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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 9

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 9It was another bright and sunny day when we woke from our much needed rest. The room still smelled of sex and that was fine by me. Housekeeping would take that away anyway. We got dressed and went down for breakfast as usual. We were seated again with the hot little waitress and she smiled when she saw us come in. She greeted us and brought me some coffee and my lady friend a glass if ice water. I thanked her and then she said that she missed us last night. I was confused when I heard this since we never eat at the restaurant for diner there. Then she stopped and explained that it was her night to work the Room Service for extra money and she was bringing our food up when she was intercepted by the Fiance. I said I wished we had known that but our friend was just being polite. She agreed and hurried off into the kitchen. ?You want to fuck her don?t you baby??. my lady friend asked. I replied that I did and I wanted to tie her up in a chair with a vibrator in her ass and pussy so she could watch me fuck that tight girl. I reached under the table and carefully slide my hand down her shorts to see if that made her wet and of course it did. As we ate and chatted she later admitted that she wanted to invite both of her daughters and her grandson to use the pool and have lunch. I said that was fine with me and I looked forward with spending some non naked time with her family. She got a big smile and text them our invitation. Our little waitress came by checking on us and asked if we were going to the pool today. My lady friend answered yes and that her family was coming for the day. The waitress said that was a great idea and wished us a happy day. I wished her a happy day as well and slipped her a large tip. On our way to our room we met up with the Aussie and his Fiance all cuddled up and kissing. I joked to them to get a room and they laughed saying that they would use ours but they where starving. Then the Fiance turned and asked if our meal was cold and that the Room Service girl had stopped them on their way to the room to ask. I said it was fine and thanked her again for bringing it to us. She smiled coyly and reminded me that I more than returned the favor. We all laughed as the elevator came for us to go up stairs. The ladies kissed and on the car we went. As soon I was on I strongly kissed me lady friend and slid my hand down her shorts. I loved playing with that bald pussy and getting her wet. We arrived at our floor when she got a text saying that everyone was coming at the arranged time. All was set so we went to the room to tidy it up before housekeeping came. Then the phone in the room rang. I answered the call, it was from the restaurant. It seems that my ticket was lost and could I come down and resign it for the breakfast. I headed down and met with the hostess. She apologize profusely and said that the waitress had dropped it. I said no problem and told the hostess to tell the manager what a good job she does. I had some minor business at the small Business Center in the Lobby and soon after completing it I headed up to my room. I was in the car going up when the elevator stopped on the next floor. To my surprise it was the cute waitress was working Room Service again. She said that the restaurant was slow so instead of going home she would help them instead. She apologized for the bill issue but I assured her that it was not a problem. I asked her what floor and she answered that she was going to the floor that I was on. She had a tray on a cart with covered dishes and a bottle of champagne. Another wedding engagement I joked and she laughed and smiled. The car suddenly jerked to a stop and she assured me that this happens from time to time. I said I was fine. I had food, drink and a beautiful woman. She blushed and thank me for being so nice. We where in the car talking and laughing and hoping that the food did not get cold. I asked her if she was really serious about coming to our little ?pool party? the other day. She again blushed and nodded her sweet head yes. I told her I was surprise a little because she must have men lined up that wanted to be her boyfriend. She said not really because she had a c***d and most men in PI want a virgin. Besides that she said that she was more open with her sexuality then her peers. I wanted to follow that up with another question but the car started to move and soon we were at our floor. I held the door as she wheeled out the cart. She accidentally brushed her body against mine and gave my hardening cock a quick squeeze. I smiled and told her that any man would be foolish not to want to be with such a sexy lady as herself. She smiled that smile at me and went on her way. I stayed for a minute watching that little ass pushing that cart down the hallway. When I returned to