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I Begin my Retirement with a Bang

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I Begin my Retirement with a BangI am Nancy, a nurse who is employed by a retirement facility to oversee the care of residents. Many of the residents are old, but just as many are only in their fifties. They all live in little cottages and only when unable to care for themselves are they admitted to assisted living or frail care. In the cottages there are mostly married couples and single women who have been widowed or divorced and need the security of a gated community. I am 52 and moved into the facility after I got divorced from a disgusting piece of shit who stole all our money and went off to the mountains. I was somewhat sorry to lose him on account of his ten inch cock and perverted lifestyle. Hal and I were regular swingers and members of a local group that would meet every Saturday evening for a pot-luck supper and fun. We were all married or in long term committed relationships but as soon as I was alone they also rejected me. The women were threatened by a single bitch on heat and no man man to fuck them as well. I missed the parties but soon settled down in the retirement village. I had a small cottage with everything I needed except a man. In the village I soon made friends with the people in our lane but mostly kept to myself. After dark the residents went indoors, the lights came on and d****s were drawn. Not a sign of life anywhere outside which soon frustrated me because I loved sitting out in the evenings and did enjoy chatting with others. About six months after I arrived and settled in I was approached by the Management of the village and asked if I would consider being their resident nursing sister who would "admit" new residents and respond to emergencies when they arose. I was offered a commission on every call-out and after hours the fee was doubled. I would have a partner who was also resident in the village and we would take turns to be on call. I showed some interest and was urged to meet with the other nurse to find out about the finer details of the job.Loretta was a dark skinned mature woman about my age and she agreed to meet with me one evening over drinks at her place. At last, someone who did not hibernate after dark and was also young enough not to need a walker. I arrived at Loretta's place which was just in the next lane and discovered backed directly onto my back garden. She met me at the door and I nearly passed out when I noticed that she was completely naked under a translucent, diaphanous robe that clung seductively to her lovely body. She saw the startled look on my face and began to giggle while inviting me in and closing her front door. "Cat got your tongue dear?" she said with a twinkle in her eye. "Did I shock you", she asked and without waiting for an answer she continued, "I do have that effect on many people I look forward to visiting me. I am Loretta, I am 53, a spinster, a full-time nymphomaniac and I hope you are not offended by my dress or revelation".I was relieved by her openness and willingness to be honest about who she was. I responded by saying, "Loretta honey, I am very pleased, very pleased to make your acquaintance and no, I am not offended in any way. In fact, it is a very pleasant surprise to find somebody like you in this place.""I have to know something and I hope you will not be offended, If I ask the obvious question, but how on earth did you manage to get accepted into this conservative, white community?" She was very gracious and answered by telling me that her mother had been in service with the Chairman of the Management committee and she had convinced the man to see to it that Loretta got a cottage and was accepted by the residents. She explained that the chairman and his wife were also swingers and did not want to be found out by fellow, church goers and life-right owners in the village. Loretta's mom had fucked every member of the committee and then manipulated them into agreeing to her suggestion. The solution had been to bring in the "black nurse" to care for the needs of the frail and elderly. She further explained that she had only been called out for a genuine emergency on fewer than five occasions in the years she had served the community. Loretta then explained that I would get my levy paid and that also receive a fee when I was called out to attend to patients. I would also discover that there were perks over and above those formally agreed to. She concluded her brief presentation by saying, "Take the job and I guarantee you will find new life and joy. Now that is out of the way we can get onto more interesting things".Loretta led me out to her back garden, which I now realized backed onto mine. It was a stunning place, with lots of plants and flowers in bloom, a small hot tub and covered section with loungers and a beautiful bar. In one corner I did notice a free space with a low built-in concrete bench which was covered with cushions. Loretta saw me looking at the seating, immediately took me by the hand and invited me to stand on the the bench. I was looking into my own back garden where I regularly sunbathed ... in the nude, drank cocktails ... in the nude and masturbated ... in the nude. "Oh my God, have you been spying on me?" I blurted out before I was able to control myself.Loretta smiled , reached out and touched my bare arm and spoke gently saying. "Spying is such a unfortunate term, watching over you like a guardian angel would be more appropriate and besides, I guarantee you will be thrilled that I was so concerned for your welfare. By the way, I really enjoyed watching over you and was also pleased to discover that you are as liberated as I am. Now get out of that outfit, liberate your gorgeous tits and let us hang out, get a little tipsy and get to know each other more intimately. By the way, I hope to convince you to join the nursing team and enjoy being of service in the village. You may also enjoy being serviced when you do." I was now so relaxed in her presence that I complied with her suggestion and we were both naked, unafraid, and downing interesting cocktails to get the evening going. "Oh my fuck", I thought to myself, " I am wet and I am looking forward to this evening". Then my mouth took over and I said, You are a magnificent woman, I am in awe and I hope we become very close colleagues and perhaps more than just neighbors. I had no idea that you lived behind me and that I would be blessed with a much more