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A brother's Debt (Sunday)

Post #1

A brother's Debt (Sunday)I woke Sunday morning with April again in my arms, her warm soft flesh pressed against mine, the soft globes of her ass cheeks seemingly wrapped around my hard on and it made me kind of sad knowing that this would be the last time. Later this afternoon her asshole brother would come to take her home. Yeah, her being here was simply a business deal, but I'd grown to care for the young girl sleeping soundly in my arms. "Stupid fool", I told myself, "she's only here to keep you from shooting her brother." Still, it had been a long time since I had shared my bed with a woman let alone some of the things that we had done these past couple of days.Idly, my hand slipped down to her mound. I could feel the stubble of her pubic hairs beginning to grow back out as I stroked her flesh. I resisted the urge to probe her sweet young pussy for fear of waking her. I wasn't ready for this moment to end even though my cock had other ideas. It remembered pounding in and out of the sweet pussy only an inch from my fingers and it remembered violating the tight ass against which it was nestled and it yearned for more."Mmmm", April sighed, "good morning." She twisted her upper body to give me a kiss without breaking the grip that her ass had on my hard prick. "Do you always wake up ready to go?"I explained that it is normal for most men to wake up hard and kissed her again. "But you go a long way towards keeping me that way." Knowing that she was awake I allowed my fingers to begin probing her hot young cunt, judging by the dampness I found, I wasn't the only one who woke up horny. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for me, allowing me access to her hot little pussy. I slipped two fingers in and slowly finger fucked her while my thumb circled her clit. "Oh God, you do the most amazing things to my body.""Not bad for an old pervert, huh?"She rolled herself on top of me and guided my hard prick into her hot wet pussy. Her tight canal milked my rod as she rode me. I reached up and fondled her perky young boobs, "I am going to miss waking up like this". I admitted."Hmmm, me too."I pulled her down and we kissed as we made love. Without pulling out I rolled us over until I was on top. She wrapped her legs around me as I pumped in and out of her incredible pussy. The muscles of her pussy began to clench and grip my rod as her orgasm neared, mine was not far behind. Using her strong legs to pull me deeper into her and bucking back to meet my thrusts she came which pushed me over the edge and with a final hard thrust I buried my prick as deep as it would go and flooded her womb with my jism.We laid for a while basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking, me on my back and her with her head on my chest. After a while she lifted her head and laughed, "my God, I have to pee."I laughed and admitted that I too had to go. "You take this bathroom and I'll run down stairs."When I returned I could hear the shower running so I entered the bathroom and pulled open the frosted glass door. She smiled and handed me the soap. We washed each other's bodies and hair, each taking the time to enjoy exploring the other, even though we had become intimately familiar with nearly every inch of each other's bodies after the past couple of days. I put a new blade in my razor and she let me shave her legs and pussy for her. This was another new experience for me as I gently sc****d away the stubble from her mound and swollen outer lips. She then took the shaving cream and lathered up my pubic hairs and balls. I'd never given much thought to shaving down there before but I let her do it. The sensation of cool air touching my freshly exposed skin was something new to me and by the time she was through I was stiff as a board. Without a word she took me into her warm mouth and sucked me off until I filled her sweet little mouth with my cum. She really was getting pretty good at this I thought just before my eruption.After our long shower April made us breakfast and I through her clothes into the washing machine, not that she's worn them since Friday. Breakfast was French toast and some sausage. We talked some more about her brother and the plan for that afternoon. When she voiced her concern that getting Tony laid may not teach him a lesson I assured her that Michelle was no ordinary woman and before she was done with him he would know what it meant to be used for someone else's pleasure. Idly while we talked I picked up my phone and noticed that Michelle had texted me asking if she could bring a friend and what time to be there. With a smile I texted back that it was okay and to be here by 2:30. I then sent the following text to Tony ."Come pick up your sister @ 3:00, be on time."He replied a few minutes later asking why I wanted him to pick up April early."My dick is getting sore so no longer need her services. I have a surprise for you too. 3:00 be here."I showed April the exchange and she actually looked a little hurt, "Is that true, if you can't fuck me you don't want me?"I tried not to chuckle as I assured her that while I was