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LOVING the ALIEN Part 2Xarah felt excited as she got in the passenger side of Rob Randall,s late model BMW car. The big car looked shiny in it,s livery if black with chrome wheel hubs and knew by earth standards it was an expensive car. ?So what do you do for a living then Rob?? she asked. ?Write pornographic stories for a sleazy magazine that pays good money for them. How about you?? ?Just recently moved from.. er..New York and looking for work at the moment.? she lied. ?Your accent doesn,t sound American? he interrupted. ?Oh no. I Was Born in Essex, but my father is American from Columbus, Ohio.? she qualified the myth. ?What sort of work you looking for?? ? Anything to do with computers as I,m good with that line.? she replied. ?I have a friend who works for a big international technology firm that could probably help find you something?? He offered. ?Thank You. That would be a great help.? Eventually Rob parked the car in front of a small house on the outskirts of Romford in Essex and led her inside to a well maintained obvious bachelor,s domain. Though decorated with a Male in mind it had basic furniture, small kitchenette with dining area, large modern bathroom with both shower and bath, large sound system and home entertainment set up and kingsized bed in the large master bed room. He offered her a fresh beer from his well stocked refrigerator which she gratefully accepted and asked which genre of music she wanted to hear. Not being used to Earth type music she asked him to choose one himself so he chose soul music oldies and soon the strains of Motown played from the speakers which Sarah immediately liked though she rarely listened to that type of music when she studied earth history concentrating more on the more modern sounds which she Didn,t like much and deplored rap music as she Didn,t think there was much to it. Rob had kicked off his shoes and socks and sat letting his feet rest on the thick carpeting so Xarah followed suit liking the feel of the shag carpet on her skin. Xarah knew that unlike Oberonian males Earth men liked to kiss and ?mess around? before the act of having sex where as Oberonian males preferred to get to the main action straight away and she was really excited in anticipation, her knickers already wet with her lubrication juices just thinking about the act. Her first sexual experience had been quite disappointing as her partner had a rather small penis and seemed most obsessed with his own pleasure than making the act a pleasant one for Xarah. When he ejaculated much quicker than she expected he withdrew almost immediately leaving her high and dry and requiring her to relieve herself with her fingers. She certainly did not make love with that selfish Male again and though her subsequent sexual partners had been much better at the act she still would have preferred a gradual build up rather than the ?Wham Bam Thank You Mam ? approach most Oberonian males seemed to prefer. When Rob pressed his warm soft lips to hers Xarah almost melted and passionately returned his kisses really relishing his tongue penetrating hers as she hoped his penis would penetrate her vagina a bit later in their love making. She Didn,t try to stop him when he removed her top and reached behind to unclip her bra as she took it off to reveal her perfectly shaped large breasts with the coral nipples which Rob had no hesitation in sucking on like a baby. She loved feeling her nipples being given such tender attention and her juices soaked her knickers even more as he moved down to kiss her naked stomach then peel off her short skirt and laughed at how wet her knickers were. ?I think your pussy wants some attentional!? He chuckled then leaned over to slide his long tongue over her sensitive clitoris making her shudder and spread her legs wider as she tried to open his flies and extract his cock. As his surprisingly large cock came into view she wondered at it as her previous lovers had been nowhere near as big as Rob,s knob and she grabbed him to make sure it was real. As she enjoyed the feel of his prick he began to side his tongue inside her pussy and eat her pussy for the first time in her life as no Oberonian Male had ever tried to eat her cunt! She,d heard from friends that men gave oral sex, but had never experienced it and couldn,t believe the sensations she was going through from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She was loving it and Rob was tasting her musky flavours as her juices flowed freely as he also used two fingers deep in her pussy which made her groan softly with pleasure. ? Xarah Your Pussy tastes delicious!? he sighed and pushed his tongue in deeper till she thought he,d have it coming out of her ass. TBC
09-11-2021, at 10:50 AM

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