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Confessions of a Cheating Wife - First Affair

Post #1

Confessions of a Cheating Wife - First AffairI?m 30 years old now and I?m the same weight I was when I got married 5 years ago. I?m 120lbs and at 5?4?? tall I have a nice curvy body. I?m pretty with dark hair and blue eyes. I work out five times a week and have kept my body firm and tight. I have well defined legs, tone arms, a flat belly and a big round ass. I keep my bush well-groomed on top but around my pussy shaved bald because I like it smooth and I think most guys appreciate a bald pussy when they go down on a woman, not that my husband goes down on me as much as I?d like! My tits are a 34 c-cup and they look very nice my thin frame. My nipples have always been extremely sensitive and get erect when the wind blows, yeah I?m that horny! I?ve been brought to orgasm by having my nipples sucked on for a prolonged time. I constantly get told that my tits and big ass look great. I have been hit on numerous times at the gym and out around the neighborhood by dozens of men and I?ll admit I do flirt with lots of them. I was raised in a very conservative family, so as much as I?ve fantasized about having sex with other men I have not cheated on my husband?yet. I should be very happy with the life, I have a husband that provides me with all the material things I could need or want. However, I?ve been unsatisfied and sexually frustrated for most of our marriage and it has gotten worse each year we?ve been married. My husband has a high paying job and works long hours, even when he is home he often works. When he is not working he seems more interested in spending time with friends watching sports or playing golf than spending time with me. My husband is over 10 years older than me and has let his body go, gaining a lot of weight since we?ve been married and not working out anymore. In fairness he does work a lot, but he could still go to the gym on weekends and his diet is unhealthy. His sex drive and his stamina have decreased as his weight increase. His ability to keep an erection for an extended period of time has also decreased! We still have sex once a week on weekends, but he prefers me to take care of his cock for him during the week. I?m the dutiful wife and give him blowjobs or tit jobs a couple times a week to relieve his stress before he goes to bed after a hard day. I?ve always been submissive so I guess I didn?t mind this arrangement at first, but having my sexual needs ignored has frustrated me more than I realized. When we do have sex it?s nothing special, he usually fucks me doggie style because he says it gives him more control over his ejaculation, but he still cums in my pussy within 5 minutes and then his cock goes soft! Sometimes after he will cum he keeps fucking me with his semi-limp cock until it falls out of my pussy because it?s too soft. I feel nothing let he thinks because his cock is still in me it counts for something! I think he is so pathetic when he does stuff like that, yet in his mind he think he is satisfying me! Since I don?t work I began looking forward to my alone time during the day when I get home from the gym so I can masturbate. When my husband takes a day off from work it actually disappoints me because it interferes with my masturbation routine?OMG how sad is that! A year ago I joined a swing site, I guess with the hopes that I could talk my husband into letting me fuck other men or meet other couples to swap with, but I never had the courage to tell my husband about the site. Nevertheless I did love talking to the single guys on the site, especially the black guys! Being from a strict upbringing with my father being a bit of a racist black men were definitely considered a taboo for me and I found myself more and more attracted to them. About a month after joining the site I made a surprising discovery. A black guy named Julian from my gym had a profile. His public pictures didn?t show his face, but I recognized his body, especially all of his tattoos, right away. His black muscular body was very hot. I started up an online conversation with him and he opened his private pictures which showed his face and completely naked body, as well as sex pictures with married white women! Oh and did I mention he had a huge cock!I started fantasizing about him all the time and made excuses to talk to him at the gym too. I was then having sex conversation with him online without him knowing it was me and flirting with him at the gym! I always dressed in tight stylish gym outfits, but when I knew Julian would be at the gym I dressed extra sexy for him and he never failed to notice and comment! Whenever we talked my pussy got so wet. I uploaded some naked pictures of my body on my profile at his request. Even though I had no face pictures on my profile I was still very nervous because I was afraid he?d recognize my body, but he didn?t. We talked a lot and I opened up to him online about how unfilled my sex life was with my husband. I never gave him any details that he?d know it was me, in fact I?d say a few things to try to throw him off. He?d webcam for me and let me watch him masturbate, which I loved. Watching him stroke his huge cock and seeing cum shoot out of it made me want him so bad! I?d rub my pussy as I watched him jerk off for me. I did tell him that my