amazed at how well the ol' boy had performed over the last few days, it could fall off and I would still want her. Her cute little smile returned as I added, "The deal was that I have you until five and I'm not letting you go a minute sooner than I have too. I just want to make sure that Michelle and her friend have a couple of hours with your brother."Not wanting to spoil the surprise I then changed the subject, "I meant what I said about the job you know. When you finish college come see me."She thought for a moment, "I don't know, a lot can change between now and then. One or both of us could be married and that would be kinda awkward working in the same office after everything this weekend."I explained that none of my programmers ever go to the office, in fact the only employees that I have that don't work from home are the server team. The majority of my programmers don't even live in the same state and a couple live overseas. The only time that we get together as a group in person is for the annual summer picnic and the Christmas party. Everything else is done by messaging or teleconference.That seemed to set her mind at ease and she said that she would think about it, after all that was years from now.I suggested that we jump in the pool for a couple hours, which we did. The summer sun was warm and the water a little cool, but refreshing. We splashed around like k**s which evolved into an impromptu game of tag. Damn, she made me feel young again as we chased each other around the pool giggling. At one point I finally tagged her with a leaping tackle that sent both of us to the bottom of the pool. We came up with her still in my arms face to face. I could not help but kiss her cute face ad before log we were just standing in the pool kissing passionately while caressing each other's body. Reaching down I grabbed one fleshy ass cheek in each hand and lifted her up. She wrapped her thighs around my hips as I guided her back down onto my hard on. The hot wet sheath of her pussy greedily accepted my stiff rod as she used her thigh muscles to grind against me. The feeling of her hot cunt rubbing against my freshly shaved sex was amazing. I carried her like that up the steps out of the pool and lowered her down into a lounge chair. She played with her nipples, pulling and twisting them as I drove into her. I just stared at her lovely face, trying to burn the memory of her and the cute expressions that she made while we fucked into my mind. Mentally I recorded the way her breathing became more raspy and the way she cooed and moaned as her climax neared. The look of contentment in her eyes and the small beads of sweat on her brow were all added to the mental record. I surveyed lower, taking in the way her small breasts bounced with each stroke of my cock and how the sweat began to pool between them. Still further down I watched in amazement how hot it looked with my now bare cock slipping in and out of her hairless little pussy with her juices making it glisten in the morning sun. I reached down between us and gently rubbed circles around and across her clit with my thumb which drove her over the edge. Her legs fucked me harder into her clenching cunt as she came. The rippling of her pussy muscles had my balls boiling and very quickly I was past the point of no return. My body shook as I forced my prick in as deep as it would go and shot my thick cream into her womb. Feeling my cum filling her up seemed to reenergize her orgasm and with her trembling thighs trying to pull me even deeper into her she screamed out her pleasure. It took a while to come down from that one, but eventually we each caught our breaths and jumped back into the pool to cool off. Still we held onto each other, out bodies pressed together and kissing softly as our bodies gently swayed as if dancing to some unheard song. Eventually we decided to grab some lunch and get ready for our guests. After eating a relaxing lunch of tuna salad and some cut fruit we took another shower and reluctantly got dressed for the first time in days. I took her into my back office and showed her around while I looked for the couple of small wireless IP cameras that I'd purchased for a project a couple of years ago. We set them up in the guest room, making sure that they were hidden yet had a good view of the bed. We had just finished setting up and testing the cameras when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find a tall but very attractive black woman standing with another white woman, equally attractive but with what may have been one of the largest set of boobs that I had ever seen. "Michelle, it's so good to see you," I greeted the ebony beauty and pulled her in for a hug. "This must be your friend Alexis?" Alexis pulled me in for a hug, mashing those giant tits against my chest. I let them in and introduced them to April who busied herself getting us each a drink from the bar. We sat and made small talk until the bell rang again a half hour later. "That should be Tony." I let the little scumbag in and told him to fix himself a drink. I introduced him to Michelle and Alexis. He shook both of their hands, his stare zeroed in on the ample cleavage that