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Young malay milf (Part 1)

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Young malay milf (Part 1)Hi! I'm back again with another story of my sex life with this young milf. Before i begin, regarding my story with the mature tudung lady, i stopped contacting her about a week later. Yes, her marriage was technically destroyed way earlier before i entered her life (and her pussy) but still i have that little guilty conscience. And furthermore, i don't want to create an issue if her hubby finds out. So i left. I heard from former colleagues that she had a threesome with other colleagues but i don't really care.Alright now lets begin with my new story. I met this 29 year old lovely and sweet young woman at a 24hrs shopping centre one evening. Approached her and got her number. Soon we began communicating. Lots of text messages and calls, day and night. We felt the chemistry. And then she told me that she was a divorcee with a 8 year old s** in her care. So she is a milf and i accepted her regardless. Promised myself and her to give my all. 2 weeks later we started to date, just me and her. U know the usual dating stuff....movies, supper and etc.Then came the third date. We started to hold hands, hugs and finally, the kiss. She was no doubt a good kisser. Sent her back home a bit later that evening. It was close to 10pm i recalled. She asked me to park my bike and follow her to the shop nearby but suddenly she took a detour to the staircase, winking an eye at me. I totally grasped her intention. My brain cells started to fire up my 'on standby' shaft. Up we went to the 4th floor staircase landing. There, she pulled me in to give me a deep sensual french kiss. Gentle sucking on my lips and biting it playfully. I caressed her meaty butt cheeks and managed to slip a finger in between her hot pants. I felt some wetness. She gave a sexy gasp. I pulled away for a moment to have a quick look around- the coast was clear. We sat on the stairs and resume our romance of deep kissing and caressing. Our tongues met and grinding each others' sensually. We paused to look into each others' eyes. We were deeply in love. I simply wanted more of her or to be precise - i want to be inside of her that very moment.I made the move downwards towards her neck and ears. Gave a little nibbling on her ear lobes, light kisses around and behind her ears. She began to feel something is stirring up. Put her hairs to the other side and planted a nice wet sucking kiss on her neck. Her hips showed some motion. She was close to cumming i reckoned. I continued planting a few kisses on her neck and licking it with such passion and hunger. Her hands reached out to my already full standing mode shaft. Caressing it while i slowly going down south stopping by her 34B breasts. She helped me unbutton her top then pulling down one side of her bra exposing her beautiful breast and brown nipple. It wasn't the long type but nevertheless i took it wholly in my mouth gently- licking her areola and the under side of her breast. Lifting it up and flicking her hard nipple by then. Few minutes later, she covered back her satisfied left breast and exposed the other one that seeking much attention too. She put her hand behind my head to pull me to her nipple - gently guiding me. I did the same like i did to the other. She started to get a little vocal which was sexy as hell. Her light gasps and moans sent my mind through the roof. I gain pace enjoying her nipple and then, she hugged my head softly and felt her shivering through her orgasm. I whispered to her "Did u just came?" She looked at me sexily while biting her lower lips and nodded. And then she replied "it was my second actually" I was surprised and ecstatic right then. My arousal reaching its peak.I smiled and position myself lower in the vicinity of her pubic region. She willingly spread her legs knowing whats next for her. Could see that she was anticipating patiently for this moment. I kissed her inner thighs- planting that same kisses i did on her neck. We maintained eye contact through out until i slip a finger in her soaking wet love tunnel. I tried to pull her pants aside but its hard to (its denim material!). But that didn't deter me of my mission. I pulled her labias aside with both hands and was surprisingly welcomed by a sudden flow of pussy juice river which slowly wetting her crotch area of her pants. Immediately, i held her pants aside as much as i could to allow my tongue access to her overflowing pussy. It definitely wanting some caressing and tongue-fucking. I did just that. Enjoying the juice. Drinking it all up. She was tasty and yummy. But i wasn't really satisfied because i didn't get