the room I saw my lady friend spread eagle on the bed with one of the vibrators I brought her in her bald pussy and the other smaller one deep into her ass. ?Whats this I asked??, to the sight before me. She answered that she started thinking about the little waitress and seeing my fuck her and maybe joining in made her horny. So I told her of my little encounter and took over the dildos. I worked both in alternating them like she was being fucked. She was so wet her juices were use to lube the dildo in her ass. As I fucked her withe the toys I told her what I would do to the little waitress and how much of a slut I think she is for such a young girl. When I went it detail it was all it took, my lady friend started to orgasm again. She asked if I thought that the waitress pussy was bald and I answered that if she was then we could shave her. That was it the final wave hit her as my cock stuck out my shorts leg. ?Oh baby, I?m cumming again thinking about you fucking that girl? she gasped. I know I said but first I am going to fuck your daughter today during the swimming I want you to see her squirt and with that my lady friend came again.?Stop, stop, stop you are make me cum too much? she warned. I laughed and told her that sluts like her never cum too much. And with that I slowly pulled out both toys and made her clean them both. She asked me if I wanted a blow job before the come but I said that I want you to be on your knees sucking me when the knock on the door. Tell them to text you when they arrive. She did and when they finally arrive my lady friend got on her knees and pulled out my cock and started sucking it, While she sucked it I pulled on her nipples through her suit and told her what a good fuck slut she was. When they knocked she returned my cock to my suit proud of my encouragement. Her nipples were still at full extension through her suit when she open the door for her family. Everyone came in and I mentioned how cold it was in the room. Her daughter and son in law agreed but her other daughter smiled curiously. Everyone changed in our room and had their suits on the women were all modest in their attire and the son in law just wore a pair of baggy shorts. The daughter that I made cum flashed me a couple of times and I flashed her as well. She was licking her lips when she saw my rod. We all went up stairs in the elevator and caught a ride with the little waitress. She greeted everyone and welcomed them to the hotel. They greeted her back and my lady friend touched her shoulder I moved to the back of the car and stood next to the waitress. The car had to travel a few floors and everyone was talking about the pool to notice that I was rubbing the tight ass of the waitress in the back of the car. She stood there smiling as I reached behind her and slid my had under her uniform skirt. To my surprise there were not panties on that cute ass. When we arrived at our floor everyone filed out and I had reluctantly removed my hand. I smiled and thanked her for hold the door and carried the pool towels and gear into the pool area. It was getting hot so jumped into the pool to cool myself off. We swam and played until lunch and my lady friend ordered traditional food for us. Sadly, a young waiter brought it to us under the lustful eyes of the ?squirting daughter? I leaned over and whispered, ? I bet you would like some of that room service?. She smiled and nodded, ?Yes, Uncle I would not mind that at all? we both laughed. When asked what we were laughing at I informed the group that she was in love with the waiter. Then everyone laughed and she just smiled. After we ate the couple and the grand son went back to the pool and my lady friend went to the ladies room. The daughter was alone with me for the first time since I got her to squirt. She told me that she knew that I had fucked her cousin because her cousin called her after and told her how big my cock was and how she got the shit fucked out of her. I smiled and said yes to her statement that her cousin was a good little fuck and a very good slut. She then asked, ?Did you fuck my Aunty?? No I replied, I made her cum like I made you cum. She wanted to fuck but we where out of time. ?Oh my, you fuck my cousin and did not cum and you played with my Aunty and did not cum?? Yes, that was true but I made her Mother blow me later and I came all over her face. The daughter just moaned. In case you are wondering I continued. I am going to fuck you today and make your Mother watch you squirt. ?No, I cannot do that? she replied. Sorry but I already told your Mother what a slut you where and how I made you squirt across the porch. She is going to get me hard while I eat you out then I am going to stick my cock in you and fuck in three positions so she can see it. Her look of horror changed to lust. She kept asking when and I kept telling her that I might do it right now in front of everyone if does not stop. ?Oh God, I think I may burst waiting?. I