the tall brunette had put on display with her low cut blouse. I explained that they were his reward for giving me this weekend with his sister, but on the condition that he had to follow their every command. "Do you think that you can handle that?"Without lifting his hungry gaze from Alexis's huge breasts he answered cockily, "Yeah, sure thing, but the question is can they handle this", as he grabbed his obviously hard prick through his pants. It looked to be about seven inches long and Michelle grinned evilly."I think that we can handle it", Michelle assured him and pushed his hand away and grabbing onto the boys hard on like a leash she led him towards the guest room, "C'mon big boy!"As the bedroom door closed April and I moved to the office to watch the festivities. Putting each camera up on separate monitors we had two unobstructed views of the room. Alexis had already removed her blouse and bra, Tony's face was buried between those huge tits of course and Michelle was behind him stroking his cock through his shorts. The black beauty undid his belt and button before lowering the k**s pants and underwear to the floor."Get up on the bed", Michelle instructed as she pulled off his t shirt. Tony did as he was told and was rewarded with his first view of Michelle's breasts, they were much smaller than Alexis but were firm and stood out proudly, after all she had paid good money for them. After leaning over to let Tony give her nipples a lick Michelle went to the nightstand and removed two short pieces of rope that April and I had placed for her. He started to object but Alexis hung her huge titties over his face and he laid back down and let the girls tie his hands to the bed posts. The girls began to take turns, one would feed him their breasts while the other would suck his cock and balls. I could tell that he was getting ready to cum, aching for release but just as one girl would get him to the brink they would switch places. They did this several times and I could tell that the need to cum was becoming painful. April noticed it too. "Wow, that's mean", she giggled.On the screen Michelle let his throbbing cock slide from her mouth and asked, "Are you ready to get fucked?" Tony nodded his head furiously.Alexis slapped his face and demanded, "Say it, no beg for it! Beg this sexy black bitch to fuck you!"With his desperation very obvious in his shaky voice, Tony whined, "Please, oh God please fuck me!"With that Alexis climbed up and straddled his chest, her skirt dr****g down to his chest, effectively blocking his view of Michelle as she unbuckled her own skirt.April gasped as Michelle's eleven inch trouser snake came into view. "Oh my God, is that real?"I assured her it was as we watched the sexy black shemale climb up between her brothers legs while rubbing what looked to be lube along the length of her impressive shaft. After lifting his legs up so that Alexis could grab them and hold on Michelle lined up her monster hose and pushed nearly half of its length into the boys virgin asshole."Uuugh, what the fuck is that", Tony screamed as Michelle began to pump in and out of his shitter. He tried to squirm away but Michelle now had a firm grip on his spread thighs and he wasn't going anywhere.Alexis lifted her skirt to reveal her own cock, it wasn't as long as Michelle's but looked in the camera to be a little thicker. "Open that sweet little mouth of yours", she instructed and when he refused she slapped him hard across the face until he did so. Soon the big titted brunette was fucking his mouth almost in time with her black friend who was pounding his ass.As we watched something amazing happened, Tony stiffened up and his cock twitched on its own and began spewing rope after thick rope of cum from the end, the first few spurts coated Alexis's back before the gushing slowed to a dribble on his belly. "I think the boy likes it", Michelle laughed, now pumping the entire length of her shaft into the boys colon.I explained to April that I had known Michelle since high school where we both ran track, of course she went by Mike back then. Mike had been a star runner on the track team and something of a legend in the locker room, many of us had jokingly wondered how he didn't trip over that cock of his on the track.Turning back to the screen we watched as Michelle and Alexis traded places. "Ewww, gross", April cried as her brother simply opened his mouth and took the cock that had just come out of his asshole and began to suck it. She may have thought it gross but the way she was absent mindedly rubbing her crotch I could tell that she was getting turned on by the scene taking place just down the hall. I slipped my hand down the front of her shirt and began to fondle her breast through her bra. She tilted her head back and kissed me, moaning softly into my mouth. Without a word between us we stripped off our clothes and she knelt on my desk chair so we both could watch the scene on the monitors while I guided my hard cock into her already dripping wet pussy. I kept a slow and steady pace as we watched Michelle force Tony to swallow the cum she was flooding her mouth with. After she came Alexis moved up to knee beside his head