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Tales of Lotus Island - Olivia part 4

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Tales of Lotus Island - Olivia part 4Olivia?s art business was going remarkably well a large part of which was the support of her father and Lady Victoria who gave her access to wealthy clients. Add to this that their new market was very amenable to racy nudes and she charged the outrageous prices suggested by Lady V and it had all taken off.Currently Livi was in Texas where for the sum of $25,000 she was painting a full-size portrait of the client?s wife as she was twenty years ago and another small nude also backdated. The fun bit was that she was using their daughter as a model. Together with a selection of photos the retro-aging was easy to achieve. Both the couple Sam and Trixie plus their adult daughter Sally had been visitors to Lotus Island. Sam owned a company supplying equipment to the oil industry so made up for in wealth what he lacked in style. That having been said they were a pleasant family. Having had Sally pose as her mother for a couple of hours it was time for a rest. The swimming pool area was very private and they were both stark bollock naked and not in the least shy about mutually enjoying themselves. They enjoyed a mutual groping session that was getting them all hot and bothered so Sally just rolled over straight into the pool. Olivia was just about to join her when Trixie wandered out saw the girls and pulled her dress off with one well practiced move. Mother and daughter took it in turns to excite their guest. Livi was no longer hot but she was definitely bothered. This had been the pleasant theme of her stay as she enjoyed the attentions of all three members of the family. The housemaid and gardener were no better having been employed after being sacked by one of Sam?s rivals who had caught the pair of them in bed with the rivals daughter.Having finished the paintings Olivia said goodbye to her host/employers who gave her a parting gift. It was very long and, in a box, and something warned her not to open it on a commercial flight. Safely back on the island she opened it at home with as it happened Lisa, Cath and Meghan as the only witnesses. It was a very impressive double dildo.Well what was a girl to do in this case that was obvious with her three friends all of whom definitely liked girls present. Having got the dildo and each other well lubricated one end was inserted in Olivia whilst the other three took turns to take the other end. ?Bugger this? said Meghan ?Come on one of you two has to have a twin for this boy.? Indeed, they had and whilst they had their own villa they spent enough nights with Livi?s father Geoffrey to keep things here. Very soon all four girls were at the end of a double dildo writhing about whilst kissing each other. They were young and fit but eventually exhausted themselves. So, all four when for a snooze in Olivia king size four poster bed.They were woken by Geoffrey saying loudly and firmly ?Calm down you have to be coherent before anything can be done?Olivia went downstairs quickly followed more sedately by the other three. Her father rarely showed any sign of emotion other than cool and clam particularly in a crisis. There was her father with a phone to his ear with a somewhat confused Chrissy beside him. Geoff removed the phone from his ear when he saw her. ?Its your mother she is in Mexico and she is in quite a bit of bother.??Where in Mexico.??She doesn?t quite know other that Yucatan.?Lisa the IT genius chipped in. ?Let me talk to her and I will be able to geolocate her.? As she was getting the right settings Cath had fired up a laptop and logged onto to the island network. Lotus Island amongst other things was home to a powerful and secure data centre all of it Lisa?s baby.In a matter of minutes they had a location La Ceiba near to Merida in northern Yucatan. Geoffrey explained that she had run away from the man for whom she had left him but was trapped with little money, maxed out credit cards but thank goodness her passport.?If you had asked me this morning I would say serve her right and predict I would have washed my hands of the silly cow. I find that I can?t.??OK I have got Vicky?s permission to use the company jet if you want to launch a rescue mission. They are fuelling her up as we speak and laying on a flight plan to Merida.?A few calls and Geoff had local assistance, the police were going to collect her and take her to Merida airport. Not something most people could arrange but Geoff had friends all over the world particularly in anything connected with security and policing. Olivia had no mixed feelings she didn?t want to see the mother who had abandoned her father and by the by her to go off with another man. None the less she found herself waiting for the flight to return just dozing through the night. A message came from the plane that they had picked up Suzanne safely thanks to the Mexican police. Meg stayed cuddled up beside her the whole time.In the early hours of the morning in came Geoff with a rather dishevelled woman so very unlike her stylish and poised mother. ?Good morning mother.? Said Olivia the ice in her voice very obvious.?Hello Olivia. I deserve that but could you point out my failings later I have had a hard day.? Geoff showed her to a guest bedroom where she showered and quickly fell asleep. Geoffrey gave her a roundup of what had gone on. Bob Tells, the man who she had gone off with if had run through her money, the divorce settlement and anything else sellable. Bob proved to be very controlling and threatening and only when it was clear that the main purpose of taking Suzanne