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The Futa Experiment, Part 2: Doctor Winters

Post #1

The Futa Experiment, Part 2: Doctor WintersBianca unlocked the bathroom door and peeked her head out into the hallway. There, as she expected, was Doctor Winters, a tall, curvy blonde with hair pulled back into a neat bun, glasses sitting in front of brilliant blue eyes. And with a smirk on her face that she couldn?t conceal. ?So, Bianca, I see you?ve been having some fun with my secretary...? She peered past Bianca and watched as Kate, her secretary, began to put her clothes back on. Her face and hair was covered in sticky, fresh cum from Bianca?s enormous futa cock, which she made little effort to remove.?Um, Doctor Winters, I?m so sorry! I know I should have been at the front desk, I just???Kate, please, I intended for this to happen! I knew Bianca, with her enormous and delicious cock, wouldn?t be able to resist you!? Doctor Winters smiled deviously. ?I wanted her to come into my exam room spent. And I see that she must be!? Doctor Winters stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She took a deep breath, taking in the smell of sex heavy in the air. She took Kate?s face in her hands and licked the side of it, getting a mouthful of Bianca?s spunk. She licked her lips, and made her way over to Bianca. ?Your nut is delicious, Bianca. Thick and creamy...? Doctor Winters reached down and wrapped her fingers around Bianca?s schlong, squeezing the soft, flaccid member. ?I was hoping you?d get your load off on my lovely secretary, and I see you did more than that!??I couldn?t help myself, Doctor???Vanessa, please! Call me Vanessa! We went over this last time!??Vanessa, I haven?t fucked in such a long time, and your secretary, Kate, my god, she was amazing!? Bianca looked over to Kate, who stood awkwardly in the corner of the bathroom, trying to straighten out her hair. She blushed at the mention of her name again. ?But wanted me to destroy her pussy???Kate, please head back to your desk, and hold my calls. I?m going to take Bianca to exam room 4. Bianca, follow me, and I?ll explain everything!? Vanessa said, becoming very business-like. She looked like a woman focused on a task, and determined to complete it. Bianca pulled on her yoga pants, stuffing her still-wet cock back into them. She straightened herself out before following Vanessa out of the bathroom, stepping over a thick puddle of futa spunk on the floor. Vanessa motioned for Bianca to enter exam room 4 as Kate made her way back to the reception area, waddling a bit as if her pussy had been fucked into oblivion. Vanessa closed the exam room door and told Bianca to undress, fully. She watched the futa girl, biting her lower lip as Bianca stripped her clothes off. As Bianca pulled her pants down off her feet, she made sure to wiggle her hips, making her thick, heavy, flaccid cock bounce and sway. ?God, Bianca, even soft that behemoth is impressive...? Vanessa subconsciously ran her hands down her sides, dying to touch herself at the sight of the gorgeous, wet cock in front of her. ?And from the looks of it, my secretary has a sopping wet cunt. Your cock is practically dripping in her juices still.?Bianca pulled off her top. Her large, firm breasts jiggled as she unhooked her bra and let herself free. She stood fully naked, her cock hanging free, her nipples growing erect in the cool, exam room air. ?Her pussy was dripping, Vanessa. I blew two of the biggest loads I?ve ever unleashed on her. But, why did you want me to pump her full of my baby batter? What?s this visit all about?? Bianca sat on the exam room table, the head of her cock making a wet spot on the thin paper on the exam table. ?Well, I told you I was looking into something that?ll make you last longer, right? In order to make sure it works, I needed you to be drained! And while I?d love to have you destroy my pussy and to drain your balls into my womb, I didn?t want you wasting the easy orgasms on me.? Vanessa slid a vial out of her lab coat pocket and placed it on her desk. She pulled a syringe out of her other pocket and placed it next to the vial. ?This, Bianca, is a new serum I?ve been developing, using the formula from our last visit as a base.?Bianca thought back to the last time she visited Dr. Winters, how she had used an injection on her clit, making it swell up to a huge size. With her dick clit, she ravaged Bianca?s pussy, and fixed her problem with getting erect. ?Is this going to make my cock bigger?? Bianca asked, slightly nervous, yet