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AwakeningsChapter 6ConfrontationThe weeks passed by quickly after their erotic encounter at the Hilton. Work got busier and Isabella found herself staying late most nights just to get through the files that were building on her desk. Daniel had got much busier, attending networking events, functions, dinners and had brought in some new clients which meant a lot more work for Isabella to get stuck into. It also meant more time with Daniel. She admired his work ethic and professionalism, his dedication and desire to achieve great results were an inspiration to her. He possessed an air of importance and power that made Isabella weak at the knees. He worked hard and played hard, and God, did he play hard! Whenever they could, they stole knowing glances across the office and during meetings, always knowing what the other was thinking. Isabella recalled one particular day very well. It was a normal Wednesday afternoon in the office and the rain was cascading down outside, streaking the large windows with streams of water. Daniel was busy drafting an urgent agreement that the client needed by the end of that week. ?Go home, Isabella, it's getting late? he said to her as she walked past his office with a pile of files in her arms.?I will in a mo; I just want to put these files away before I leave? she said, flashing that smile that she knew Daniel could not resist. She cradled the files against her chest, pushing her breasts higher making her cleavage push out of the top of her shirt. She walked off looking at him over her shoulder as she left. He smiled and winked at her which made her heart skip a beat. Once in the adjacent office she settled on putting each file away in its correct place. The files were kept in a roller racking system. She rolled the wheels to manoeuvre the shelving to one side.The heavy raindrops were creating a melodic rhythm on the window sill outside. Isabella was listening intently and the noise was somehow soothing and calming. She had nearly finished and was just bending forwards to put the last file away when suddenly she felt firm hands grasp her hips. The surprise made her drop the file she was holding, the papers falling, fluttering to the floor. She knew it was Daniel, she could not mistake that touch, his touch. She loved his spontaneity, always acting on his emotions at any given opportunity. Especially with her, he just couldn't seem to get enough of her and she delighted in that.She stood up straight, his lips kissing her neck, hands eagerly unbuttoning her blouse, and cupping her breasts over her bra. He pulled the cups of her bra down exposing her breasts, playing and teasing her nipples. Oh God that felt good. Her pussy immediately started to ache for his touch. She could feel his growing erection pushing into her back as he continued to tease and pull at her nipples as he continued to passionately kiss her neck and shoulders. She reached her hands back, grabbing the back of his head pulling him closer. Slowly his hands wondered down to her tummy tickling her sides which made her giggle. ?Mmmm I love your giggle? he whispered. He slowly undid her belt and jeans, she knew what he wanted to do but no, she wanted him more. She turned around and pushed him against the racking and with a wicked grin she got down on her knees, impatiently undid his trousers, and pulled them down to his knees freeing his erection. She loved how hard he got, he was so ready for her. She started to tease him with her tongue, licking, flicking, circling, tantalising him while her hand grasped his length, gently moving her hand up and down. Looking up at him, she smiled devilishly and consumed him hungrily with an intensity that surprised them both. She loved the taste of his precum and used her saliva to allow her mouth to slide gracefully, while her hands explored his balls and his inner thighs, she noticed how is breathing was getting quicker. ?Oh shit, Isabella faster ?.. faster? he breathed, as he watched her with a wild look in his eyes.She obeyed and wanked him harder, harder, her mouth working his cock. ?Yes, keep going ? keep going ? keep doing that ? oh yeah ?.? he hissed, his breathing frantic and out of control. ?Oh god ? oh God ? I'm going to come, I'm going to .....'. Then suddenly with a loud moan Isabella felt his warm fluid burst into her mouth, Daniel?s breathing catching in his orgasm as if he had just been plunged into cold water. Isabella tasted him, tasted his sweet cum and swallowed willingly, her hand gradually moving slower as Daniel came down from his high. They smiled at one another, she kissed his stomach, then looked at the files and the paperwork that had been recklessly left to fall to the floor. That will take some sorting through, she thought! She stood and kissed him passionately, challenging him to taste his own come in her mouth. They kissed for a long, long time, needing the intimate contact.It had now been six months since she had started working for Daniel and Isabella had just come out of her appraisal with Sharon, the HR Manager. She had passed her probationary period with flying colours and they had formally offered her the job permanently and given her a pay rise. She was ecstatic and so relieved with the outcome of her appraisal. Not only because she enjoyed her work and had formed strong friendships with her colleagues, not even just because it would mean seeing Daniel every day, but because she felt she had a real and valuable presence there. She also loved working for Daniel - obviously their extra curricula activities had helped matters, but as a boss he was the best boss she had ever had. He was never