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Antonia's May Day Meet - Pt 1

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Antonia's May Day Meet - Pt 1Antonia's May Day MeetWe had booked a room for the weekend at the 'Dukes Folly' hotel , in Southport, enticed by the promising weather forecast after our miserable first few months of the year.After checking in just after lunchtime on Saturday my husband and I decided to go and have something to eat. For convenience we headed to the local Wetherspoons, The Willow Grove.Upon entering we noticed a gang of 12-14 young men, aged in their 20's to late thirties. They were very loud and quite boisterous as they drank watching the Stoke City match on the large screen TV.We found a table in a quieter corner and hubby went to the bar to order our lunch, he had gammon whilst I opted for Lasagne. As he waited at the bar my eyes drifted to the group of lads, they were a mixed bunch, tall, short,some muscular others skinny. I worked out from observing them that they were a stag party, the 'stag' being a black guy in his late twenties, the others were,black, mixed race and four white guys.My eyes rested upon a younger black guy, early twenties, well built in a sporty sense with close cropped hair. Like them all he was wearing a white T- shirt identifying them as part of 'Dek's Stag Crew', the shirt was tight around his biceps and clung to his toned bogy like a second skin, " Liking anything?" Steve asked returning with our drinks, I shook my head in response," Not really, reckon they're too well gone already to be of interest".We ate our lunch, passable fare if not anything to write home about, our musings and thoughts interrupted now and again by cheers and laughs from the group by the bar.After a while four young girls came into the bar, swiftly becoming part of the Stag Crew as the lads tried to chat them up. I notived the younger lad was not taking part in the male strutting and preening of the girls, he sat reading his phone , sipping at his pint. A huge roar went up as a goal was scored, at that moment I looked and saw the guy's eyes were on me, staring intently as he looked at his phone. Steve rose and went to the bar again, the lad continued to look at me and his phone, suddenly climbing out of his seat and heading to our table." Excuse me," his voice was low and mellifluous, " I hope we're not spoiling your lunch, they can be pretty loud," I assured him that it was fine and that we could see they were just enjoying themselves." May I ask you something?" I nodded affirmatively." Is your name Antonia?" As always when faced with someone recognising me I felt myself blush, " Yes I am, how do you know me?" He moved slowly from one foot to the other his black skin showing beads of sweat as his chest heaved a little,"Erm well I've seen you on X-Hamster, I'm a big fan ," he took in a huge gulp of air, " I'm Clive by the way, my elder brother Dek's the 'stag'", Steve arrived back from the bar, he nodded at Clive, " Steve this is Clive, he wanted to apologise for the noise his friends are making, I told him it was fine," Steve sat down and pushed my drink to me before offering his hand to Clive, " Hello I'm Steve, yeah no worries about your mated, they;re not bothering us," Clive returned his handshake firmly, " Wow that's what I call a handshake mate, wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you!"Steve smiled as he spoke," Clive is also a big fan of my 'modelling' work, he recognised me from X-Hamster,""Really ! So what do you think of the flesh and blood version?" " She is beautiful in real life as she is on the web," Clive answered, " infact to me I'd say she's perfect." Another loud cheer made us all look up, this time it wasn't the football, one of the guys was kissing a tall, willowy blonde as his mated egged him on, seems he'd only needed a bare, few minutes to score! " I'd have thought you'd have been in there trying too?" I asked, " instead of chatting to us two old fogeys."" You're not old! I prefer talking to more mature people, they make more sense than the younger girls, especially nowadays, I mean would you throw yourself at Johnny when you've only just met him?" Clive delivered the words in earnest fashion, " Plus I'm not interested in cgav slags, much prefer the more mature woman, so much experience is what I want. Do you mind if I sit down?"Steve beckoned him to do so, the blonde and Johnny were still clamoed together by the lips, his hands caressing her pert , denim clad arse cheeks, " Your ass is amazing Antonia," Clived words jolted me back to attention, " See another Antonia's Ass fan," laughed Steve, " so,so many of them!"Another cheer broke the air, a shorter, red headed girl had joined up with another black lad and was snogging him passionately as his friends encouraged her on. " I think you oughta head back there before all the talent has gone! " I laughed, Clive shook his head, " Not my thing really, am only here for Dek's sake, not into boozing and fooling about, much prefer sitting down and having a nice chat with someone like you or Steve."" So where are you staying Clive?" Steve asked ," Scarrisbrick Hotel, I've stayed before for The National," answered Clive, " We;re in at the Duke's Folly, " I added, " we've stayed at the Scarri a couple of times in the past," Clive smiled , " You two should join me tonight, a few drinks and a nice meal,"" What about your stags?" asked Steve, " won't they miss you?""Probably won't even notice I'm not there, look at them," Clive motioned to the group, the blonde now had seemingly changed guys as her three friends chatted away to the increasingly merry group," Here's my number," he handed me a card with his mobile number, " give me a bell after seven tonight OK?" I took the card and absent mindedly passed it on to Steve, who pocketed it without looking." Hope to hear from you later ," Clive shouted as he rose and headed back to his friends.We left the pub shortly after and had a leisurely stroll along Lord St. I bought a new designer top and a set of lingerie, red with black inlay. We went back to our room and I slipped out of my clothes and lay on the bed, " So what do you think of Clive?" I asked Steve as he took a piss." Seems like a nice lad, smart too, great body as well, you fancy him Toni?" My fingers automatically touched my shaven pussy, idly rubbing my clit," Yes he's certainly good looking and so young!" My fingers moved a little quicker , my index finger moved slowly into my wet cunt, " Now come on Steve, cet here and fuck me! I'm so fucking horny and wet!"An hour later we lay dozing after enjoying a 69 and an energetic doggy style fuck which left me oozing spunk from my engorged pussy lips, Steve was fondling my breast as he lay, his spent cock dribbling spunk upon his thigh as it relaxed after his exertions, "So do we call the young man Toni or what?" I nodded in affirmation," Yeah why not, it'll make a change at least."Two hours later Steve and I were standing outside The Scarrisbrick's Knightsbridge Restaurant awaiting Clive. " Hey guys! Wow Antonia you look gorgeous!" Clive was dressed sharply in a blue suit over a gleamingly white shirt that contrasted so starkly against his dark skin, " shall we?" he guided us into the restaurant to our table. We quickly ordered and a waiter swiftly poured out some wine into our glasses. Ninety minutes of small talk later we had finished our Pate starters and steak main courses, I had just begun my lemon tart dessert, the fruit coulis sharply cutting across my taste buds, Clive swallowed a mouthful of wine, " So can you join me in my room, I have some Champagne ordered?""We'd love to," I answered, wiping away a smudge of coulis from my mouth as I spoke, Steve nodded his agreement and after Clive signed his name on the restaurant cheque we were soon sat in his room. " Excuse the mess," Clive offered, "Dek couldn't be tidy if he tried!" He moved a T-shirt and jeans from a chair and motioned for me to sit .A silver ice bucket containing a large bottle stood upon a side table with four glasses, Clive poured out a glass for me, then offered one to Steve who toasted Clive and the three of us sipped the dry wine. Clive slipped off his suit jacket, his shirt sleeves bulging muscularly as he hung up his jacket, " So how do you guys handle this? I've read your blogs and stories so I've got an idea." I smiled and unbuttoned my blouse revealing my new red bra, " Very nice babe," Clive's eyes flashed as he watched me undo my blouse and begin to loosen my grey skirt. I stood and slipped off the skirt, pulled the white blouse from my shoulders and stood before Clive in my red lingerie and red topped stockings and silver heels.
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