excited, at the idea. Her cock was already huge; how much bigger could it possibly get??Maybe,? Dr. Winters said, her grin widening. ?But what I?m really hoping it?ll do is to keep you up and going long after you?d normally have to stop! Truth be told, I?m not quite sure what it?s going to do, but I know it?ll be fun.??So, you haven?t tested it? What if something goes wrong?? Bianca said, nervously. ?Not yet, no. But I don?t think anything could possibly go wrong. Not that I can think of, anyway! So, what do you say babe? Wanna try it??Bianca pondered the idea, wondering what could possibly happen once she took that serum. But she was also incredibly excited at the prospect of trying something new and different with the doctor. ?What the hell, why not. Give it to me, Vanessa!? Bianca stood up, stepping closer to the doctor. She put her hands on Vanessa?s hips and pulled her closer, looking into her eyes seductively. ?But if you do, I hope you can handle the consequences...? ?Oh, Bianca, my pussy aches for your touch. And for your colossal dong.? Vanessa reached for the vial and syringe, filling the needle with the mysterious green liquid. ?I just have to inject this into your cock. It won?t hurt, I promise.?Vanessa reached down and gently lifted Bianca?s cock, staring at it like she was in love with it. She wrapped her fingers around the head, watching a thin stream of precum dribble from it. She inserted the needle into the base of the head, emptying the full contents into her. ?Now we wait and see what happens...? Vanessa said, not taking her eyes off of Bianca?s cock. Bianca barely felt the serum injected into her member, but she could feel something stirring inside her. A warm, tingling sensation building inside her bell end, pulsing and throbbing. She could feel her cock filling, getting stiffer, the muscles inside it involuntarily flexing and contracting. Her behemoth of a cock was growing in Vanessa?s hand, rock hard faster than she had ever felt it before. Her mushroom head ballooned, growing fat and purple, dribbling an obscene of amount of precum. Her entire length bulged and swelled, thicker and harder than she had ever been before. Her balls contracted up and relaxed, feeling as if they were filling up, swelling like two ripe melons. ?Vanessa! What?s happening?!? I?m so...BIG!?Bianca?s cock was absolutely gigantic! It could barely stand on its own, heavy and thick, and it emitted a seductive scent of pheromones and sex. It was swollen to the point that it looked ready to burst. Her urethra opening gaped, spilling precum out all over the floor and Dr. Winter?s hand. ?Well, I wasn?t sure what would happen, but it looks like it?s made you more, how should I say this, well endowed! You?re absolutely enormous! My god!? Vanessa fell to her knees, legs spread, her skirt lifting to reveal a pair of dark pink panties, the crotch soaking wet. She pressed Bianca?s enormous rod against her face, eyes closed, worshipping the engorged fuck cannon. ?This is the biggest cock I?ve ever seen, Bianca. You?re going to absolutely split me in half with it.??Oh, you?re planning on having me fuck you, is that it?? Bianca said, grinning. ?I suppose it?s only fair, since last time you were the one deep inside my cunt!? Bianca put her hands on her hips and watched Vanessa rub her futa cock against her face. Her precum and Kate?s leftover pussy cream left streaks on Vanessa?s cheeks. ?I?m planning on having the time of my life with you, Bianca dear. My secretary can?t have all the fun here.? Vanessa opened her mouth wide, barely able to fit the tip of Bianca?s mushroom head into her mouth before she gave up and began licking it instead. From the underside of the head down to the base of the shaft, Vanessa ran her tongue all over the swollen member, one hand massaging the futa girl?s ballsack, the other jerking her off hard near the base. Her eyes were wild with lust, and her pussy unleashed torrents of thick, slimy girl cum into her panties. Suddenly, Bianca felt another sensation, this one coming from the base of her cock, just above her ballsack. A strong, tingling, burning sensation that grew more and more intense. ?Vanessa! Doctor Winters! Something else is happening here!!! I don?t think your serum is done working!? Bianca shouted, pulling her cock away from Vanessa?s embrace, and lifting it to look at the underside where the sensation was coming from. She saw a large bump, forming right above her balls, swelling even as she looked at it. ?Yes! YES! I was hoping it would work!? Vanessa