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Bookstore Marathon

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Bookstore MarathonLike a bitch in heat, I become very horny at certain times of the month, and sometimes, for a whole month. I would walk the streets wearing garter belts and stockings under my normal clothing, with a butt plug shoved up into my nether regions, stretching me, preparing me. Once I made eye contact with my prey, they the results could surely be guaranteed. I was bound to end up with a cock in my ass, my mouth or both simultaneously. I preferred the latter.I entered the back door of the bookstore and headed straight for the booths. I was so fucking hot that I wore my heels in instead of bringing them in under my jacket. Heels, tight jeans, light shirt, lipstick and a look that demanded action.Once I got to a booth, after passing a few onlookers in the hall with booths on either side, I dropped my jeans, pulled out my plug and proceeded to lube my ass. Without much beckoning, I squatted and took the first cock that appeared in front of my face.Some guys looked on and stroked their cocks, while others were getting in line. The first cock blew his load almost immediately. After finishing him off, another cock took its place. Then another cock, one in each hand. I sucked them both until someone took the chair behind me and sat down and then proceeded to feed their bull cock into my ass twat.Once I was settled and writhing on a thick cock, I went back to work, blowing cock after cock and decorating my face, floor and walls with cum shot after cum shot. The cock in my ass was swelling to the point where I simply rode it home until the owner filled his condom full of cum after grunting like a stallion getting whipped. "You're done?" I bellowed. "That's it?". "You!", I said pointing to a rather large man looking on at my consensual gangbang. "Come here and fuck my ass!" I said. "Now! Or the party's over." As he pushed his way through the five or six people standing in line, he took his place on the chair behind me. I looked at his cock and realized I wasn't as prepared as I thought. He was fucking huge! I grabbed the largest condom I could get and gave it to him. Once he stretched it past his mushroom head, he positioned it at the entrance of my personal love cave, and pushed. "Oh! For the love of God. That's a huge cock!" I yelled. I was going to get fucked and I was going to stay fucked after this sizeable bear was finished with me. My own little excuse for a cock had already dripped a quart of boi-seed on the floor and my stocking tops were soaked from the sweat, slobber and cum. Once his cock was pressed against my prostate, I rocked that cock hard. I fucked it mercilessly and nearly ripped my ass apart in the process. By now, I had no desire to suck cock. I was focused on riding that gorilla cock, and those in front of me were franticly jerking off like there was no tomorrow. Cum was flying everywhere as I bounced upon that cock-a-saurus rex in my ass. With a loud grunt, my stallion ripped through his condom and flooded my ass-pussy with hot cum. I squeezed my ass cheeks to get every drop. I clenched my cheeks to keep it in my ass until I could get a volunteer to rim every last drop from my now cavernous, gaping ass. I turned and leaned over the chair while one face was shoved into my ass. The tongue action was unbelievable. I clamped my cheeks down on the face and forced the jism out of my hole into a waiting mouth. "Suck it all, slut!", I commanded. "Eat that juice out of my hole." When he was done, I felt another cock take its place in my ass. It wasn't as big as the one before, but I started to grind down on it. I stood on my heels and propped each of my hands on the wall while hands grasped my hips to hold me steady. This was going to be a fucking of a lifetime and all because I was possessed by the spirit of a horny slut! When all was done, I counted 8 condoms on the small shelf in the booth. That included the one that broke. My ass looked and felt like a use snatch. Without touching my cock, I may have cum four times from the stimulation on my prostate. With cum and lube dripping down my leg and my pathetic dick dangling, I walked out to my car. I placed a towel onto the seat and then drove home where I showered up, douched my ass. I slept like a baby and imagined what the next day would entail. I was still horny for cock. Bookstore Marathon
09-11-2021, at 10:57 AM

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