to Mexico was to get her to act in a porn film did she run away. Much as she disliked her mother the thought made her feel sick.Then Olivia started giggling. ?I have just thought I want to be around when she finds out about this place. Since both of us are wearing clothes at the moment and at four in the morning when not many people are about she won?t know yet.??Yes, that had occurred to me. I thought you would be wearing nothing but you and Meg are actually wearing nightdresses.??Somehow mummy walking in and seeing me in my birthday suit didn?t appeal. I think I will do my painting here tomorrow this is going to be classic.??You are certainly her daughter you said that with a degree of maliciousness that she would be proud of.?Whilst Livi was late up the next morning she still beat her mother I getting up. Every one else who was occasionally staying there was off about their business other than Geoff who was working on the computer in his study.?Good morning mother, shall I order brunch for you? What would you like to eat?? Exquisite politeness that fooled nobody.?Ah well at least I taught you something. I could not have done better myself.? Was the ironical reply which surprised Olivia she was not aware that her mother had a sense of humour in the slightest.?As I said I deserve everything that your father and you can throw at me. I will add a few of my own, I am selfish, petty, bitchy and a stupid, stupid woman. I will get out of your hair as soon as I can. ? ?You will probably want to thank the owner Lady Victoria McAllister for the rescue it was her jet that came to get you.??Most certainly as soon as I reasonably can.? Olivia had an evil grin on her face that she as careful not to let her mother see. Suzanne would get a shock as the noble Lady Victoria was decadent in the extreme with a great liking for very high boots and clothing that failed to conceal much of her body.?What do you plan to do Suzie,??I don?t know all I thought about was getting away and I have no friends that I could trust. Believe me you were the last person I wanted to contact but I knew nobody else could help and I was right that you are too much of a gentleman. You really didn?t deserve me.??Well we weren?t always unhappy and you did give me the most wonderful daughter who as you point out has a fair amount of you in her. Until we came here she was getting a reputation of being an ice queen as well.??Is that what everyone thought I was. I?m not I just bottled up all the resentment that you were away all the time particularly as I knew it was unfair. Then being a silly cow that bastard Bob Tells started showering me with the attention I craved and I fell hook line and sinker throwing away all honour and everything else.??You are most convincing, mother.??Thank you dearest, but I was always a good actress.??If you two are going to have a bitch fest then I am going for a swim.??No, I promised myself I would try to behave better. I am not asking or expecting forgiveness but at least I can take it on the chin.??Would you accept it if I offered it.? Said Geoffrey to Olivia?s outrage.?You?re not serious Geoff, why would you want to do that???Because I miss the girl I married and if I could have her back I would.??Your mad.? Said mother and daughter at the same time.?Quite probably and I know I am going to have all sorts of problems but the woman I see in front of me is the one I always wanted not what you became.??I won?t make the same mistake again I will find new ones to make. But I think its impractical our daughter has more of me than you and is not so forgiving. ?Olivia was getting tired of comparisons with her mother who she despised. ?Now that you have breakfast I had better go and supervise the gallery.??Gallery??Yes, your daughter is now a professional artist with her own gallery and very successful both artistically and financially.??Well that something you don?t take from me I can manage thing but I am no entrepeneur.? Livi managed to exercise sufficient self-control not to flounce out.That morning she didn?t get much in the way of painting or selling done. Somehow the rumour mill had got going and everyone staff and guests wanted to know about what was viewed as a dramatic rescue. Olivia played this down pointing out that with her father?s contacts and the use of the jet it had all been pretty smooth.Getting back to the villa she found that her parents were sitting together on the sofa. As she came in her mother moved further away from Geoff.?Oh, don?t bother I accept it is not my business what you two do. I think its bad taste on Daddy?s part. Talking of that have you mentioned Cath and Linda.??Is one of them your girlfriend.??Eh actually both of them are, sort of, its complex, they are a couple but we sometimes spend the night together. Meghan is Olivia?s girlfriend.??OK perhaps your father does do bitch after all. Dropping that about Meghan definitely had the claws out. Do you like boys at all?? The last was said with no apparent edge to it but seemed a normal question?Oh yes you will meet Lazlo at some stage he is a sommelier here.??Four girls and two men. Lucks chaps.??Mother.? Olivia was shocked the last thing she expected was anything in the least accepting. The mother she had grown up with was cool, sophisticated and seemed to disapprove of everything. The women sitting here in Olivia?s tee short and shorts as very different. Much as she hated to admit it nicer too. To cover her confusion, she took the opportunity to pass on Lady Victoria?s invitation to dinner that evening.?Dress is for once formal. Since you are clearly my size mother I can lend you a long dress.? Olivia dressed very carefully that evening and chose both her