cheered, crawling on her knees to follow Bianca, like a hungry ani mal following a meal. ?Bianca, I didn?t want to tell you, but you?re in for a treat!?Bianca stared in surprise and watched whatever was happening to her body. From beneath her cock, the bump swelled and extended, thickening as it did. It lengthened, the burning sensation in her loins getting more intense. The tip of the bump swelled, turning into a mushroom shape, forming a small slit down the middle. It hit Bianca suddenly; she was growing a second cock!The new cock grew and swelled, thickening to the same size as her original one, the head bulging and expanding, uncut, with thick foreskin covering the sensitive flesh. She now had two almost identical cocks, roughly the same size and shape, the only difference was that one was cut and the other wasn?t. ?Vanessa! Holy fuck! made me grow two cocks! How...why...this is amazing!? Bianca stared in awe at her two, massive, swollen cocks. She hopped up and down a few times to watch them bounce before reaching down and grabbing a hold of both dicks. The new, bottom cock had just as much sensation as her natural one and it dribbled precum. ?You mad scientist! How did you manage this?!???Don?t worry about how, Bianca! Worry about what you?re going to do to me with two thick, heavy, cum-filled cocks!? Vanessa reached out and grabbed both cocks, stroking them hard, feeling them throb in her grasp. Bianca moaned and leaned her head back, taking in the sensation of having her twin cocks jerked off. Vanessa reached down and massaged her pussy through her panties with one hand and alternated jerking off Bianca?s twins with the other. Her pussy made a loud, squelching sound as she pulled her panties to the side and drove two fingers into her wet snatch. Bianca bucked as Vanessa stroked her off, her cocks throbbing and bouncing, the sensations of having two cocks almost too much for her to handle. Her toes curled as she was masturbated, the smell of Vanessa?s pussy beginning to fill the air, the sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of herself loud and wet. ?Get up on the table, Vanessa. I can?t take this anymore!? Bianca needed to feel more, to feel both of these cocks inside of someone. Her hands felt great, but she knew Vanessa?s holes would feel better. Vanessa pulled her panties down, soaking wet, darkened with cunt juice. She tossed them aside, and they landed wetly on the exam room floor. She hiked her skirt up, and jumped onto the table, leaning back, spreading her legs. She reached down from under her legs, spreading her pussy lips and ass open, glistening intensely, showing Bianca her inviting entryways. A warm cunt, lips hanging slightly, topped with a neat bush of blonde pubic hair begged Bianca to fill it. Her puckered asshole peered out from spread cheeks, damp with sweat and pussy juice.Bianca stepped up against Vanessa, dual cocks mere inches from the doctor?s openings. The twin cocks bobbed with muscle contractions, almost as if they could sense how close they were to being buried inside pussy and asshole respectively. Bianca leaned in close, kissing Vanessa deeply, their tongues dancing together. Bianca could feel the heat coming from Vanessa?s crotch on the heads of her cocks. ?Come on Bianca, don?t keep a girl waiting. Take me!? Vanessa begged, shimming down towards the twin cocks, their mushroom tips pressing against her openings. ?Fill me!?Bianca reached down and took her lower cock into her hand, pressing the wet, precum soaked head harder against Vanessa?s moist asshole. She peeled back the foreskin on her cock, exposing her glistening mushroom tip fully, and with a loud grunt from both her and Vanessa, plunged it into her rear entrance. Her top cock belched out a thick strand of precum, spraying onto Vanessa?s mound, almost as if it could sense it?s twin?s pleasure. Her bottom cock had a ripple of pleasure shiver down it, from head to base as it felt the tight asshole of the good doctor clamp down around its engorged tip. ?Baby, yessss!? Vanessa screamed, feeling her asshole spread open by the impossibly large cock now beginning to fill it. Her pussy ached as Bianca?s top cock brushed against her labia. ?Don?t leave my pussy out of this!?Bianca again reached down and grabbed her top cock, pressing it against the slick lips of Vanessa?s cunt. She pushed herself inside the tight opening, feeling the tight pussy muscles clamp down, and at the same time, feeling her bottom cock squeezed by the even tighter asshole muscles. She could feel both of