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My humiliation by six strangers

Post #1

My humiliation by six strangersSaturday night and another night of being fucked by complete strangers. This was the fourth straight weekend that Mistress had arranged for her slut to be used.Tonight, it was a party of six business guys up for a good time. As usual Mistress took me to the pub for a late lunch around two. When we returned home, I was told to strip and shower, ready for the evenings show. I reported to my Mistress clad only in leather slave collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. She told me to kneel at her feet, head bowed. ?Into your cage, bitch? she said. I turned and crawled on all fours across the bedroom and into the cage. Mistress followed me and closed the iron gate, snapped the padlock shut and left the room. There I was laying there locked in my punishment cell, not that I had knowingly upset Mistress. Gradually the night descended, and I was in complete darkness. It seemed like hours later that I heard the sound of at least two cars arrive on the driveway outside and many voices. The bell rang then the voices I could hear were now downstairs in the lounge. They were obviously having a good time, laughing and joking.Finally, the bedroom door opened and there stood Mistress resplendent in her leather basque, thong and boots alongside her six guys. They had obviously discussed what was going to happen. Mistress unlocked the gate and told me to crawl to the shower in the en-suite and kneel. The guys approached me one at a time and took out their cocks ?Stay still slut? my Mistress commanded me. Each guy in turn then urinated over my body until I was soaked in a shower of piss. Two of the guys grabbed my arms and man-handled me back to the bedroom. ?Attach the slut?s wrists to the hanging chains? my Mistress said ?now fit the spreader bar to her ankles? the chains were cranked up so I was almost on tip-toe, my legs wide apart. The guys then sat, some on the sofa and the rest on the edge of the bed. Mistress took up her suede flogger and swished it through the air. Then the first blow fell on my arse, stinging but I knew this was just the beginning. Then another, and another?I could feel my arse burning. Her attention moved to my back, one blow then another maybe ten the last stinging like crazy. Mistress moved round to my front and attack my tits. Again, the first strike was not too hard but soon she was using the flogger with venom. I glanced down at my breasts, red marks covered them. ?Now my favourite target slut, your cunt? My poor pussy was whipped mercilessly, then Mistress changed to the paddle, slapping my cunt so so hard. She returned to my rear, paddle in hand. Thwack, my arse stinging. Then more and more, I was feeling light-headed. The paddle was exchanged for her cat o?tails, soon to be crashing down on my defenceless back. The next I remember was someone force-feeding me with a welcoming bottle of water. First thing I noticed was that the six guys were now naked. The first guy moved up to me and slipped his cock in my pussy. He started to pound my cunt, no tenderness just pure a****listic. He soon was replaced by the second, then the third until all six had used my now gaping cunt. ?Release the bitch now? Mistress ordered, they did but my shaking legs were unable to support my body and I collapsed onto the floor. Next thing I know I was being held upright in the shower as a multitude of bodily fluids were rinsed from my body. Mistress dried me and applied a soothing cream to the welts on my back. Once dry two guys dragged me to the bed.And that was my night, every orifice fucked by these men. I finally fell asleep, at what time I have no idea. When I awoke the guys were dressed and ready to leave, it was 10am. Each guy thanked me, kissed me on the cheek or forehead and left I still have no idea who they were.
09-11-2021, at 10:49 AM