door next to the bathroom to smoke. I kissed my brother in law grabbed his belt dropped his pants and sucked his dick a little bit then would send him texts while we visited. And even the rest of the evening eventually me and my husband would talk about me fucking other guy's when we fucked it made sex better for us both. I just acted like it slipped out of my mouth I want to fuck your brother and I want his cum. He got hard as hell so green light we played that fantasy out for a little while. But it's his brother not someone you can kick to the curb easily. So I didn't push the issue of I was really wanting his brothers younger cock and cum my husband is ten years older than me. So I liked idea of fucking a younger him anyways they look so much alike. So I told him I would go over and I would clean his house and stuff I always have but now we'd cuddle kiss play with each other but never doing anything serious I would drink a little with him suck his precum ,balls,dick a little bit. Then it got more serious I told my husband I was doing extra stuff over at his brothers like bills cook and still clean he wouldn't give me the dick bc I was married to his brother. So I said how can we get around this he said date me be married to him but be my girlfriend then I'd feel better about fucking me. So I said what do I tell him he said tell him nothing I said ok if that's what you want babe wink wink. Then he threw me down literally ripped my clothes off my body and ate my pussy and then fuck me hardcore. I never took notice to he was Soo much bigger than his brother then he would use me almost daily and cum inside of me. Then I would go home and have my husband eat me knowing he was eating also his brothers cum out of my pussy and then he'd fuck me sometimes mixing our cum all together lol delicious . But I hardly felt his smaller more inferior smaller cock but I played it out. Then the next card drinking night we was drinking I was laying on my brother in law's lap and my butt on the floor and back of my head on his lap. My husband knew I wanted his brother and we have a one sided open relationship I fuck other guy's he has me only or dick that's all he's aloud to have. So I went from laying to cuddling to grabbing both of their cock's regularly. But my brother in law a lot then we started to play strip poker. I lost a lot on purpose my husband down to boxers and a shirt his brother just boxers then me naked just jewelry . I said now since I don't have any thing else to lose I'll do something for the other loser everytime I and someone else loses my husband looking horny too have me or watch but nervous and wanting me to fuck his brother but not wanting me to fuck his brother . Well we played around round of card's I lost he lost I said well what can I do I reached over and kissed his brother and crawled into his lap. My husband getting harder and harder and harder unable or unsure of what was going on or what to think or do but at this point not caring. So I look back and said I don't want you to touch your dick just watch until I tell you different o by the way your brother is my boyfriend and I've been sucking his big thick hard juicy orgasmic cock and fucking him no protection and you've been eating his cum . And I started grinding on my brother in law's lap then I dirty danced around for him he grabbed me laid my down and ate my pussy. Wow all I can say makes me want to call him now as I write this and my husband sleeps for a booty call.!! But eventually he grabbed me pulled me back to his lap on the floor and I started bouncing up and down moaning squirting telling him how I love his big cock and how I love him and I love being his girlfriend. How I love to pleasure him and have his cum and he can get me pregnant one day but his brother is my husband and only my husband I love him but he's not breeding me or anyone ever. Eventually I got off his lap he bent me over my husband looking so frustrated I laughed and said go ahead and jack off because now you know I have more than my occasional fwb and hook ups and I've been fucking him more than anyone else. Your not getting much pussy anymore from me clean up and watch other guy's including your brother get me off get me pregnant and cum inside of me. Your just my husband and can't do anything for me. Then I felt his brother slide it in my pussy and start fucking me my husband jacked off and watch us fuck to almost midnight then I said I'm sending you home were going to be at this a while plus I want to spend the night with my boyfriend and later when we calm down were probably going to make love the rest of the night slow passionate love. So go home I won't be back home for a few days ok but I'll be back by no later than Tuesday it being like a Saturday night. But I'll still text you I probably won't have time to call you much though ok. He left my brother in law and me made love the second the rest of the night I even have gone back and other things have happened like I stopped for a while taking my birth control and would spend a week at a time trying to let him breed me. But that's other stories for other times but my well used pussy can home late Tuesday night that ni I came in took off my pants and panties with a fresh hot load of brother in law cum sat on the bed over my husband's face and forced him to lick me clean while I dropped his brother's cum into his mouth. Then I jack him off telling him what we did said thought felt how it was so on then I sucked his dick and made him ask me questions making him think about what happened and we fucked after that talking about the full answer of what he missed
09-11-2021, at 10:50 AM

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