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Bobbie to bitch Part 1 -A

Post #1

Bobbie to bitch Part 1 -ATom and I were having a wonderful sexual relationship.I gave him everything but my boy butt. My wife was quiet although she asked a few questions. "Does he have a nice cock? Have you gone all the way?Are you ready to admit that you are gay?"I gave her some information but not all."Paula thinks you 2 are a cute couple.She wants to watch when Tom bones your ass for the first time. Meanwhile we are using the time share next wk . If you guys want to come along then you share a room ..Paula and I will share the other room. I assume you will be his GF all week.It will be nice to see you walking around the condo in your panties and negligee.When we go out you will wear a dress and be your natural girly self. Tom can fuck all three of us girls"I was surprised at her kind words.It will be awesome to be a girl in public and stay in public.I asked my wife very little.So this Saturday is the condo time share.Tom already knew. He also explained that his wife will not give him a divorce because he has a large inheritance due him soon.Well some cold water on our love affair.I still was with him most days and some nights. Although I slept at home most nights.Off we went to the resort town near the beach. It was almost friendly between us four. . We arrived at the condo and the first evening was fine.The next evening the girls were drunk and we put them to bed.I wore my red lacy panties with a black lacy short cami. Tom was so hot for my pussy. He grinded up to me.I helped him out of his clothes. We kissed and hugged while standing in our bedroom.His hard cock pressed against me. My panties were wet.My tongue was in his mouth as I stroked his naked cock. Becoming the girl is best decision of my life. Feeling his cock knowing that I turn him on.I knelt down on pillows and gave him a long wet blowjob.Kiss kiss.Lick lick.Sucking him making slurp noises as he moans.I made little girly noises and purred as I suckled his man meat.I pulled down my panties looking into his eyes. I stroked my pink small girly cock just like the CD's in the movies."You sweet bitch. Jerking off while sucking your mans cock. My sissy cocksucker. My Marica marica.You need my hot sperm in your mouth and tummy.I ready....come off...". He came in my mouth as I came off too.Smell and taste of sperm.Smell and taste of his cock.Most white guys with small cocks like me are destined to be sissy cocksuckers.He softened and I released his cock from my wet warm mouth. Tasting his fine sperm.Sissy bliss.I burped his sperm.We laughed "Tom its so smooth thick and tasty.Your hard cock is so sexy to me.I love you honey." He sighed deeply"Tonight Roberta your ass is getting fucked.I am going to eat your pussy then slip my bone in you until you cry with pleasure." We got in the bed and snuggled up and spooned.His soft cock pressed my panties.He hardened and I held his hard cock.I teased and massaged his cock.My panties came down. I rubbed his cock up and around my asshole.His cock began twitching.Oh no .he is about to come. I teased him too much.He jumped and shaked coming on my asshole."Sorry honey.Next time for sure.I do love your wet sperm on my asshole.We will make our first baby tonight." We spooned again. This time I knew to not tease him too much. We talked a long time and dozed off.It was about 7 AM.Tom was in the bathroom.I heard the girls laughing and asking for aspirin."You faggots were quiet last night. TY. We go for some breakfast and aspirin.Then we go shopping.Bobbie do you want us to buy you some sexy panties.? A new bikini?How about some tampons.?"Laughter. "TY girls so sweet of you." Tom came back to bed with me.I loved seeing his soft cock flipping around.He is 3 inches soft. I am 3 inches hard. Laws of nature.I guess.Soon we were making out again.I thinking of all the years of chasing pussy and trying to please pussy. Now I am a pussy and it feels so natural.I rubbed his tummy then his balls and cock.He was hardening fast. Me too."Tom isn't it nice that your GF,me, has a hard on for you.I am your dream girl. Our dream girl.Bury your prick in my asshole. Make me your cunt.Fill me with your sperm." I kissed him while holding his hard cock.We are about to get laid.The right way. He pulled down my panties.I lubed us each and climbed upon him.I wore my negligee as I mounted him.Today is my day.Totally sissy girl gay. I held his big cock pushing out my anal lips .I feel his crown hitting my narrow opening."That's the place.Hold him still.I moved a bit and felt some penetration.I pushed down while he pushed up."Awww. Your tip is in me..Little more cock in me.Hurts me. Awwww. Slow BB. Easy." He popped my cherry.I felt 3 then 4 inches then the whole hard cock was up my asshole.I moved my ass.He moved his cock. "Feeling better. Throb your cock again. Yes." I moaning.Purring.He stops growls and gives me all of his hard cock. I am filled and fulfilled."How it feel Roberta?" He goes up and down .I meet him and we are pushing into a nice harmony.My ass rocks slowly on his cock.I am so tight.His cock is hitting me in deep places of peace.I am getting laid for the first time.Perfect fit.My soft cock sits on his tummy."Tom you are fucking me". Groans moans and purring. "I am fucking you right and right up your cute little ass.Your ass is cuter,tighter and more warm than any vagina.I knew right away that you wanted to get butt fucked" He goes faster. "I can get you as a girl or boy.I love you." I wiggle my ass as we fuck."Cum in me BB. This is better than any sex with a female." He is close.So am I. I dribble some cum out and he shakes.He growls as he dances and shoots his warm sperm up me.I feel his wetness. My toes curl. I vibrate as he loads me up. I dribble out some more. Time stands still. I hear girl voices sounding miles away.He softens and slips out.I feel his load dripping from me.Wonderful moments.I am gay.a girl.a sissy.I am well fucked. I scoot up and my ass leaks his sperm on him. I go up for a lovers kiss then down to do my sissy duty. Eat and clean up the mess.I smile as I suck up his sperm.My sperm. I show him my lips and mouth with the white fluffy loads mixed up.Now all is quiet. I notice the shades are open and I can see into the tiny courtyard.We spoon a long time. He is hard again."Eat me out lover. "I sit on the pillow spreading my legs."Look at my little sissy. Pink hole, cock and love sac. Sure I am eating this menu.It should be girlu not menu. " He laps my pussy. MMMM. His tongue inside me. Tasting me.Sucking my hole and flicking my soft shriveled pink girl cock."Lets lie on the floor." I get my lube and put a pillow or two on the floor . I lube us each as he takes me doggy style.He removes my negligee. "Now you are my BF." I half stand and kiss him.My cock is hard. He is so hard in me.I am his BF or GF. I just need him and his big bone.Now he is doggy fucking me again.I hear girls voices and laughter.
09-11-2021, at 10:55 AM

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