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Helena's husband trying a hard BBC

Post #1

Helena's husband trying a hard BBCHelena?s husband trying a hard BBCMy loving girlfriend Helena called me that Friday evening, telling me she was going out of town alone, to visit some friends not so far away.She warned me: ?Look after my nasty hubby, but do not fuck him??I promised her that I would try to stay apart from that dirty son of a bitch?On the other side, my loving Victor was flying away on Saturday morning.So, that Saturday evening I was home alone, when Jorge; Helena?s husband, called me. He was horny and wanting some ?action??I accepted his invite to visit him at his home; but I had in mind a better idea than just letting him fuck me silly. I called my old black lover Jerome and asked him to go with me at Jorge?s home?When we got there, Jorge was surprised to see me hand in hand with a huge black man; after a quick chat with him, I finally convinced my girlfriend?s husband to put on a pair of heels and to get fucked by a huge black dick while it was my turn to watch him being ravaged?Jorge had a little doubt, but finally accepted when he took a closer look at Jerome´s black cock. He went to his bedroom and said he would come back wearing some Helena?s outfit?In the meantime, I fell to my knees and started sucking that marvelous black snake hanging between Jerome?s thighs?He asked me softly if I was sure of letting him fuck my girlfriend hubby?s asshole and I just smiled as I sucked him wildly.Finally Jorge came back to the living room. He was wearing a sexy red body stocking, red pantyhose and a pair of golden glitter high heels?I saw him come as I was still having Jerome?s huge dick buried deep in the back of my throat while my saliva dripped down to his balls. I got up and told Jorge: ?Here you go my little slut, now it is your turn, bitch?"My old black lover did not waste time at all; he quickly moved over Jorge and made him bend over. Then he shoved his dick deep inside his asshole all the time on one single push. I knew Jorge was in pain, but it surprised me how much he moaned instead?I dropped my panties down and started fingering my wet pussy as I watched them fuck like crazy.After about ten minutes of Jorge bent over with that huge black serpent buried in his anus, Jerome took him to the bed and made him lay on his stomach. Again deeper and deeper, as deep as he could, my black Master shoved his hard huge black dick in Jorge?s ass, making him moan louder and beg for more hard shagging?I could see Helena?s hubby pushing his ass back against my black Master?s balls and grabbing them asking for more. I was so turned on right now.After sodomizing him for more than an hour, my Master finally filled that tight anus with his hot seed. Jorge stayed there, his asshole dripping cum, as Jerome slapped his hard black dick against his round buttocks.Then my Master grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bed, making me lay on my belly, close to Jorge.Then he lifted my dress, exposing my bare ass cheeks. He shoved his strong fingers deep inside my asshole, making me cry and moan in pain?He fingered me during five minutes, making me have an intense orgasm. Then he dressed up and left; telling me my girlfriend?s husband was a nice sissy boy and he would love to share that white ass with some of his mates?I came back to the sofa and made Jorge bend over. His asshole was reddish, wide open, really destroyed and dripping Jerome?s semen?He told me he was not done yet and he turned to show me a hard erection.Then I straddled him and easily lowered down my body onto his nice dick.When we were riding the best part, the phone rang? It was Helena.Jorge put her on the speaker and then I heard Helena asking her loving hubby if he was behaving right and if he had any news from me.Of course he lied, telling Helena he had not seen me in the last two days. I smiled as I reached a silent orgasm, feeling Jorge?s cock was harder than ever, still pulsating deep inside my wet cunt...Next time I let him to fuck me, I would first call again my black Maste
09-11-2021, at 10:56 AM

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