moody or grumpy and always had time for her no matter what. Although things at work were going smoothly the same could not be said for her home life. Her relationship with Josh was fraught with tension and she could not see how they were ever going to get out of this low dip in their relationship. She had been waiting for the right time to broach the subject with him, but one day he beat her to it. It was a Monday morning, they were both tired and fractious, after having been out with friends the evening before and Josh was being particularly off with Isabella. ?Whats up, Josh? Is there something wrong?? She asked tentatively as she took a sip of her tea.?No, everything's fine? he said with pursed lips as he glared into his cereal, taking huge mouthfuls as if he had not eaten for days. Isabella knew full well something was up. He was normally quite jovial in the morning, which had always annoyed Isabella. She was definitely not a morning person and his sprightly morning persona just wanted to make her hide under the duvet.Josh stood up and took his bowl to the sink, slamming it down making the rest of the crockery crash together, the sound penetrated the atmosphere and made Isabella jump.?I found this in your jeans pocket? he thrust an email into her hand, it was addressed to her from Daniel. She took it, her hands trembling, her mouth dry, opening it she knew exactly what it was and her heart started beating uncontrollably. My darling Isabella, I have booked a table at Perla for 8pm tonight. I'll have a car pick you up at 7.30pm. Can't wait to hold you, to kiss you. It's been too long since I last made love to you. I need you ... tonight. Daniel She cursed herself for being so stupid in keeping it in her jeans.?Explain, now!? Josh demanded gesturing to the piece of paper. Panic poured through her and the colour drained from her face. She had to sit down quickly. ?Well?? Josh shouted. His face red with fury, his eyes bored into her like red hot pokers. Tears started stinging her eyes and her breathing became erratic. ?Josh, I ... I'm so sorry? was all she could muster.?How long, Isabella? How long have you been fucking him?? Josh shouted.Isabella could feel his fury and was starting to get scared. She had been on the receiving end of his rage once before and it was not pleasant. He grabbed her by the shoulders, lifted her to her feet his hands bearing into her skin. She could feel his breath on her face and she turned away, struggling to get free from his interrogation. ?A good fuck is he?? He hissed, his eyes squinting with fury his face not two inches from her own.?So c?mon, bitch? how long??The tears had started streaming down her face, frightened by his aggression. ?I... I don't seven, eight months I guess? she whimpered. She could hardly breath, Josh was squeezing her that much; she was sure his grasp would leave bruises on her arms. Suddenly he let her go, her shoulders dropping and as her heels found the floor she felt his hand strike her hard across her left cheek. Isabella hit the floor hard and caught her arm on the corner of the table, pain searing through her body, her cheek burning, on fire. She instinctively grasped her face, her breath catching in her chest as the shock of what just happened came to realisation. She started feeling nauseous and dizzy from the force of Josh's v******e. She looked up to find him sat on a chair with his head in his hands sobbing uncontrollably, his shoulders jerking and his breath catching in his chest. She had never seen him in such distress and the first feelings of guilt and sorrow for him flooded her body. She felt selfish and disappointed that she was capable of hurting him like she had. She knew their relationship was over.?Josh ? I?m so sorry ? I never meant to hurt you.? He looked up at her. ?I?m going to work and when I come back, you had better not be here? he said through gritted teeth, his eyes red from his tears. Isabella watched him walk out slamming the door behind him, jolting the pictures hanging on the wall. It took her a while to peel herself off the floor. Her elbow was red and bruised from catching it on the table and her cheek was stinging, burning from the power behind Josh's anger. She had to get to work, there was only one person she wanted to see and that was Daniel. She picked up the phone and rang his office he picked up on the second ring. ?Daniel, it's me? she said trying to keep her voice calm, but failing. ?'Isabella? Are you OK? You sound odd. What?s happened?? His evident concern for her proved to be her undoing and she sobbed uncontrollably down the phone.?He knows? she said simply. ?He wants me out of the house by the end of today.? she sniffed trying to gather herself together. ?Stay where you are, I'll be there in 30 minutes? Daniel said, hanging up the phone. The moment Isabella opened the door, Daniel swept her up in his arms and hugged her tight. She nuzzled her face in his chest as she smelt his familiar scent. She suddenly felt calmer and safe, relieved he was there. He kissed her forehead tenderly and cradled her face in his hands to which she winced and pulled away her cheek still sore from earlier. ?What?s wrong? Why is your face red? Did he hit you Isabella??Daniel asked with concern, his eyes searching hers for answers. ?Umm yes.... but what I have done to him is far worse?; the guilt washed over her again. She felt disgraced and ashamed of her actions over the last 8 months. Yet weirdly she did not regret a single thing. That cocktail of emotions was tricky to digest and all she could do was hold Daniel tighter, as if her life depended on it. TO BE CONTINUED ...

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