mother and Meghan?s clothes will equal care. All three dresses were positively conservative by Lotus Island standards. Meg and she had low cut dresses but no more so than suitable at a London party. Suzanne was leant a white dress that had been one of Livy?s first adult dresses and was quite demure to suit a sixteen-year-old. Underneath their dresses however Meg and Livi had very sexy high boots that went towards the top of their thighs. Olivia knew that the other ladies other than her mother wore similar footwear.During the trip across the island Livi quietly fumed her mother looked absolutely stunning particularly for a thirty-nine year-old who had given birth. One thing though despite Olivia?s concerns she was as sweet as pie to Meghan and made it clear that she approved of her daughter?s lover. It was a new concept to Livi but perhaps her mother was more tolerant than she thought. However, she did get some satisfaction as she watched the carefully hidden expressions on her mother?s face as she noticed other guests who were showing a lot of flesh not appropriate dressed for a polite drawing room at all. However, Suzanne did not say a thing and only someone who knew her well would have noticed.They arrived at Victoria?s luxurious home to find that the other directors and Linda were already there as was Lazlo. Being introduced to him Suzanne was effusively nice giving no sign that she had a negative opinion of the man who was involved in a ménage a trois with her daughter. Ever the society hostess thought Olivia sourly.The evening turned out to be very enjoyable. Olivia was far too well mannered to snipe at her mother so to all appearance everything was sweetness and light. Much against her wishes Olivia had to admit that her mother was being unusually contrite and made it clear that she was really thankful for the help she had been given.As they were sitting in the drawing room after dinner Olivia her was seated opposite her mother noticed something when she crossed her legs. Surely not it couldn?t be and then her mother glancing at her very deliberately lifted her skirt. Suzanne was wearing boots like all the other women and Oliva just knew that they wouldn?t be short ones either. When Olivia was returning from the toilet Victoria pulled her aside out of the hearing of other guests.?I am going to be an interfering old biddy and give you some unasked advice. Don?t hold a grudge as that will only lead to hurt. Forgiving your mother may result in further betrayal and hurt but not givingher the chance will certainly hurt your entire family. Particularly as it is clear your father never stopped loving her.? ?But did she ever love him.??I don?t know but if not, I think she might be starting too. The one thing I do know is that she has always loved you and is proud of you even the barbs you aimed at her. Suzanne is impressed by a witty tongue and is proud of you even if she is the target.??When did you find this out.??We had a bit of a chin wag this afternoon when she came to thank me for my part.??The boots, it was you who warned her about our sartorial quirks.??Guilty and this may shock but whilst she has never worn anything that high before your mother really likes them. I warn you that your mother is going to take unholy glee in shocking you having put away the right to bite back verbally. Like daughter like mother I suspect.?Despite the late night the next morning Livi extracted herself from Lazlo and Meg to get up and do some painting. As a matter of habit now she painted nude it saver getting paint on clothes. The painting she was working on was a self portrait though she didn?t feel comfortable it was quite right. Still painting came so naturally to her that it allowed her to consider what Lady V had said last night. In her heart of heart, she knew it was good advice but not easy to follow.Someone else was up and in the kitchen but she ignored them as she finished the figure of herself and tried to decide what else was needed. ?Would you like a cup of tea darling.? She turned to see her mother proffering a cup whilst standing totally naked.?Eh thank you. You don?t seem shocked by any of what is going on here on the island even if it did surprise you a bit.??Surprise is not the word, discovering that you and Geoff are quite so adventurous. I wish I could turn time back and have been a decent mother. I suspect you were happier without me though,??You abandoned us, you abandoned me. I didn?t realise until now but I really need my mummy.? With that admission Olivia stepped forward and hugged her mother hard. For a second Suzanne stiffened before relaxing and hugging her back. Geoff came out of his bedroom to find his ex-wife and daughter in floods of tears embracing as life depended on them not letting go.With the bursting of this emotional damn relations settled to a much healthier equilibrium. Suzanne was well aware of how lucky she was that Geoff and Livi still loved her and was determined not to muck things up again It surprised the whole family how easily she dropped into the casual and relaxed life of Lotus Island. Before marrying she had been a highly effective business manager and she proceeded to do the same for the gallery taken quite a burden off her daughter. Dealing with the fact that her husband was enjoying a permanent threesome proved simple as it just became a foursome. Olivia was very surprised that her mother who admitted that she never thought about girls sexually before proved to be quite happy and comfortable with the arrangement As for the painting Olivia realised what she wanted to do and it was finished as a nude portrait of mother and daughter.
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