to go deep. She then pulled me back up and french me hard while fingering her soaking pussy. Tasting her own juice in my mouth. After awhile, she came again. Saw some white substance on my soaked finger and ate it right away. Right after, she whispered in my ears that she wants to suck on it. And so, i released the star of the show out in the open. When she saw it, raised her eyebrows and gave a big smile. I had a lot of pre cum. She didn't hesitate to lick it off. Started licking the head a little and the next moment a straight up deep throat! But she could only managed slightly over three-quarter in only. FYI, as i mentioned before in another story of mine, i am around 6 and quarter inch. Its been a few months i didn't get any form of service so i was grateful for that. She was great. Very experience but well, again, she was married before so...yeah. Then its time. I can't wait any longer. I look into her eyes and she could read my mind. We both wanted it and softly asked me if i want to wear a condom. I told her i didn't have it. She reached in her handbag and passed me one. Wow! She was prepared. She giggled softly looking at my surprised face. Without further ado, i wore the condom and had her bent over on the steps. Pulled and held her pants aside but still her opening was moderately obstructed. I could not care much anymore at this point of time as i slowly rub the head on the opening of her pussy and suddenly her mobile phone rang!!! Godamn it!! It was her s** asking her whereabouts. He was feeling scared being in the house alone at that hour. Her mom actually was at her place but left awhile ago since my girl said she will back home around that timing. So continue the story- i quickly pulled up my pants over my erected shaft and started to look around the area. Lucky! The coast was still clear. I overheard she told him she will be back home in 5 mins time. I was like....'oh no....there goes my chance....' in my head. She kept her phone in her bag and turn around to me asking "Can u finish in 5 mins?" I said "i try".We assumed the initial position and unzipped my pants letting out my still erected shaft. I gave a kiss on her pussy a bit more before grinding the head against the opening. She was clearly wet like a lake. She had her forehead rest on her left forearm and her right hand assists me by holding on to her pants to the side. Her lower body arched with her beautiful ass projecting upwards. She invited me in. I took my time teasing her opening. Slicing her slit. Putting a fraction of the head in and out. She was impatient already backing up to get me inside. Then the moment finally arrived for us, as i see my shaft slowly making its way in as deep as possible. I savoured that moment. She was quite tight but i was half way through. I got it in a bit more feeling the clench of her love tunnel on my super hard shaft. It felt so good. Been few months since i last had sex. She adjusted herself to be more comfortable as i continue penetrating her extremely well lubricated pussy. Slow long deep stroke, stretching that wet tunnel wider as i try reaching the bottom with every stroke and eventually she came yet again letting out an even louder gasp then continued with soft sexy moans that i was longing for. Before i knew it, i was all the way in. It was tighter as i got in. Clearly, she was enjoying every stroke of my shaft. Witnessing few drops of her juice on the floor between her knees. Gyrating her hips to my momentum of penetration. I then realised something- i was tapping her cervix. It was definitely over 5 mins since her s** called. I picked up the pace but focused more in 'parking' at the cervix area. Every 5-7 strokes i will stop at the bottom and push deeper before gyrating my hips. She clenched my shaft really hard that i felt being pushed out. After doing that twice, i was near and as was her too. I pushed towards the end slower but my time was nearly up. Pulled my shaft out quickly and removed the very slippery condom as my woman turned around to take me in her mouth. I ejaculated to what it felt like buckets. Feeling my balls were emptied after a few months of abstinence. Felt like fainting anytime! My knees grew weak. Seeing all of my manhood juice in her mouth and she downed it like magic making me fell in love for her even more. She licked me clean as i went limp and gave me a kiss on it before standing up touching up herself getting ready to go home. I pulled her close and gave a kiss- tasting a bit of my own juice. After the kiss, i whispered to her ears.."i love u"She replied "I love u too! And u should stay the night at place next time". Hope u guys and gals like it![Continue to part 2]
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