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Dad sent me to see his sister

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Dad sent me to see his sisterHelo all My dad is sending me to his sister for the holidays.Dad said to me it is time to get to know my sister.Now you are 19. U should go and find out family.He said u would meet my sister and her husband and her son, He said my sister very loves lady. On the way it will take long time. I am sure you will get there.On the way there that hotel this is the address.?People there are very serving people and those go they are also Very welcome.I said bye to dad and got in my car. I had put in coffee in car and as driving was looking all around.I was thinking what is facing me there?My dad is very nice to me. We were always sleep on one bed.That was after my mom died with accident with car.Just to inform my mom/dadThey met in Collage and got in love.They both were sexual in Collage. When mom/dad go togetherThey did not much with other people. Little by little we got to know other people.We have rented on room to live and study.They both were doing love with each other.I stop for drink coffee. It was going late. Was looking that hotel.I got to hotel rent the room put my things in my room. I went down to bar. I looked around the bar. There few people mostly couple.They were from 20 to up. Not too old.In couple came to my table. They were 30s.They look very good.Little we did common chat. The lady had nice breast \. She was touching her breast now n then.Lady said I am Sheila he is joeHer Husband was had hid hands under the bear table.She asks me what I am doing. I said not much dad work I just do here and there,She and he asks don?t u get bore in home. I said I go in mall group of people and talk.What kind of chat do u do? I put my lips wet. Sheila look at her hubby and smile. I said is there any problem? They said no problem just smile.Joe said to Sheila said why don?t u open up?I looked at both of them with surprise. Sheila smile and said he is not my husband?I looked at on both. They both said we r brother/sister. I smiled with them.They both said do u have any secret? I told u that my dad he is my dad and lover.They said that is ok we all of us here in this bar are mostly Are related.. They both tell every one loud we got another friend in our group.All claps. They ask me where do we go for fun in big room where few can get in?She asked if I have done in group. I said yes I love in-group.Two other couple got up to the big room.As soon we get in room we got naked..He b*o had 8? other 2 guys have 7 and 8?I said I am in luck. That room had big shower to use it. We go under shower. We got dry and got ready for fun.I said I want to take of every dik.They stood in line and I suk then one by one.Other 2 ladies got the taste of those. They all dad then before,But they want me.b*o said he want to do me first? Others got pair up and me with JoeHis was cut I like cut one he also did not had hairs. Sheila hold her b*o,s dik and try to push it in my hole.I got my pusss tight Joe said her puss it very tight.But he did push it in me all 10.I felt in heaven. Shiala started suking my boobs as her b*o was fucking me.Joe is very good on doing what he is born.Other twoCouple were doing with others. Joe is fuking me hard he kept doing and doing I cum 2/3 times I said to Joe U are very west in fuking.Joe finally cum. That gave me rest. And others also wanted rest..WE took coffee and rest and talk.I asked how did u started with b*o?We started in early days. Did parent knew?He said no they did not. How did u hide it?Parent were busy in work they both were going out for Manage the business. Joe said one day I had hard on I was 20 s*s was 19 She came room I was nude. She lucked at my dik.It was hard and standing up.She said she have not seen that big and hard before.Joe asked have u done with any guy?She said few of then they were not that big as Joe.Sheiala said I love b*o,s kokThat is how we go it to it She said I love b*o kok why go to others/ Then we found this hotel we could get all kind of people.All the men here in our room fuck me . Some last long time.Joe asked how I started? It was my dad. Mom died Dad was alone at home.When I was 18 then I asked dad if U don?t minde I like to get fuked by you For the first time.My dad told me to stop in this hotel.When I told mom/dad name. They were surprise that they stoped here. Dad did not tell me about sex.Joe said we r friends then.We fuk all night Next day will go to meet my aunt and her son and her hubby.Joe said do u want to know they all been throw here.So u know my dad and mom.They said yes we know now.Joe said don?t forget to stop in this hotel.I said that is a promises I will stop here
09-11-2021, at 10:53 AM

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