husband?s white cock was so small compared to his, which he always enjoyed hearing. He never pressured me to meet him, in fact I thought he was so sweet and understanding.Each time we spoke on the swing site we?d plan when we?d both be back online to chat again. I looked forward all day to the time we planned to chat. Maybe it was the anonymous nature of being online but I opened up to him on so many things besides just my sexual desires. One night after we both went to the same yoga class at the gym we left together and he asked me if I wanted to go get coffee. The funny thing was we had planned to chat online so if we went for coffee we?d miss our online chat. The whole thing felt weird, but I said let?s plan to do coffee another night. So I said good-bye knowing I?d be chatting with him shortly, yet he had no idea! Or so I thought! As we were about to part ways he said ?Okay I?ll talk to you in a little bit.? I froze and was silent then he asked, ?So have you ever actually meet up with anyone from the swing site or do you just like watching guys masturbate for you on their cam??I was speechless and felt my face get warm as it turned red. With the biggest smile on his face he told me not to be embarrassed and I tried to play dumb. He told me, ?Alexis, I?m positive it?s your body, which as I?ve told you online and at the gym I think you have an incredible body.?At this point I didn?t even want to deny it. I asked him, ?Have you told anyone that I?m on that site?? I rambled on, ?My husband doesn?t know, I?ve never cheated on my husband, but I am desperate for good sex?any sex, but I don?t want anyone knowing. I?m not even sure that?s what I want.? He replied, ?Relax Alexis?Don?t worry. I haven?t told anyone and never will.? He added, ?You know I?ve always thought you were the hottest woman at the gym. I think your husband is an asshole for taking you for granted and expecting you to keep him satisfied while he does shit to keep his sexy wife satisfied! You deserve so much better!?I was touched by what he said. I asked him, ?So what do we do now?? I was nervous so I admit that was a stupid question since I know what we both wanted to do.He responded, ?Let me take you on a date this Friday. No pressure to have sex, but if you want to I?ll do everything we talked about online.? I said okay and we went home. Once home we chatted online about our date and this time I turned on my cam as he was masturbating for me and I let him see me masturbate too. My husband was asleep in our bedroom and it felt so good and so naughty masturbating with him! Friday night came and I told my husband I was hanging out with my girlfriends. Instead I had a romantic date with Julian. I was actually very nervous someone would see me out with him even though we planned our date kind of far because I was paranoid. It also felt very erotic being on a date with a black man out in public! At the end of the date he suggested we go back to his apartment and I said yes. Before we got out of the elevator we were kissing passionately and his big hands were squeezing my ass after he pulled up my dress!The moment we got into his apartment he quickly undressed me and we continued to kiss passionately. He lead me to his couch as his hands were all over my body, I couldn?t wait to get going! He sat me down on the couch and I was so nervous. He then knelt down and spread my legs open and began licking my wet pussy. It felt so good and he even let his tongue wander to my asshole as he lifted my legs up to get access to it! I moaned and told him I enjoyed it so he made it a point to keep returning to my asshole each time spending longer and longer. When he finally made me cum his tongue had been working my asshole for 15 minutes straight as he fingered my pussy hard with three fingers. It was a great orgasm!After I finished cumming he stood up and his thick 10 inch cock was fully hard. I then stood up and told him ?Sit down on the couch?now it?s your turn to cum!? We switched places with me now on my knees between his legs. I couldn?t wait to suck my first big black cock, I devoured his cock the best I could! At first I was only getting just over half his cock in my mouth, but I could tell he wanted more. He put his hands on my head and I position my head directly above his cock. I let his hands guide my head down onto his huge cock.I struggled to take his whole cock in my mouth and he didn?t force it, when I?d start to gag he?d release me. I told him ?Make me deep throat your big cock!? He just laughed and pushed my head back down on his cock. There was back and forth, up and down and lots of gagging until he finally coached and guided me to take all 10 inches of his magnificent cock down my throat! He got more forceful and bounced my head on his cock faster as I got used to it. My eyes were watering as he was moaning so loud. It had been over 15 minutes and he still hadn?t cum! My husband hadn?t lasted this long since before we were married! Then he pulled my head up off his cock and asked ?Can you do something else for me?? I replied, ?Sure? without even asking what he wanted. He said, ?Well just how you loved my licking your asshole, I?d love a rimjob baby.? I?ve never done that to a guy before and to be honest the thought of licking and putting my tongue into a man?s asshole didn?t appeal to me, but this was a night of firsts! I said, ?I?ve