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The Playground. pt1

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The Playground. pt1This is an account of something my girlfriend and I did when we were in High School. I was 19, she was 18 at the time. Graduation was a couple weeks away and both of us wanted to "celebrate". So we had decided to do something we would both remember. It had to be something special. She came up with the idea to go to a abandon school she knew about. It was going to be torn down and had not been in use for a couple of years. She suggested that we go there and put the playground equipment for an entirely different use! Despite her assurances that no one ever went there at nite, I wanted to be sure so we went to the playground several times to check it out. It seemed safe. There were no houses close enough to have a good view of the playground. The playground was mostly surrounded by woods and the school buildings themselves so it looked O.K.. We went to the area a few times to see if any one came around. we never seen anyone. I found a trail that looked like students had used in the past to get to the school from a nearby subdivision. It was kind of overgrown but not too bad. We walked down the trail and found that along the way was a old access road for what I guess was a storage building that had been torn down. The road was fairly overgrown also, some of the branches from the bushes and trees were sticking out into the road and it had weeds growing up at various places. So we decided that we would park there so no one would see us going to the playground. My girlfriend had a latter curfew on the weekends so we decided that we would go that Saturday. On Saturday i picked her up at her house and we went and got something to eat and drove around until it started to get dark. It was early summer and it was warm enough that I had on shorts and her a skirt. Both of us were wearing t-shirts. It was not hot enough that we were sweating but warm enough to be comfortable at nite. We made our way to the road we were going to park at and drove the car back far enough so it would not be seen easily. From there we used the trail to get to the school. I was so nervous that we were going to get caught. She did not seem to be worried at all. We got to the school and walked around for a bit "just to make sure". After deciding we were alone, we sat on the Merry-go-round and the fun started!At first it was just making out, kissing, necking, petting and the like. I was a little jumpy and would stop and look around at every little noise. But that did not last long. Things progressed very quickly from grabbing and rubbing on the outside of the clothes to up the skirt and down the pants groping. I remember reaching up her skirt to play with her ass and finding out she was wearing a thong! I thought that was SOOO hot! She had never worn one before. It seemed so kinky at the time! I did not have a ton of experience and it shocked me. (naive I know...) Bu then I was kissing her neck and down her front to the top of her t-shirt, it was low cut and I could get quiet a ways down. She stopped me so she could take of her bra. (It was good thing because I am sure I would have made a fool of myself trying to do it for her!) She kept her shirt on so if we had visitors we could cover up quickly. I found out later that was the same reason she had worn the skirt. She seemed to have planned this out way better that I had! I pushed up her shirt and started to kiss, lick and eventually suck on her breasts. She was not huge in the boobs department but the fact she let me play with them made them the greatest pair in the world! I continued the attention I was giving her breasts while occasionally moving back to her neck and mouth. By then I had started rubbing her pussy She was shaved with just a small triangle of hair just where her mound swelled out. I just rubbed and stroked the top for a bit. I loved to listen to her breathing as she got excited, It was deeper that usual a her sighs were so sexy. I took my hand and wet my fingers and began fingering her. After a minuet or so she started moaning quietly. That got her going, I don't think she came but she was very wet. I wanted to pick up the pace so I started kissing my way down her body. Slowly at first as I always have liked kissing her belly. She was ticklish and the feeling me kissing her belly and fingering her pussy would drive her nuts! I made way down to just above the triangle of hair almost far enough to have to move the thong. and skipped down to her legs! She was laying with her back on the merry-go-round so her legs weer hanging of the edge. I picked the left one up and held it as I kissed and sucked from her ankle down her leg to the back of her knee. (I thought I was captain seduction to tease her like that! LOL) I continued down the back of her leg until I got past her knee and then started on her inner thigh. When I go to the crease where the leg and the pelvis meet I switched to the other leg starting all over again from the ankle! She was not amused! I got as far as the back of her knee and she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to her crotch. I took the hint and moved her thong to the side and started kissing her clit. That was not working for me so I stood up and took that damned thong off! (I put it in my pocket and still have it!) Then, right back to work. I started by just licking and kissing her. Then nibbling it with my lips, grabbing it as best I could but covering my teeth with my lips and carefully biting and pulling. She seemed to like that! (Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, I was just making things up as I went. If she seemed to not like it I tried something else!) I have no idea how ling I was down there it seemed like forever but probably no more than a minuet or two. It did not take too long and she asked if I had brought the condoms. I got them out of my pocket and she said that she was ready. I was hoping for a blowjob but was not stupid enough to complain! She opened the rubber an put it on. She always insisted on putting it on for me. She liked the feeling of sliding it on. I never did ask why, I was just happy to get laid! I laid her back down on the merry-go-round and tried to expertly put it in... I missed! It only took a couple of tries and I was in. I was laying on top of her and fucking slowly at first, then I started to pump faster. Every once and awhile she would tell me to slow down. i was so excited I would get lost in the feeling and forget what I was doing. (Inexpedience at its finest!) I would slow down and we would grind and kiss for a bit the we would go back to thrusting. We started to get more into it and the moaning (both of us at this point) and the breathing were getting louder and more urgent. We had started to sweat but neither one cared a t this point! She was holding me so tight and rubbing my back and it felt so good. I was getting close and she knew it. She grabbed my ass and started pulling me in while thrusting up to meet me. That done it for me! I remember cumming but not much else, I was totally lost in my own orgasm. Hell, I am not sure I even was aware she was there at that moment! The next thing I remember I was laying on top of her completely out of breath. We both laid there for a bit catching our breath (no thought of snuggling or anything like that! Too young I guess.). I stood up and took the condom off. We had forgotten to bring a blanket or towel to clean up with so we used my shirt. After cleaning up (and looking around to see if anyone was watching!) we sat back down on the merry-go-round and talked, mostly about what had just happened. I would love to say I lasted for a hour or two but the whole thing was over in about 45 minuets! We talked about how turned on we had been and how much fun it was witch led to us getting horny all over again! She suggested we try out some of the other equipment.I will tell the rest later in part two!
09-11-2021, at 10:55 AM

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