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Reunion (part 1)

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Reunion (part 1)By Len Hazell"What am, I doing here?"Sean Mc Connel checked his watch again; it was eleven minutes past nine, which meant he had been wandering the streets for almost two hours.It also meant that he had been standing outside the old Urqueholme Secondary Modern, or, Urqueholme Comprehensive School, as it now was, for forty-seven minutes.Twenty years ago, almost to the day, he had walked out through those same wrought iron gates, for the last time.Turning to deliver a tremendous, wholehearted, raspberry and two-fingered salute, he had vowed never to return and darken those doors again.Yes, he remembered it just as he remembered yesterday, and what a bloody awful day yesterday had been."What am, I doing here? "He felt a desperate inner plea, begging him to turn away, go home, go to the pub, go anywhere except back through those dark wrought iron gates.Whomever it was that had written, school days are the best of your life, had never attended Urqueholme Secondary Modern."What am, I doing here?"The invitation had arrived f******n days ago. Just plop, and there it was on the doormat. No warnings, no by your leave, no anything, just plop.He had read it over his toast and corn flakes, and only the paper held in front of his face had disguised the fact he had almost choked." What was the letter dear? " asked Annie, his wife, innocently. He answered casually, but truthfully, " Just an invitation."" Oh aye, to what?"" The annual insurance salesman of the year awards. It's a company thing,? The lie skipped so easily, unexpectedly and convincingly off his tongue that he both surprised and frightened himself.?We all get an invitation, but no one ever goes, just the anorak brigade and the men in the grey suits. Don't think we'll bother eh? "" No," she agreed, " It doesn't sound like my idea of a good night out." He grunted in agreement, and Expertly he screwed up the envelope and accurately tossed it in to the bin. Secretly he slipped the invitation card in to the folds of his paper.Why had he done that?Annie might have insisted that they come, and he really did not want to be here. So why was he drawn, like a moth circling closer and closer to a candle flame that would inevitably burn away his wings and send him plunging to a terrible doom.He looked at the card, now drawn from the deep of his pocket.The pleasure of the company of Mr. S. Mc Connel and partnerIs requested at the twentieth anniversary reunion Of the Urqueholme Secondary Modern school Class of 1963Commencing at:7.00 PM. on Saturday the 4th of July.Hope to see you there,Someone called Janice Fredricks had signed it. Big Janice, it had top be her. Many a young fellow had learned a lot more about human anatomy, behind the bike shed, from Big Janice than they had ever learned in biology class. Provided of course that they were willing to shell out for the obligatory large size bar of fruit and nut or the current Issue of the BUNTY.The interesting fact was that since her name was now Fredricks, it was likely that Big Janice had married Tarquin Fredricks, the lugubrious son of the universally detested Mr. Alfred Fredricks, AKA. Fred the Ted with the baldhead, the one time head master of Urqueholme.Fred the baldhead, now there was someone Sean had not bothered to waste much thought on for a good few years.He looked at his hands and imagined he still felt the stinging red welts across his palms; no one wielded a board rubber with such unerring accuracy and sadism as Fred."What am, I doing here?" He asked one last time. Finally, he admitted to the answer." You're hoping that Mary Cairns is in there, that is why you're here. " Mary.A flutter ran across his stomach and slithered down to the tip of his penis when he whispered her name.A waft of olfactory memory assailed his nose, and a clear picture of the school dance when they had danced together so close that he had smelled her hair and felt his trousers begin to?He stopped himself.A sweeter more gentle, more caring soul he had never known, not before, not since, it was not fair only to remember her for giving him an erection to the strains of Del Shannon?s ?Runaway?She was the one and only reason that he had ever spent any time at all in that God forsaken hole of a school. Consequently, she alone was responsible for what education he had. Mary did not believe in bunking off, so if he had wanted to see her, or be near to her, he had to go to school, it was as simple as that.He could picture her now, she was tall but petite, girl rarely had large breasts in those days, but she had velvet slim arms and long white stocking clad shins, and rounded shapely thighs, mini skirts where just coming in that year but all of that was secondary.With raven black hair, pulled up in to bunches on either side of her head, she had a pretty if plain face, dazzling hazel eyes, a broad smile with slightly buck teeth and a cute little turned up nose which wrinkled when she smiled or laughed and being a happy soul, Mary laughed a lot, she found every thing funny.That perfectly imperfect face had haunted his dreams ever since because he had been in love with her.Mary had joined the school in year two, and from year three onward, Sean and Mary had been together, everyone knew that they were an item, and for the most part everyone approved.When they left school, it was a generally accepted fact in both families that Sean would work for a couple of years, build up a bit of money and then the two of them would get married, settle down and have c***dren.However, on the last day of term, twenty years ago they had for the first time really rowed.Mary had a soft but clear voice, but that day it was like iron.She had decided that the family plan was not for her, no one left Urqueholme with qualifications, everyone knew that but her; she wanted to go to college and get O?level and then A? levels and then God only knows what else.Sean had blown his stack, they argued for hours, culminating in him throwing her out of the house with the words," Don't come back till you can talk sense. " " Don't worry, I wont. " she yelled back. There where tears in her eyes, but they where tears of anger not grief.Before she was half way up the street, Sean's Mother was on the phone to Mrs. Cairns.Rumour had it, that a huge row in the Cairns household, lead to Mary sneaking out in the middle of the night, suit case in hand, never to be seen again.Unless of course she was here tonight, at the class reunion.If Mary had come back, he was going to see her, he was going to apologise, he was going to some way or another make it up to her for that last parting.Okay she may be married now, she may have c***dren, after all he did, and even if she had, worst of all, changed completely he still had to see her laugh or smile one more time and that might wipe away that last bitter parting.The thought of that last, of her angry, red faced and his broken heart were too much to bare any longer.A woman sitting at the desk just inside of the door took his invitation scribbled something on a sticker, and then slapped it on to his lapel. He was labelled he noted, wearily, as " SHORN" time had not improved the general academic standard of Urqueholme.Apart from the gaudy decorations put up for the occasion, the place had not changed a bit unfortunately, still the same dismal, depressing dump it had always been.Presiding over all with an attempted, but tainted, queenly elegance was Big Janice. It was she alright, the same explosive halo of red hair and over made up lips, and Sean could almost smell the lustful perspiration of expectancy that radiated from her still.After a moment he reluctantly decided, he should show good manners and thank the lady for his invitation.He crossed the small hall, noticing halfway she was already beaming at him, and holding out her damp bare arms.?Please God? he prayed silently, ?Don?t let her remember that day over the horse field?Then he realised that if he remember what they had done she almost certainly did.He got as far as
09-11-2021, at 10:54 AM

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