never done that but I?d love you to be my first.? With that he turned around, put one leg on the arm of the couch and bent over.I grabbed his hard cock as it hung down between his legs and stroked it as I leaned my head into his ass with my tongue out. As my tongue was about to touch his asshole I got a little grossed out, but I said to myself just do it! With that I began rimming his black ass and buried my tongue into his asshole. He moaned loud as I jerked him off and ate his ass! After 10 minutes or so of intense ass licking I began to circle his asshole with my index finger and when I started to push my finger against his asshole I expected him to stop me, but he didn?t so I continued to push until my finger penetrated him. As my finger sank into his asshole he let out a deep loan moan. I asked him, ?Are you okay with me doing this to you?? He replied ?Yes.?After he said yes I started finger fucking his ass as I stroked his cock with my other hand. I asked him, ?Have you ever had this done to you before?? He replied, ?Yes? and I said, ?Wow! Well this is my first time doing this to a guy!?For some reason I was expecting him to say no, so when he said yes I was surprised and I was very curious to hear all about it. I asked him numerous questions as I slide a second finger into his asshole and although it was difficult to talk as I fingered his asshole he answered my questions. As I fingered his asshole and stroked his cock I?d also like his big black balls! It was stimulation overload for Julian! He moaned ?You?re suck a nasty slut?don?t stop!? Oh I loved when he said that to me!After close to 10 minutes of working his cock, balls and asshole he turned around and with me still on my knees told me his was going to cum?finally! He was jerking off fast and immediately erupted like I?ve watched so many times online, only this time I was kneeling right in front of him! I took his first blast across my face then I quickly opened my mouth like a good slut would do. He continue to cum with half going into my mouth and the other half of his cum splattered across my face and dripping onto my big tits. After he was done blowing his load he got me some tissues to clean my face and offered to make me a drink as I went to the bathroom to wash the rest of his cum off my face and tits. He said, ?The night?s just getting started baby!?We then moved into his bedroom. I knew in a matter of moments his big black cock would be inside my pussy. This made me very nervous. I know I already sucked his cock and rimmed his asshole, which made me feel like such a slut. However, I thought if I left before he fucked me it wouldn?t be as bad, like somehow what I just did wouldn?t count as cheating. Julian sensed I was nervous and told me that whatever we do will always be between us and if I decide I want this to be a one night fling I still have him as a gym buddy. That definitely eased my apprehension and we began kissing as we stood there naked. I started stroking his cock, making it fully hard. He took that as a positive sign and gently walked me backwards as we continued to kiss until I felt I was up against his bed. He then guided me onto his bed as we laid side by side with him slightly above me in a dominant position, which I liked. He was rubbing my pussy and it was so wet with anticipation! He climbed on top of me and with his cock in his hand he slowly pushed the fat head of his cock against my pussy. He told me ?I?m not going to wear a condom, I want you to feel me bare inside of you.? With that he inserted his big cock into my soaked pussy. We stared into each other?s eyes as he slid his cock all the way into me. It felt so good feeling a cock inside my pussy and especially having one as large as Julian?s. It was the biggest cock I?ve ever had! It was also much more intimate than being on my hand and knees being plunged from behind like my husband always does to me.Julian moaned, ?Your pussy feels incredible?it?s so fucking tight!? I loved he was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying him!He fucked me slow and deep as we kissed and he talked to me so sweetly. He repeated how good it felt to be inside my pussy and how much he has wanted to fuck me. Every word he said and every touch and every thrust of his cock made me fall harder for this charming black man. I was so starved for affection and sex I was having a hard time separating my emotions from the hot pounding sex as he gradually increased the speed at which his cock was pumping my pussy! I between my moaning I said, ?Your cock is so big! Please don?t stop you?re gonna make me cum!? Julian gave a slight laugh saying ?Already?? I responded, ?Yes?please I wanna cum with you inside me!?He gave an approving moan, ?Mmmmm? and asked ?Do you like my big black cock??I quickly replied, ?YES! I love your huge cock?it?s my first big black cock!? He already knew that, but once I told him that he started fucking my pussy even harder!Within minutes of Julian fucking me harder and faster I felt a big orgasm building. I again yelled I was going to cum and begged him to fuck me harder. He did exactly as I told him and pinned my wrist down as one of my legs was d****d over his shoulder. He started to jackhammer my pussy and my big tits bounced back and forth uncontrollably. My pussy immediately exploded and he pulled his cock out and watched me spray