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Susan the grad student - Part 3: complexity

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Susan the grad student - Part 3: complexityShortly after Susan and I had sex, she took off her online personal. She admitted strong feelings for me without actually saying 'I love you.' The main reason holding her back was her boyfriend in another state. Susan was open with her boyfriend about me and, according to the bf, he was also hooking up with a local girl. There seemed to be no jealousy between Susan and her least what I observed when they talked on the phone when I was present. Susan began staying a few nights a week at my apartment. We began acting like a couple in a relationship...and I liked it. I got very comfortable sleeping naked in bed with her. We usually slept on our sides with me spooning her. Yes, it was very stimulating and most nights it led to us mutually masturbating, oral, and sex ...or a mixture of them. I liked how easily it was talking with Susan. Even during sex she began to feel more confident in telling me if what I was doing to her was working or not. Susan moved more freely now during intercourse and experimented with expressing her pleasure more vocally. I had admitted it was stimulating for me to know how good it felt for her.... especially when giving oral. Outside of the bedroom, we stepped out as a couple.We would go for walks, shoot some hoops, go workout at the rec center, go to the movies, she taught me how to cook better, and we even went camping one weekend. It was early November and our Thanksgiving break was just a few weeks away when Susan brought up an interesting idea...."I want you to know," she said in a calm voice, "that I'm going to see my boyfriend over Thanksgiving." I already knew that and was ready to hear what she had to say next. "I want to be open with you. I am going to probably have sex with him." I wasn't shocked by this. "I'd like you to know that I have feelings for you and I don't want to ruin what we have right now." I smiled and said it was all good. I knew she didn't love me like her boyfriend and Susan had reiterated to me several times before. But what she said next....well, it blew me away. "I think in fairness, you should find someone to have sex with. Maybe an ex-girlfriend?" My jaw must of hit the floor. I just looked at Susan for at least a minute or two in silence. She just looked at me expressionless. I stuttered out, "are you sure? I'm ok with you being with your boyfriend." Susan must of given it some serious thought, she immediately came back with, "I'd feel better if you had someone too." I saw a tinge of hurt in her voice when she said it. Susan looked away. I went over to her and pulled her into me. Susan struggled to hide her tears and it finally dawned on me that she did love me!....?even if she couldn't say the words. I then told her, I didn't want to hook up with any of my ex's. I went on to explain why that wouldn't work...even though there were times I did fantasize about hooking up again....who doesn't?? I kissed Susan softly and we made out for several minutes before being interrupted by her mom's phone call. A few days went by, without any talk about Susan's proposal. I thought about it often but didn't feel like I should bring it up. Then one late afternoon, Susan showed up at my apartment with a pizza from my favorite restaurant. She seemed more excited than usual as we ate. When we finished eating, we watched a little TV then she took me into the bedroom and undressed me. I sat on the bed as I watched Susan strip. She got on her knees and moved in between my legs. She began to rub my cock as she sucked my nipples. Then she moved her head down on me and began to suck slowly. I liked how she made slurpy sounds and the drool that came out the sides of her mouth as she bobbed up and down over my thick tip. Susan had gotten me rock hard as she reached down between her legs and rubbed herself. I could here her wetness as her fingers sloshed around down there. Susan got up and straddled me, I leaned back as we kissed. She reached down and guided me inside her warm wet canal. Susan plunged deep and slow onto me. "I want....", We kissed, " you...." We kissed again for a little more then she stopped moving with my cock deep inside her body. "I need you to have sex with someone and I think I found her." Susan's eyes were big and I got lost in her stare as I tried to process what was just said. "Ok......", I said very slowly and suspiciously. I looked at her funny."I know what you like," Susan smirked at me a little.... meaning she knew I liked big chesty girls with curvy bodies. "She's an undergraduate in my research department!" Meaning this girl just cleaned beakers and sterilized stuff. Susan was probing me with her eyes to see if I was excited. I tried my best to hide it as I began to massage her firm breasts. Susan pushed me onto my back, removed my hands easily from her chest and pinned them down on the bed as she leaned over. It excited me, her dominance over me in that moment and without warning...... I lost myself inside her. My body pulsated with ever load released into Susan. And in that moment, I let my feelings out too...."I love you." I said it shakily as the last drops of my DNA swam out of me. Susan, in an unexpected instant said, "I love you too!" She looked almost relieved as the words came out. We kissed softly and extremely passionately. I pulled her into my body and rolled over on top. I managed to stay hard and inside Susan. I continued to pump very slowly as we pecked. We just looked into each other's eyes. I wanted to tell her not to go back with her boyfriend so badly but couldn't do it in our moment. Several minutes later, I deposited into Susan's bank vault a little more then collapsed next to her. I helped Susan climax by sucking her left nipple as she rubbed herself out. "Like I was saying earlier..." Susan spoke like what we had just done was a small speed bump in our conversation. "Her name is Kimberly, she's 21, single....just broke up with her boyfriend and is looking to rebound. She's got the body type you like with a great personality.." which meant to me that she wasn't much in the looks department. "I've got a picture on my phone!" Susan jumped up and I watched her nice tight ass walk out of the bedroom. Man, I did like Susan's ass. She came back and showed a pic of Kimberly.I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Yes, she was curvy but very cute, sweet smile, long brown hair and could easily tell how massive her chest was from the tight shirt she looked like her tits were getting to break through. I thought I'd be saavy when I said, "When do I get to meet her?"Susan one up'd me instantly, when she said" how about tomorrow?"
09-11-2021, at 10:51 AM

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