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Sexy Mum and Aunt (part II)

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Sexy Mum and Aunt (part II)Well, I think we were ALL a little surprised by what just happened between us.Maybe not so much, little.....Mum said,"geez, no wonder I got covered the other week".I just looked at her with a blank expression...She then went on to tell me that she had caught me masturbating at my desk, and my sperm had flew all the way back to my doorway, covering her nightie."Oh" I said. "I'm sorry Mum"."Honey, no need to apologise, just make sure you include me next time, ok?", was all she said.Once we all settled down, we went inside to have dinner.Sitting at the table after we all got changed, A.Helen sat beside me. Mum sat opposite us.A.Helen had on a nice floral summer top, unbuttoned exposing a nice bit of breast and a hint of nipple. Her short summer skirt was very short, allowing a good view of her hairy crotch.Mum had changed into her Daisy Duke outfit. A shirt tied at the waist, and the shortest shorts you can imagine. With no panties on, her pussy hair had little chance of staying covered. It literally stuck out every where.This, I'm going to enjoy I thought to myself....Aunt Helen slowly reached over to my flaccid dick, which I had left exposed, resting on my thigh, hanging from my boxers.She began to manipulate it by slowly stroking whilst still managing to eat with the other hand.Before long, the head of my manhood was above table height, enabling Mum to see what was going on.We all sat quietly, all still eating.A.Helen finished first, and began to work my dick a bit harder.Mum finished not long after but decided to sit and watch from that side.Lucky for me, our dining table is glass topped, so I still got a good view of Mum sliding a couple of fingers into the side of her Daisy Dukes.A.Helen leaned to the side, away from me, allowing me access to her pussy from behind.I gently squeezed (tried to) my tool into her wet cunt.Managing to only get the first few inches in, A.Helen gasped in pain, saying "it's not going to fit..." but it was too late.I had already built up speed and rammed it home.Still with over half my dick outside, I began a slow rhythmic push, each thrust pushing another squeak of pleasure and pain from my Aunts lips.It didn't take long before she gushed all over me and my cock, wetting us both with her love juice.I continued my thrusting, not near ready to end my session.Mum too had reached her goal, and came furiously once more, sending a huge gusher over the table towards us. She kept fingering her dripping cunt till she let out yet another great splash. She was spent.I pulled out of my Aunts hairy hole, choosing to put on a display for them again.Sliding my hand up and down my shaft, pulling back my foreskin each time, it didn't need too much attention.Again, huge spurts flew from my rock hard 13 and a half inch monster.I aimed a few at my Aunt, then directed the last 10 shots across to Mum.Ok, time for bed?? What the f.....??To be continued......
04-06-2021, at 10:06 PM

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