stood up grabbed her by the hand and lead her a part of the deck that was away from the pool and overlooked the city. She stood in front of me pretending to show me the city. I took the opportunity to feel her rather large titties on top of her suit and rubbed her pussy the same way. I them discretely slide my hand in her suit along the side of the inner thigh. Touching her wetness and flicking her clit. ?You want to cum don?t you?? I asked. Yes was her reply. ?Well I am going to make you cum and then you need to excuse your self to the room to lay down. Say something about the sun and the drinks you had?. ?Yes, Uncle I will but make me cum? she replied in a little girl voice. So I rubbed her pussy from within her suit until I felt her weight against mine and my hand get really wet. ?Now yow can say that you have cum in front of the entire city? She moaned and quickly recovered. She returned to the table and then over to the pool to announce that she need to lay down a little. Something about too much sun and drinks. Everyone said okay and wished her to feel better. She walked past me and I asked if she would be okay return alone. She replied that she would feel better if someone came with her to make sure she did not feel ill on the way to the room. Her Mother walked over and walked us to the elevator asking if everything as alright. She went back in and said that she was going to because she had some medicine that may help. The group kept playing. Into the elevator we went still holding up the ill daughter. Once the door closed she went up to me and laid a huge kiss on me with tongues flaring. Her Mother saw this and dropped to her knees pulling out my cock and eagerly sucking in into her mouth. ?Look down and watch your Mother suck on me I ordered.? She did and stared at the site before her. She is getting me hard so I can fuck you and show her how you squirt. The daughter moaned with those words and my lady friend moaned with my cock in her mouth. Then all the sudden the car slowed down and stopped at a lower. My lady friend barely gets up and my cock is still out as the door opens. It was an older Korean couple that greeted us as I place my lady friend in front of me to hide my exposed rod. I used the opportunity to rub it on my lady friends ass cheeks as her daughter stared down. They were getting off before us and the car stopped at their floor. I used the diversion to put my cock back. Once the door closed and we were on out way both women looked like they were ready to get in the room. At the room we encountered a problem with room service cleaning the room. Not to be deterred we headed for the stairwell. ? Lets play here while they finish the room? I suggested. Quickly I was on my back against the stairs. My lady friend was straddling my face allowing me full access to her extremely wet pussy while her daughter watched and played with herself. I ate her pussy good and soon I had her cumming in my mouth. The daughter had pulled her suit over so her pussy was full exposed furiously rubbing her big clit. My lady friend turned around to watch and licked her lips when she saw the rather large clit. Now they both started to cum and soon the daughter shot her squirt at us. It was a huge plume of spray and it landed all over my raging cock. The daughter fell against the wall and my lady friend stepped down the stairs to goggle up my exposed cock. The daughter gasped when she saw this and started rubbing again. Soon out came another spray that got everyone. I was really enjoying the scene when I looked up and saw the little waitress watching but she was not alone for next to her was the waiter that brought our food. It seems this was a place that they met for sex regularly. She was memorized by the scene before her but kept sucking the waiters smallish cock. He had his eyes closed so he did not see our performance but she did. I tried to encourage her to join us but she shook her head no and mouthed the word ?later?. I mouthed okay but also told her that I wanted to fuck her. She answered okay and went back to sucking. Meanwhile the daughter recovered enough to join her mother and they took turns suck it. To my surprise the even tongued the side all the way up the shaft and even licked the head together. It was crazy hot and I was loving it. I looked up and the waitress had now mounted the face of the waiter and she was mouthing that she wants me to do that to her. So I leaned forward and pulled the daughter?s pussy on my face. She started to squirm and low moan while I buried my tongue into her. The waitress was now rubbing that sweet pussy while she was getting eaten with her uniform skirt hikes up her waste. I could tell that she was starting to get enjoyment from the licking and what she was seeing from us.She must have really wet his face because he was complaining to her. Meanwhile the daughter was ready to cum again and this time I clamped my mouth over her box and sucked on it