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My Lucky Day 2.

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My Lucky Day 2.When I woke up in morning and remembered where I was, chills ran through me when I saw Nwakaego, the matured Lady I fucked all through the night in her house walked through her door. I had an instant slight hard on. She had sex written all over every inch of her body. As soon as she closed the door we started kissing. She grabbed my feel how cock and felt it hardening more and more in her hand as I caressed her beautiful, soft breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. They stood erect, - just like my cock. She began to stroke it gently. I started to kiss her breasts letting my wet tongue slip around the nipples. As I sucked at them she starts to moan, madly stroking my cock at the same time. I wanted her right away.I took a wooden stool, put it in the middle of the room in front of a big mirror. Immediately she bent over it on all fours, her tummy leaning on the stool. I can see and smell her hot ass in front of me as I knelt behind her. I slowly let my hand wander over her buttocks. Lowering my head I start to lick her pussy from behind. What a delicious taste. Her cunt is already soaking wet, and she was moaning continuously as my tongue parts her lips moving inside the red hot opening. I am so horny that I have to play with myself, while I am licking her pussy further on. My cock aches as I rub it in my fist. I am more than ready to penetrate her now. I came closer to her. Just before we started to fuck I tried her tight cunt with my thumb, shoving it deep into her. Herr pussy contracts all over my finger, pulling it deeper inside. My thumb deep in her cunt I start to rub with my index- and middle finger to her clit. This hits her hard and she shuddered. I knew she was ready too. I then directed my throbbing cock between her lips, slowly pushing forward in her waiting pussy till my balls reached her butt. Then I slowly pulled back leaving only the tip of my cock inside her. Again and again I pump my hard on in her warm and wet cunt enjoying her muscles squeezing me tightly. I held her ass in my both hands. The stool cracks warningly but somehow holds together as we fucked a little harder and faster. Her hip is grinding on the stool. We both stare in the mirror and enjoy the sight for a while. There are her tits bouncing in the rhythm as my hard and moist cock is pumping in and out of her. ?Oh yes,? I started to moan loudly, calling out her name.I caressed her thighs with one hand feeling the smoothness of her beautiful skin. I thrust deeper and deeper inside her lovely cunt. We are both panting heavily going fast towards the point of no return. I think we needed a break. I wanted to feel her tits in my hands now, play with them and let her fuck me.So we changed positions. I laid myself down on the bed begging her to come on top of me. She stood up, took a quick look in the mirror seeing her labia obsessively swollen, and came over me. My sticky cock lies hard on my stomach. It is soaked with our juices. As she knelt down on me, she looked deep into my eyes, saying ?now it?s my turn.?She then grabbed my hard on and lowered her pelvis still, her cunt literally sucking my cock back inside her. As she started her ride, I was already fondling her boobs, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples in between. Her eyes are blinking horny as she goes up and down on me. With every thrust she grinds her pussy on my hip bone, and I can feel her swollen pearl on my pubic hair. ?Faster, faster,? I pleaded as she slammed her ass on me. She felt my cock deep inside her, growing even stronger still. Up an down, up and down she came continued going. I am holding her breasts with both hands milking them feverishly. She turned herself a little, so getting a slight different angle feeling the throbbing tip of my cock at the spot of her pleasure. I knew she was going to cum soon. She screamed. She bent over, so as to let her boobs close to my mouth. I sucked them now feeling her grinding her pussy on me. I started cumming too. She fell over me whining something about cumming. I still sucked her nipple like crazy as I thrust my cock deep in her cunt. I felt her pussy contract heavily on my cock when I grabbed her ass with both hands, forcing her to ride on as I too began to orgasm. My body tenses under her. Her twitching cunt milks my juice out of me. Now I am spurting my cum deep inside her, holding her tight and feeling her climax. ?Yes, YES!,? I am screaming as my juice flew into her. We both shuddered and remained idle for a moment. Afterwards we went together in her bathtub.
09-11-2021, at 10:52 AM

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