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Nympho Gangbang Adventure

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Nympho Gangbang AdventureI am a nympho and don't care. My BF calls me his good littile cum slut, or his good little whore. Which is true. I love getting gangbanged and showing off at swing parties. Sex is my hobby. But lately I have gotten into adventuring out on my own without my BF. I like to be picked up by new men. I don't want to know his name or be his friend. I just want to be fucked. It is very exciting to entice a man without actually speaking to him. Lately I've been cruising some apartment buildings. Last week, I wore a very short skirt and skimpy top. No bra. No panties. My nipples were quite obvious. I rode the elevator, and soon a big 6 ft man got in. Without saying a word, I simultaneously rubbed my nipples and thigh. Looked straight at him and smiled. He got the message!He stood next to me and put his hand up my skirt, and since I wasn't wearing panties, his fingers soon stroked my shaved pussy. I love having a guy put his hand up my skirt to see how far I will go. Love seeing the expression on his face, when he discovers, I'm not wearing panties and have a shaved pussy. Short skirt, no panties. Sit down and spread my legs open to let a man peek at my pussy. Or pull up my skirt and flash my naked pussy. He asked me how much for a fuck? I laughed and said, FREE cause I'm cheating on my BF as pay back. I asked Do you live here. He said yes, but he had a male room-mate. I said more the better. I said it's ok, because me and my BF were swingers. But that day, I wanted to find some mischief on my own. I'll call him Bob. I call all my fuck hook-ups, Bob.So we ended up in his apt, but his room-mate wasn't there. We both got naked in the living room, and I sucked his dick up hard. He wanted to fuck, but I said no. Not until you've sucked me, and I've had some orgasms. He sucked pretty good. He sucked hard on my clit and made it swell up. I asked if he knew how to find and massage a G-spot? He said no. So I had him finger the inside of my cunt until he found it. When he did, I asked him to suck my cunt clit at the same time. I had a really strong orgasm and got very wet. I said, You can fuck me now.Oh was he ever ready. I knelt doggy style over the couch, so he could see my shaved cunt in its full glory. He spread open my pussy lips, and stroked it with his fingers. Stuck 2 fingers in to feel my hot wetness. I told him that I liked a cock in it deep and hard. He sread my knees wider and shoved his a big dick in all the way to my cervix. Oh it felt so good. I felt like a flower bloom opening up completely. He continued with slow deep thrusts, then faster and harder. I heard a key in the door, and in stepped another guy. Who as it turned out was his room-mate. An older, average looking guy, who frowned when he saw us. I was a little embarrassed (but not much). Bob just kept fucking me, and said I was a whore. I could tell that the room-mate (whom I'll call Jack) was getting a bulge in his crotch. He sat in a chair and watched us fuck for a while. Bob pulled out, lay on the couch, and had me sit on his dick, facing Jack. Jack pulled his dick out and started stroking it. It was already very hard. I was getting very hot and excited, because I knew these guys were going to fuck me a lot. Trade me off between them, and give me lots of orgasms. Jack put his cock in my mouth, while I rode Bob's dick. After a while, Jack shot cum in my mouth, and I swallowed it. He lost his hard-on, and sat back in the chair, watching me ride Bob's dick. I asked Bob if he had ever tried a Rush popper. He asked, what is that?Now I've been a nympho swinger for some time. A few years ago, some gay guys took me to a gay sex scene, t introduced to isobutyl nitrite. It's legal. Sold by various names, and readily available on line, in porno stores, etc. It enhances sex, and everyone I know that sniffs it, just wants to be fucked very deep. I got my bottle from my skirt pocket, uncapped it, told Bob to take a small sniff. I took a big sniff, and felt my pussy melting inside. I just opened up deeper and lusted for Bob to keep fucking me. He pulled out, gave Jack a sniff. jack shoved his dick in me, and my cunt opened up for him. I didn't really care, who fucked me, as long as there was a dick in my cunt. So the guys spent about 2 hour taking turns fucking me and shooting their cum wads into me. My cunt was wet and slippery with cum cream. I loved it, when they took turns changing places. We all got into using the Rush popper and just fucking and fucking and fucking. They started calling me dirty names, talking dirty to me. Calling me slut, whore. Jack asked if I liked anal sex. That he loved to butt fuck whores like me. I didn't object. So another popper sniff, and he shoved his dick deep into my ass. I was crazy by then. All I wanted was dick dick dick. He pulled out. Another popper sniff, and Bob's dick was shoved in my ass. I wore them out. We took a little rest. Then I sat on Jack's dick, and Bob shoved his cock up my ass for double penetration. Finally, I was too sore for more. Worn out. I took a shower, cleaned up, went home, and fell asleep. My BF showed up about 4 AM. He is bi, and I knew that he had been out to a gay bath, party, or bar. He has his solo fun, and so do I. Don't you wish you had a little GF or wife slut like me? Maybe you do!
09-11-2021, at 10:54 AM