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Megan and Ex Stepdad

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Megan and Ex StepdadI am Megan and when Mum had to go away for a few days she suggested that I go stay with Frank, her ex-husband, I guess she didn?t trust me being home alone. I didn?t really mind as when they were married I got on well with him and liked him being my father although I hadn?t seen him in a few years.I remember him always being around the house in his boxers saying it was his house and he would dress how he wanted so I kind of got used to it and thought nothing of it after a while, he even encouraged me to hang out in just my panties which was a bit of fun. He was a good dad, always there to comfort me and we would often cuddle up on the sofa watching movies and he would always tuck me in at night so I was looking forward to seeing him again.I packed my bag and headed off to the station, I decided to wear my skin tight jeans and a tee shirt, an outfit that always turned a few heads but on this occasion the train was quite empty. A short taxi ride at the other end and I was walking up his path wondering what kind of reception I would get and if he had changed any. As he opened the door I was pleasantly surprised as he had aged well, he stood there in his damn boxers, and I guess old habits die hard eh but he did look good.We said our hellos and had a hug which was nice and I felt safe again which was a feeling I had growing up. He looked me up and down and said what a wonderful woman I was growing up to be.He took my bag and followed me up the stairs to what was to be mu room and I could feel his eyes on my tight arse, my jeans didn?t leave much to the imagination after all and left me to unpack. I put all my clothes on the bed and stripped off my jeans and decided I would have a shower to freshen up as it had been a long journey. I put my dirty panties and tee shirt in the laundry basket like Frank had asked and after my shower I put on my gown, popped downstairs for a quick chat before returning to my room for an early night as I was dead beat.As I lay in bed I was thinking how good Frank looked and how in all the years growing up I had never seen inside his shorts and although I had often wondered, maybe this trip was going to satisfy my curiosity. Next morning when I awoke I went down for some coffee and Frank was still asleep so I decided to cook some eggs for breakfast, half way through Frank appeared sleepy eyed and again in his boxers and I could clearly see he had a bigger than usual bulge, maybe it was the sight of me in a baggy tee shirt and panties that was having the effect on him which was a compliment I guess. I must admit I did quite like seeing him like this, he was a sexy man after all.After breakfast I went up to my room and called Kate who was my best friend at school, who I had lost touch with and we hatched a plan for her to come over for some fun which was told in the story ?Frank and Ex Step-daughter? so I will pick up the story after Kate left the house.After Kate left I went back out to the garden, Frank was still sitting in the garden, he had put his shorts back on and was still sniffing Kate?s thong, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. ?Hi Daddy? I said, ?I hope you don?t mind me calling you Daddy?? I asked as I didn?t want to upset him. His response pleased me, ?Not at all, but I am not your real Dad though? he said with a grin which made me smile as now I didn?t feel too bad about sucking his cock. I was still topless and sitting opposite him gave me an opportunity to tease him a bit so I leant back in the chair and opened my legs a bit giving him a perfect view of my now damp knickers.As we were having a relaxing chat and a catch up Daddy suggested a drink of wine and off he got up to go get it, as he stood I could see the bulge in his shorts, it was good that our chat and seeing me in just a small pair of pink (damp) panties was turning him on because I wanted much more of that cock while I stayed here.He suggested we sit in the lounge and be more comfortable and I readily agreed and sat down on the sofa opposite his chair, it was very comfy and I again sat with my legs slightly apart, the wine was going to my head and seeing Daddy getting a boner looking at me in my panties was turning me on so I decided to move things on, ?So Daddy, did you enjoy me and Kate sucking your cock earlier?? I asked with a glint in my eye, ?Oh yes Megs, I have often dreamt and wanked thinking about that scenario? he said with a chuckle, music to my ears, ?How long have you thought that, Daddy?? I was curious to know, ?Ever since the days you and Kate had sleepovers and you ran around in your knickers? he said feeling slightly embarrassed so I had to put him at ease, ?Really! That is interesting because me and Kate often talked about what was in your shorts and what it would be like to suck on it? I could see his cock grow in his boxers and the look on his face was priceless as he ponders over what could have been. ?So what else have you been thinking and probably wanking over?? I asked, ?apart from my panties I left in the laundry basked last night, I noticed you had been wanking with them? I added with a big grin as I wanted him to know that I knew and it was all right, it?s quite a turn on knowing he likes panties, ?Ah? he said, ?It?s my pervy secret? he said so I opened my legs a bit more giving him a better view, ?You like pink? I asked and his smile and nodding of approval sealed the deal. ?I always thought about you Megs? He said, ?As you started to grow I often imagined you naked, and seeing you now, seeing how you have developed, seeing your pert little titties, erect nipples, seeing your arse in those jeans yesterday as you walked up the stairs? I could see his dick trying to burst out his shorts as he spoke, ?then finding your panties last night and yes I did have a great wank, and then Kate turning up today and that wonderful blowjob, Yes Megs I have had so many dirty thoughts about you? well I wasn?t expecting him to be THAT honest but so glad he was because now I know that he felt and still feels that way and I was going to make all his dreams come true during my stay. I stood up in front of him, ?So do you like how I have grown Daddy?? I asked, somehow calling him Daddy was turning me on so much. He looked me up and down and stared longer at my damp panties, ?Put them on Daddy? I said and he didn?t waste any time in accepting the invitation, my knees went weak as he pulled my panties down exposing my trimmed pubic region, as I stepped out of them he leant forward and flicked his tongue on my exposed clit, now that sent shivers down my spine. He stood up and removed his boxers and his cock sprung out, solid and too attention, pre-cum seeping out the head, just as he was about to put my panties on I sad ?WAIT, fair?s fair? and leant forward to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his solid cock, sneakily putting the whole head in my mouth and it did taste nice.I pulled away and allowed him to pull my panties up, ?I don?t think you will get all that in? I said pointing to his erect cock, ?I will give it a go? he replied and we both laughed. He pulled them up and the top of his cock was protruding from the top, ?See, I told you, but it gives me easy access? I said and moved forward taking his throbbing member slowly into my mouth while rubbing his arse cheeks feeling the soft fabric of my panties under my fingertips. I have dreamt of doing this to him for many years and I am going to enjoy getting fucked by the man that brought me up. I was getting his cock very wet and rubbing his balls through the damp gusset was making him go weak so I sat him down and buried my head in his lap. He pulled me up onto the chair and lowered me onto his cock, I let out a soft moan as the head entered my wet hole slowly inching in it wasn?t long before he was in deep up to his balls, I started to bounce holding on to the back of the chair, each time I came down he thrust up and he was in so deep I though he was going to come out of my mouth. ?Cum in me Daddy, fill me with your hot spunk? I screamed which seemed to spur him on more as the intensity increased, then I felt his body shake under me and felt him spurt his hot liquid deep into my stomach, ?OMG? I screamed as my whole body shook in delightful orgasm and I could feel our juices mixing between my legs. I couldn?t believe after all these years I had finally fucked my Stepdad and it was awesome, I collapsed in his arms as we both got our breath back. ?How was that Baby?? he said as I pulled off the chair seeing a wet mixture of our cum on my panties that he was still wearing. ?OMG Daddy, finally? I said with a smile as wide as the ocean. He leant forward and licked the excess cum leaking down my thighs which I found a big turn on, ?Mmm, that tastes good? he said.We slept together that night and it was so comforting to cuddle up feeling safe and secure with the man who had cared for me for most of my life.
09-11-2021, at 10:51 AM

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