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First time as a girl

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First time as a girlI have been dressing a bit since I was a teen but my first time dressing for a man was something. I had found him online, 40 years older than myself and talked quite a bit online. He had never been with a girl like me before but was quite interested. He bought me cloths he thought would be appropriate (love it when a man choses my cloths!) and invited me over. At first we just sat on his couch, drinking a bit of wine and discussing life. After perhaps 30 minutes he asked me if I was interested in playing. He told me my cloths were waiting for me in the bathroom. He had bought me nice black lace panties, a black teddy and some black stockings. I put everything on and felt instantly incredibly sexy. I put my hair in two pony tails with pink elastics and came out of the bathroom. He gasped in delight, sitting on his couch. Asked me to twirl around for him, and then to dance for him before crawling towards him on my knees. I unzipped his pants revealing his slowly hardening cock. I instantly started kissing and licking it, making it quickly erect before starting to suck it. I'm a loud and sloppy cock sucker, which seems to have been quite popular with him every time I looked up for his approval. After a few minutes he started to force my head deeper on his cock, which at first made me choke. However, after several tries I could manage it and he would hold my head down, fucking my mouth and not letting me breathe. He could probably feel me resist a bit, but he knew I was loving every second of being his slut. After that he asked me to go on his lap and started spanking me, saying how bad I had been. He spanked me pretty hard, but would also always brush my ass lovingly as well. After several minutes, he started to slowly finger me while he spanked me. This made me moan and gasp in pure bliss, and I could feel his excited cock on my skin every time I moaned. Afterwards he made me jack him off as I sucked on his nipples. He also loved shoving his fingers into my mouth and I could tell he was getting more and more excited. He then suddenly stands up, tells me to get on all fours on his couch as he starts to lube his cock. He calls me a slut as he slaps my ass again, and pulls me onto his cock. I can feel his cock entering me, his full 6 thick inches. He's incredibly hard. At first he is going in and out of me, but after a bit I start pushing into him, and he stops fucking me, letting me fuck myself on his thick cock. It felt so good being there dressed up for him, fucking myself as he started to pull my hair, calling me a dirty slut that just wants to satisfy Daddy. After a quite a bit more fucking he pulls out and lays on the floor instructing me to ride him until he cums. When he's finished, he pulls out and starts fingering me and jacking me off until I cum on his hand. He then makes me eat my own cum. Afterwards I just stand there, not really understanding or having processed everything that has happened, but just being incredibly satisfied and feeling naughty.
09-11-2021, at 10:56 AM

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