my juices all over him and his bed.I hadn?t squirted like that in years and never with my husband. He then pushed his big thick black cock back inside my pussy and continued to pump my pussy hard. For the next 15 minutes I experienced wave after wave of orgasms overcome me. They were the biggest orgasms of my life, definitely better than anything I ever felt with my husband! I was moaning so loud that later Julian mentioned all of his neighbors probably heard me!When I finally had enough I looked into his eyes and he gave a tender kiss! It was magical! What really amazed me was Julian hadn?t cum yet! I can?t tell you how thrilled and impressed I was that he could last so long! He pulled his rock hard cock out of me and said, ?You look very content right now, but I haven?t cum yet so we?ve not done.? I bit my lower lip and smiled.He ordered me, ?Get on top and bounce on my black cock?I want you to make me cum now!? Challenge accepted!Julian laid on his back and I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his towering cock. It felt amazing as his stiff rod sank into my sore pussy once again! When I was about half way down on his cock he grabbed my ass with his big hands and pushed me down in one quick motion, impaling me with his monster cock! He was impatient and didn?t want me taking my time. He demanded, ?Fuck me! Bounce on my cock like a little slut!? I loved how he was sweet to me earlier, but I liked it even better how he was talking to me now! I told him ?I?m your fucking little slut!? as I fucked him like a good girl! He replied, ?Damn straight you?ve my little slut! I own this fucking pussy now!? With that he reached up and wrapped his strong hand around my throat and choked me! This startled me, but I liked it! I kept bouncing on his cock. He wasn?t choking me too hard where I couldn?t breathe, but I was concerned he?d leave marks on my neck. At this point he was fucking me like an a****l! His upward thrusts were meeting my downward movement and the entire 10 inches of his black cock was disappearing into my poor pussy! He felt so deep I could almost feel him in my stomach! I didn?t think it was possible, but after a couple of minutes I started to orgasm again! I cried, ?Fuck you?re making me cum again!? He just grunted ?Yeah!!?He let go of my throat putting both hands back on my ass as he pounded my pussy into submission. I yelled, ?Yes fuck your pussy hard! This is your pussy!? as I was cumming. With that his cock exploded inside of me as he moaned so loud! I loved he was getting off so good from fucking me! We were both having orgasms at the same time and it felt perfect! My pussy clamped down on his black cock milking it as he shot his cum deep in my womb, it was so incredibly intense and beautiful! This is how I imagined feeling on my wedding night, but it took me 5 years and another man?a black man?to feel this way! As he seeded my pussy it was as if he was officially making me his?he now and forever owned me and we both knew I was his to serve!After that I laid in his arms while we both recovered from our orgasms. We discussed how much we both just loved fucking each other and we agreed we?d fuck as often as we could. I?d like to say I felt guilty cheating on my husband for the first time, but actually all thought was how overdue this was. I was so worn out and exhausted I fell asleep naked in his bed. I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I jumped up in a panic?it was 4am and my husband was the one calling! He told me he had fallen asleep and just woke and saw I wasn?t home yet. I lied and told him I was at my friend?s place and fell asleep. I told him I drank too much and he knows I?m not a big drinker. He told me he was very concerned and I repeatedly apologized to him. He then suggested I spend the night there if it was okay with my friend because it was so late and I agreed. Little did he know he was giving me more time with Julian! The next morning Julian fucked me for another few hours then took me out for brunch before sending me home to my husband.We now fuck about three or four times a week. Sometimes I?ll get a text at night from Julian and I?ll make an excuse to leave my husband for 30 minutes and I?ll give Julian a blowjob in a nearby parking lot! The best part is I told my husband I wanted a personal trainer at my gym and I got him to hire Julian for me. Lots of times that training is occurring in our bed as my husband is at work, so now my husband is paying my black lover to fuck his wife! Julian also talked me into forming a joint profile with him as a couple on the swing website where we met, including numerous sex pictures of me in our private galleries for chosen people to see. It wasn?t long after that I had my first of many MFM threesomes as Julian sets us up dates with single guys, most of them black men. Lots of times it was straight to a motel where we meet the guy and I'd have two black men fucking me for hours! We also swap with other couples too, so Julian has the opportunity to fuck other married white women. This means me "taking one for the team" and sometimes fucking out of shape, small penis white men like my husband. It?s amazing how many sexual partners I've had in the last year and what a naughty slut I?ve become and I?m loving every bit of it!
09-11-2021, at 10:57 AM

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