interesting neighbor than I anticipated."Loretta looked serious for a moment and then said, "Nancy, I want you to know that I know all about your previous lifestyle and a secret friend of yours was more than a little embarrassed by the group rejecting you because you were divorced. I am able to share with you that the housekeeper at the huge house on the corner is actually my own mother. Nobody notices the 'Help' and they can blend into the background while enjoying the weekly parties you were involved in."I could not help myself and asked for more details, "I know that there is a really lovely woman who works for my friends, but must admit I never knew much about her except her name and that she was from Brazil, is you mom named Maria? I asked, and Loretta shook her head in affirmation. I continued, So, why is she so concerned about a woman who only visited on Saturday evenings and then engaged in the most outrageous sexual behavior with some really randy people?"Loretta drew a little closer and put her arm around my bare shoulders as she whispered, "Nancy, you are a legend, insatiable, I believe and you would swing both ways. Mom adored you from afar and she thinks that the whole group were totally out of line by ejecting you from their membership. Mom also said that you were the only one who showed her any respect, actually knew her name and always greeter her on arrival and said good bye when you left. Mom says you were interested in her and her family the listened to whatever she shared. Mom wants to help heal you of the trauma and like me also wants, to get to know you more intimately."I tried to answer coherently but I was so surprised by what Loretta had to say I nearly dropped my Vodka and Cranberry juice. My new friend the dropped the bombshell, "Mom said I can reveal that she is a bisexual woman and not only respected you but lusts after you so there is more to her generosity than first meets the eye. And so do I after seeing you naked and sexually aroused, I knew you would be fun and open to even the most outrageous suggestions."Loretta's hand moved down from my shoulder and she began to caress my breast just enough to ensure that my very prominent nipples were soon standing to attention. I did not stop her and she then bent over and kissed me on the lips. It was a long, languid sloppy kiss which involved her extending her tongue and entering my mouth. I was not a novice at such things, so I responded by doing the same and we were soon entwined about one another in a sensual embrace. I also responded by putting my free hand on her dark brown breast. We were caught up in the moment and both knew that we would not stop until we had explored every inch of one other's bodies, inside and out. I was so aroused by my new friend's unexpected behavior I began to moan out in joy and ecstasy. We were covered in sweat and the heat of the evening added to the sensuality of our wet bodies rubbing against each other. Everything about my new found acquaintance was beautiful and it was made all the more erotic by her attentiveness to my every movement and utterance. Loretta then began to move down my body, suckling my tits, the onward and downward to my engorged clit and cunt. I could not control myself and started to cum, trembling and bucking as I gushed forth an ejaculation unlike anything I had experienced before. Loretta seemed to be in heaven as she lapped and licked up every last drop before she rose up and began to share my own juices with me. I opened my mouth and she shared her own spit mixed with my ejaculate. I was beside myself with every thing she did to me. and then she lifted herself up and moved her leaking cunt over my face, I could do nothing but slide my finger up her pussy and nibble on her clit. I then started moving my fingers around the inside of her pussy as I searched for he G-spot and set about bringing her to orgasm. I found the magic spot and furiously frigged her until she unleashed a torrent on my face. By this time we were lying on her lounger and were lost in a naked embrace I never wanted to end. After about thirty minutes of enjoying the afterglow of our erotic encounter Loretta moved from the lounger and said, "Nancy I have another surprise for yo. Are you ready for anything, and I mean anything?""Yes" I croaked and knew I needed a drink before anything else happened. Loretta then said, "Darling I am sure you need to relieve yourself and you are welcome to do so anywhere you choose, even on me, because I am about to pee on you before I go inside." She then stood over my prone body and release a poerful stream that covered every part of my body which resulted in me pulling her down and relieving myself all over her. With that she got up again and strolled into her cottage. What happened next was the biggest surprise I had ever had in my fifty years of life. She returned with an equally black seventy year old who was also completely naked. It was Maria the maid and I knew I was in for the kinkiest evening of fun I had ever experienced.Maris walked over to me pressed her slim, slightly wrinkled body into mine and then deep throated me with her tongue. I did respond and also explored her moth which tasted also tasted of Vodka and cranberry. Maria then looked me in the eyes and said, "Thank you for the show you and Loretta put on for this little old lady. I really enjoyed every moment but also needed to get in on the action. You also have a beautiful and firm body for a woman over fifty and at last I can touch it rather than mere watch it entangled in among other bodies."Without thinking I blurted out, "Mrs Morales I had no idea that you liked sex" Stupid response I know bu but I was at a loss for words. The old lady in a starched white uniform who busied herself cleaning up after us never struck me as sexual in any way. I must have been a bloody fool because her proximity to me was both sensual and arousing. In short we did have sex that evening and all of us did cum at least three times but all good things must come to an end and we parted just after midnight. I strolled around to my place and could not resist the temptation to peer over my back wall into the very place where I had just been seduced by two black women. I was not surprised to see Maria and Loretta making love on the same lounger where we had had so much fun earlier.The retirement village suddenly took on a whole new appeal for me and I knew I would enjoy my work, the perks and become a full member of the community.
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