and planted her copious seed into his throat. The girls weren't done with him yet. While Tony milked and sucked the last of Alexis's cum from her thick cock Michelle deep throated his still hard cock until it glistened with her spit. She then straddled his hips and guided him into her ass. Alexis, not wanting to be left out straddled his face and proceeded to grind her large sack and asshole against the boys open mouth and tongue. It didn't take long for Tony to stiffen again and buck his hips against Michelle's ass as he obviously came again. Once again the girls switched places with Alexis sucking Tony back to hardness and Michelle grinding Tony's face. On the monitor I could see Tony's throat moving as he swallowed his own spunk out of Michelle's ass. Alexis rode his cock for a while her black friend rode his face. All the while, just down the hall, his sister was thrashing in the throes of her own orgasm as I rode her one last time. She gripped the back of the chair and fucked her ass back at me as I held onto her hips for dear life. The scream that left her throat as her climax washed over her caused all three on the monitor to stop and look towards the door."It sounds like your sister is having fun too", Alexis laughed as she bounced on Tony's rod, her own stiff cock slapping between her thigh and belly. If Tony had anything to say, it was muffled by the stiff black cock the Michelle was feeding into his mouth.I watched as the girls had their way with Tony, all the while still keeping my slow steady pace as I wanted this last fuck with April to last. April came two more times, although not quite as loudly as the first one while the girls, who had untied her brother and now had him on his hands and knees while they took turns spit roasting him. One would pound his ass while the other fucked his mouth, then they would switch places. Finally Michelle grabbed Tony's hips and forced herself in to the hilt while she obviously was filling his ass with her spunk which triggered Tony's own eruption all over the sheets. Seconds later Alexis pulled her meat from his mouth and fisting her cock sprayed her cum all over Tony's face. All three were visibly shaking on the monitor as I could no longer hold back and with a roar I filled April's sweet cunt with a final load of my spunk.We all rested for a bit, April sitting on my lap in the office chair, my cum oozing from her sloppy hole and down my thigh while the three in the other room cuddled on the bed, Tony between them with his head on top of Alexis's pillow like boobs.I finally suggested to April to get cleaned up so as we headed upstairs to take a shower I knocked on the guest room door and suggested that they use the downstairs shower to do the same. April and I took a fairly long shower, much of it kissing and holding each other under the warm jets and only reluctantly eventually got out and dressed.Tony and the girls were still in the shower when we got downstairs. I'm not sure just what happened in there but when they came out the girls were smiling and Tony looked exhausted and was walking a little funny. We all had another drink, largely in silence.It was Michelle who finally broke the mood, "Alexis, we better get going. Jim, thanks for the invite, we should do it again", the last part with a smile aimed at Tony.Alexis set down her glass and got up, straightening her skirt as she walked over to Tony. She grabbed onto his chin and pulled his face up and placed a kiss right on his lips. "Yes definitely." Looking Tony in the eyes she added, "If you think that you can handle it."With that the girls were gone and Tony looking very uncomfortable slammed down the rest of his drink, "We should be going to April, Mom and Dad will be home from Aunt Terri's in about an hour.""Head out to the car, she'll join you in a minute", I instructed with a tone that let it be known that it was not up for debate. "Tony", I stopped him, "Don't let me catch you making anymore bets, if I do it won't be those two lovely ladies in your ass, it will be worms and other carrion eating bugs, got it?"He nodded weakly and headed out the door, "yes sir."Once we were finally alone I turned to April, "I hope that this weekend wasn't too awful for you." I swear I could see the beginnings of tears gathering in her eyes as she told me that it wasn't. I handed her my business card. "Email me and I'll send you copies of the video's from this afternoon, having those gives you a powerful hand against your brother.""You recorded that", she asked, with just a hint of that super cute smile."Of course I did, I figured that your brother may try to use what happened this weekend against you. These recordings will make him think twice."She took the card, " I'll send you my address as soon as I get home. Thank you, for everything."One last time I pulled her tight against me and kissed those sweet lips and wiped away the single tear that finally broke free of her eyelid.Silently she pulled away and headed out the door. I closed the door and grabbed the decanted of whiskey and settled onto the couch which is where I woke up with an empty bottle on Monday morning.
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