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10 inches deep Part 3
10 inches deep Part 3As I continued laying on the mattress, Darrell and his friend were talking in the other room. My whole body ached and I felt a throbbing sensation in my ass. I sat up quietly, trying to hear what they were talking about. The camera man went upstairs as Darrell entered the room. Even shrunken, his cock was bigger than me when fully erect. My eyes were locked on his unusually large appendage. Darrell easily noticed, he smiled. Then I was asked "what are you doing here?" At first, I thought he was joking but his face went straight. I frantically tried to come up with the right answer but instead I broke from his stare and pointed at the massive meat between his legs. Darrell reached over and squeezed my ball sack. He clenched hard with a firm twist. It hurt and I let out a feeble yelp. I tried to move away but Darrell's claw grip held me in place. He told me that he wanted to fuck me hard. Silence fell over us as he crunched my balls together, oddly the intense pain didn't stop me from getting erect. I think it was the tone he used when he stated it. I was afraid a little and very aroused. Darrell gave me a look wanting an answer. I said "OK?" Darrell wanted verification that I understood. I asked what he wanted to do. Darrell was graphic in describing how he was going to destroy my hole. He wanted to make sure that I wouldn't want another guy's cock in there. I had never been more scared in my life. Once it he started, I was not allowed to stop him. I felt weak and frail. My mind was sensationalising Darrell's destruction of my "pussy" ( as he called it ).I rolled over onto my stomach and spread my legs apart. Darrell rubbed himself in my crack. He asked one more time if I wanted it. His cock swelled up, it felt so heavy as he let it rest on my backside. I said yes into the mattress, my face buried down into it. Darrell pushed his tip down into the entrance of my hole. Then in one swift motion, Darrell plowed all the way into me. It felt like a punch in the gut, the air in my lungs left me as I screeched outloud. My legs kicked down on the mattress. Darrell paused after full penetration until I stopped my legs. He pulled all the way out. Darrell had me reach back and pull myself open. He spit into my ass then shoved himself in again. Darrell attacked me. His pelvis slammed into my pale ass cheeks. Darrell didn't waste time, full strokes, hard and fast. He towered over me. His breathing was heavy and fast. His breath cooled my back covered with his sweat. My ass felt like it was on fire. Pain was excruciating. I begged for more as requested. I swore like I had never done before. This triggered Darrell's bloodlust as his intensity increased. Darrell finished his barrage of pounding pulling out flipping me over and releasing his salty fluids over my face and open mouth. It tasted awful but I choked it down as he pinched my nose shut forcing me to swallow. My eyes were closed tight but his cum still burned as I felt it seep in. Darrell let me wipe my eyes clean before flipping me over and getting me on all fours. He pushed my shoulders down flat on the mattress with my hind end pointed up. He first pulled my gape open for a few seconds. Then released it watching it try to close. I was instructed to open myself up for him. My face down in the mattress. My pain threshold had been reached. I became numb as I had two fingers from each hand opening myself up. Darrell pulled me open even more. I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. I thought he just wanted to look deep into my ass.... Darrell had other plans.

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