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The chair of the White Queen.
The chair of the White Queen.The chair is the first thing I noticed entering the apartment, it couldn't be missed. Alone in the center of the lounge with all other furniture pushed against the walls. The rug rolled and leaning in the corner, gas fire lit so low as to produce no noticeable heat at all. The chair looks old, all iron scrolls and smooth wooden surfaces, heavy but very adjustable if you could believe the many knobs and levers. Dental maybe? or medical? I don't know what its use was before today, whatever it's past life had been, it has a new one now.Bolted securely to the floor, shiny metal brackets added one on each arm rest and one on each side of the foot plate. Stark and modern in contrast to the ornate wood and iron they are just as finely crafted, small keyholes, hidden hinges, bespoke in form and function. On the couch facing the chair you lounge, d****d across his knees your head resting on her lap. You are always nude, your body looks soft to touch and pale like a classical alabaster nude by an unknown master. I had never seen you dressed, not once in all my visits.I?m sure you owned cloths, You must? Had you ever even left this house? Had you ever seen the sun? I do not know. you are only questions to me..You had them both in latex, shiny and tight.He was in soft pink head to toe, only his lips exposed through a perfect circular ring and painted the same soft hue. Stark black a zipper runs off center from the top of the head slowly curving down to his groin, Straining against the bottom zipper his cock looked thick, long and in pain.She was baby blue, her legs exposed capped in matching blue heels so tall and pointed I doubt she could walk. under the mask her face was hidden. This you made sure of with a blindfold strap obscuring her sight and another strap gagging her mouth, her lips striking in scarlet, shiny and wet. Confused to why they did not match, so unlike you, it took me some time, too long honestly. Your nipples, firm, wet and scarlet, It should have been obvious.It seemed some sort of mental game was afoot and I'm sure more than one, but for them or me? I do not know. They are beautiful and they are yours. I am yours.You point to the coat rack, I need no words just your point, permission to continue and now that I have it I start removing my shoes setting them under the rack, removing then rolling each socks before placing it in its corresponding shoe. Next my pants folded and placed atop the shoes, then shirt folded and placed atop the pants. Finally underpants removed folded and added to the pile, the last layer in the stack. One day my very own named hanger will be up on the rack, but not today, not yet.I walk to the chair and wait, i look to you and you smile, ?Yes, sit.? The warm words roll across your lips, almost hinting at concern, that I may be tired after long travel or weary at the end of a long day. As i sit I feel the warmth of the smooth wood and the cool of the iron and steel. hard, but rounded and without a sharp edge and though it was not padded the chair was exceptionally comfortable, a fitting lie as I knew you would not let me be comfortable long.You are now beside them on the couch, I had only looked away a moment to sit, you were so silent and fast, no doubt slinking gracefully like a cat. In his ear you whisper some instructions, he nods and turns to remove her blindfold. Obviously he has some sight through the pink of his mask but tinted and limited causing him to fumble with the straps buckle taking a few moments longer than he should otherwise take. I can now see her brown eyes and as she blinks readjusting to the light she looks around for you, upon seeing you she stops and waits. Commands silent to my ears are given, a small glance to me and a smile. I know I am about to become part of a game these two have been pawns in. I hope to be a powerful piece one day but for now I am a pawn too. having not yet been invited to tea and cake, hand served by you and given a place on the back row by your side.She stands gracefully, with amazing speed and skill she moves. I am so impressed, in those heels I thought she would be on the couch all night just a plaything for you. She helps him to his feet guiding him across the room to me. Her skilful movements, fast and fluid wake a fire within me somewhere, the hours of work, training and development you have put into her is breathtaking. Together they close the shackle around my wrists and ankles securing me to the chair. Your voice, the sweet terrific sound, ?she will now blindfold you? in her hand the strap that was before around her own eyes was now to be mine, and as she took away my sight I was glad the wait was over. ?The same safeguards are in effect respect all agreements and you will be rewarded? your voice in my ear so close. A few slight squeaks and the chair is now swinging backwards. I am now sitting, like an astronaut ready for launch, destination unknown, a few more clicks and my legs and now lowered, laying there restrained I wonder what you have in store. A set of large strong hands starts to massage my body, his movement swirling and rhythmic working up and down my left side, then on my right, hands smaller though still strong join in the swirling relaxation. I know this is to help distract and prepare me for what's ahead, they are skilled and it's working, I feel the chair lower closer to the floor as the massaging stops. I hear the soft tap of her shoes come to the top of the chair, tap, tap, one each side of my head, I feel her above me, her hands on me, not soft and relaxing now but with nails from my hips to my shoulders, sharp scr****g, cold like goosebumps, then hot pain trailing her fingers. As this continues I feel her presence become greater above me before resting delicately over my mouth, her groin rocking back and forth as she continues to trace her nails up my body. The smooth latex becoming wet and slick from my lips and breath, her smell of sweet flowers, orange, latex and pleasure, she is enjoying this too it seems. As her nails trace fire across my body, I feel the heat of each scratch sink into me and travel to my core before flowing like a slow warm stream of energy down into my cock. I swell slowly at first but growing fast it's not long before I feel his tongue along my shaft. It's warm broad strokes awake me fully, my cock now swollen and wrapped in his tongue, I ache I'm so hard, never before have I felt this way from a man on my cock. His lips soft and plump start to work themselves around the head of my cock and as the pleasure of him starts to register I notice that she stopped clawing at my body. Instead sitting down heavy on my face, her lips pressed into mine while my nose sinks into her ass. The latex pulled aside or remove, i I can't say how or when she removed it, all I know is it's gone and the pussy and ass grinding into my face is no longer caring about my pleasure only its own. I gasp for breaths whenever I can, otherwise I know I need to pleasure her. I keep licking frantically at her grinding holes my mind feels overloaded, he is no longer holding back on me either and is sucking my cock like nothing I have ever experienced. Taking me fully into his throat for what seems minutes at a time, his tongue now snaking around my balls, rolling and flicking. How he is breathing I have no clue or want to care, the pleasure is all encompassing the task I must perform entirely distracting. I feel myself uncontrollably releasing great pumps of sperm deep into him. He doesn't relent or remove me from his throat just continues to swallow relentlessly milking me consuming all I have to offer. Your remarkable training again I'm sure. I feel her shaking as she collapses on me, pounding her fists into my abdomen, I am smothered unable to breath and he won't stop, the excruciating pleasure starts to build again, drowning in her wetness and assaulted by her fists and I start to come again. I scream into her smothering wet pussy as he takes me beyond pleasure, inky blackness overtakes me.Conciseness returns and I am no longer blindfold, instead I am once again upright and the chair a chair once more. The shackles still restraining me and as I look around I struggle to make sense of the room. as before, you are on the couch facing the chair you lounge, d****d across his knees your head resting on her lap. She now with her eyes uncovered, is looking down, he has his mouth gagged, I presume the blindfolded we both wore. Before me a small table, warm polished wood ornately carved around the edges with parquetry and matched walnut board. In the center a small white teacup with tea and saucer, beside thoes a plate with a slice of dense white cake and a matching vase with small clusters of white flowers. Your voice piecing my thoughts and dragging me back to your reality. ?I assume that you remember what this means?, I know the question is rhetorical. ?I wanted to give you a proper introduction to pink and blue.? This is the first I have ever known they were named. She rises slowly and walks across to me, ?they are gifts, yours to keep Rook.? As the teacup touches my lips and the sweet white tea begins to roll down across my tongue I know that I am now one of her chosen few, along with Bishop and the king I join the side of the White Queen.

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