while she squirted thus filling my mouth. I held it so that the waitress could see and then I motioned for her Mother to come close. I pulled her close to kiss her and let some of the juice out. She moaned and licked my lips wanting more. I then motioned to the daughter and did the same to her. By now the waiter was gone but the waitress had two slender finger in her pussy watching through her half closed eyes. As she was cumming she opened her mouth like she wanted some too. I held some and told the ladies to get straighten up and go to the room. I need a minute to calm down and let my swollen dick go down a little. They got up and headed for the room. As soon as the stairwell door closed I ran up the stairs to the next floor where my hot little waitress was there pussy exposed fingering away. I bent down and kissed her depositing the rest of the squirt into her hungry mouth. She kissed me deeply trying to get more and I move my hand to to her lightly haired crotch. I felt so soft and nice to my touch. She moaned and I rubbed her little clit and grabbed those tiny titties. She was so horny that I could have fucked her right there but I had another commitment waiting for me. She tried to get me to stay by pulling out my cock from my suit but I told her later when we have time and I can eat and fuck your tight little pussy properly. She moaned again and I kept rubbing pressure on her until she came again. I kissed her and said that I had to fuck those two sluts. ? Save some for me she? she replied poutingly. I laughed and head to my room. When I got there I saw my lady friend and her daughter in the shower washing each other. It was very sexy even though they were not being sexual. I joined them and was in the middle of the two. Once they rubbed their titties and asses on me enough to tease me we all dried off and went to the bed. I asked which one wants to go first. The daughter was first to reply and said that she wants to see her Mother get fucked by me. I told her to go sit in that chair and watch. As soon as my lady friend was down on the mattress I was inside her. I stated real slow and she moaned and moaned then I picked up may pace and she started getting ready to orgasm. I then pulled it out and showed it to her daughter and instructed my slut to get on her knees. By now the daughter was back to rubbing herself. I entered her mother from behind and began to tell her daughter what a fuck toy her mother was. I told her of fucking her ass and how we had a foursome on the roof with another couple and that later her mother shaved me and the other woman. The daughter rolled her head back and closed her eyes. ?Open your eyes slut and watch your Mother cum? I hissed. With that I started pumping her hard and reached under her and started stabbing her clit with my fingers. This set of my lady friend and set off . Soon she collapsed on the bed so I rolled her on her side and opened her legs exposing her very red pussy with juices still on the lips. I then went down on her cleaning up her cum. She got up when I was done and exchanged places with her daughter. Now it was the daughter?s turn to get fucked as she laid on the bed and I picked up her hips so I could put two large pillows under her ass. I then proceeded to play and like her freshly very juicy cunt. She was going wild as her Mother just stared mesmerized. I got her close and then stopped, for 10 minutes I kept edging her so she would really blast. Finally, I mounted her and sunk my rod deep into her. As I was fucking her all I could think about was fucking the little waitress but soon I could feel her contract and grab my cock. She was going to cum and cum hard. I picked up the pace and whispered that I saw the waiter getting blown in the stairwell by a waitress and he ate her pussy too. That was it for it seemed as I was thinking of the waitress she was thinking about the waiter.? Oh Uncle, did he cum?: she asked as the pressure built. Yes I replied a lot some it it dribbled out of the poor waitress mouth and you could have licked that up. That was it for her. It felt like the force of her squirt was trying to push me out but I kept on. Meanwhile her Mother was telling me not to shoot inside her. She may get pregnant and she wanted it in her mouth. Well that was it for me, while the squirtter was still heaving I pulled out, turned and shot my nut all over her Mothers chest neck and face. She loved facials and then all the sudden the daughters cried out that she wanted some so I returned to her and put my cock in her mouth were she sucked out the remaining. ?What a good slut you are? I told her. ?Yes, Uncle I am your slut too. Maybe I should call you daddy instead??, she joked. I told her that I was her fuck Daddy..It was then I realized that we had to get back and we all got our suits on and headed up stairs. The ladies held hands as we rode until the door open to the pool deck.
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