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Your humble slave

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Your humble slave?Your humble slave? is so honored that you have chosen me to love and to tutor in the ways of sex, love, obedience...I don't deserve your attention in any way, but I am so glad you are bestowing it on me....I will strive every day to please my master in my words and my actions...both sexually and emotionally ...I love that you are a real man - one who can take charge and lead me and be the Master that you are...I know there are times when Master will be frustrated with his slut for her lack of experience and possibly for her indiscretions or periods of disobedience...I only hope that he will punish me fairly as I so deserve and as he sees fit...and I will willingly accept these punishments as part of my training to become the best slut to my master that I can be...I look forward to when he first texts me or notifies me that he is getting dressed/undressed as appropriate and placing on the collar that signals I am his and his kneeling by the back door waiting to hear the door knob turn, my eyes downcast as I am not fit to meet his when he reaches out for the collar beckoning me to when he raises my chin so that I can look into his eyes and possibly see the lust and desire and love he feels for me and he can see it returned in his slut's when he first kisses me and takes my breath away with the passion and promise that is placed in that when I gratefully allow my master to lead me to the living room where I again kneel by his side in anticipation of all that is to come....I will gladly serve my master anything he so wishes - whether it be a drink or something to eat or anything....I look forward to when my master inspects my body with his eyes, and roams his hands over my body - ensuring that I have met his requirements to have my pussy and breasts exposed...pleasing him with obeying that simple request...even if it means I am out of my comfort zone in being so exposed...I like it when my master pushes me to my limits and beyond....I trust that he knows what is best for me...and that he knows what he needs to do to make sure I am the best slut wish to further pleasure my master is granted when he opens his pants and pulls out his hard glistening cock for me to worship with my hands and my mouth for however long he desires it....maybe after worshiping his cock, master will bestow on me any punishments I have accrued for my disobediences - whether it means kneeling in a corner masturbating to my masters every command and cumming only if, and when, he allows me to, to leaning over his knees for the paddling on my ass cheeks with either his hand, the paddle or whatever else he deems fit to use to mete out the punishment....I will gladly accept any and all punishment as I have earned it and so desire to learn from my mistakes...thank you master for punishing me....After master has finished (whether for the moment or for good) dispensing my punishment, I will follow master upstairs to the bedroom where I will again kneel at my masters feet and await further instruction...from here, I dare not guess what my master will do or what he has planned for me, and for us, it is not for me to know all ahead of time, but it is for me to be patient, to know and trust that my master has only the best intentions for his slut - and he wishes to pleasure his slut and for his slut to pleasure him....I can only allow my mind to wander now in fantasizing what may go on...maybe my master will bind my hands, or he will restrain me on the bed in whatever position he chooses...maybe he will blindfold me, and put ear plugs in my ears so that I will not be able to see, hear or sense what he is going to do...or where he is...maybe master will have a candle burning - hinting at using the wax as pleasure and/or for punishment....maybe master will decide to kiss and lick and twist and suck and nibble my nipples and breasts - then use the nipple clamps on them...maybe master will use one of my vibrators on me...bringing me close to climax, but not allowing me the release until he decides I am ready...maybe he will finger fuck me, play with my his head between my legs and suck my pussy and clit to his hearts content... again bringing me close to orgasm and then withdrawing...or maybe he will allow me to have multiple orgasms because he wants to see me gush and squirt...and then he will eat my pussy juices and then kiss me on the lips so that I can taste what he is tasting....maybe master will flick his tongue between the ass cheeks that he professes to love so much...and insert a finger into my tight rosebud...deflowering me...and reveling in the fact that I have kept that "cherry" for him to pick!! Maybe master will flip me over and force me onto all fours so that he can enter me from behind and gaze on his slut's ass that he loves to look at and squeeze with his strong, capable hands as he thrusts inside my wet, throbbing, aching pussy...ramming me with all his might....or pulling out and gently teasing me with the tip of his magnificent that I never know what will come next....or maybe master will have me lie on my back with my head off the edge of the bed so that I can deep throat his cock while he eats my cunt..oh there are so many possibilities as to what Master will chose to do with his slut... this master's slut knows that there are many more scenarios master has in his head...and he is in control at all times and will only reveal, in the right time, what the slut needs to know...this slut knows she can't even begin to imagine what her master has in store for her..what he intends to teach her and show he intends to train her...punish her...all she can do is humbly bow her head and thank him for choosing her...
09-11-2021, at 10:55 AM

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