her cock heads through the thin membrane between pussy and ass, both holes impossibly tight. She moaned loudly as she plunged both her cocks in deeper still, burying the first few inches of their almost foot and a half length inside her partner. ?Oh, Vanessa, this is incredible!? Bianca grabbed Vanessa?s hips and pulled her closer, letting more of her mammoth members slide inside their holes. ?Balls deep, Bianca! All the fucking way!? Vanessa begged, hands wrapped around Bianca?s shoulders. She looked down to see the two cocks splitting her open, her labia, engorged and swollen, wrapped tightly around Bianca?s member. The other, lower cock plunged into her asshole, filling her beyond belief. She couldn?t help but orgasm, her two holes spasming uncontrollably as her eyes rolled back in her head. Bianca took the queue from Vanessa and worked more of herself inside of the warm love nests. Her throbbing, engorged cocks enveloped completely in slick warmth and wetness. She knew Vanessa said this serum would make her last, but she didn?t know if it would. Her massive, swinging balls felt incredibly heavy and ready to burst, and she wasn?t even fully in yet. ?Vanessa! I can?t take it anymore! I?m ready to bust!??Not yet Bianca, please! Down to the balls baby, down to the balls!? Vanessa pleaded. Bianca screamed in pleasure as she bore down and fully inserted herself, her top cock pressed hard against the doctor?s cervix, her bottom cock engulfed by the seemingly endless abyss of her asshole. Bianca thrusted in and out, hard, her twin cocks working in unison. She could feel her cocks against one another, deep inside her partner, increasing the tightness and the sensation on her dual cream cannons. Her legs buckled as she felt herself on the brink of orgasm, relying on the Kegels she had been practicing to keep herself from busting a thick, creamy nut inside the doctor too soon. Vanessa rocked her hips, feeling labia pressed against Bianca?s pubic area, taking her full length inside her. Fat, sweaty balls pressed against her ass cheeks as both her holes were hammered viciously. She clawed at Bianca?s back as she orgasmed into oblivion, her cunt spraying thick cream onto the base of the top cock. ?Blow your loads baby! Fill me!!!? Vanessa screamed, her eyes rolling back far into her head. Bianca couldn?t hold back any more. Her legs buckled hard as she performed her last, few shallow thrusts inside both holes. The scent of sex heavy in the air, and Bianca closed her eyes, taking in the smells and sensations. She hit the point of no return. Both of her cocks erupted at the same time. Her balls contracted hard, the muscles in Bianca?s pussy and asshole clenched down as her body was rocked with orgasmic bliss. Her bottom cock bulged as thick ropes of goo sprayed into Vanessa?s gaped asshole, disappearing deep inside of her, not a drop spilling out as the tight muscles refused to release their vice grip on her cock. Her top cock bucked hard as it blew a heavy glob of cum against Vanessa?s cervix, the apparent cork stopping the rest of the load, as unending thick streams of cream poured from her cock after, dribbling out of the swollen twat, splashing down over the base of her bottom cock. She kept thrusting, making the creamy cunt froth with pussy juice and fresh baby batter as her endless twin orgasms continued. Vanessa felt her asshole fill with hot cum first, pouring deep inside her, making her stomach feel full as it utterly filled her up. Her pussy couldn?t contain the thick spunk being dumped into her, spilling it out onto Bianca?s dual cocks. Both cocks swelled as they came, stretching her more, causing her to be seized by an intense orgasm, rippling through her body, making her drool as she lost control of herself. After Bianca?s twin orgasms abated, she left both cocks inside Vanessa, trying to come down from the intense pleasure. She felt her top cock go slightly flaccid, and felt her bottom cock shrink, slowly at first, until it freed itself from the asshole it was buried in. As it completely receded, it belched out one final thick spray of cum against Vanessa?s now gaping asshole before disappearing back into the space between cock and balls. ?Holy...fuck!? was all Vanessa could manage before she let out a deep sigh, laying back onto the exam room table. Bianca pulled her slightly flaccid cock free with a wet pop, dripping with cum and pussy cream. ?So...same time next week?? Bianca asked, and the two girls laughed in exhaustion.
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